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Discovering Ashtanga Yoga With Kino MacGregor

I discovered the Ashtanga Yoga practice when I was 22 years old I had the great fortune of walking into a class here on Miami Beach shortly after my first touched Rhonda yoga class I moved to New York City in New York City I joined what’s called a traditional Ashtanga Yoga Mysore style class now Mysore is a word that’s named after the city called Mysore which is in the south of India my teacher shriek a Potocki toys lived in Mysore until he passed away recently when I found the practice of Ashtanga Yoga and I was 22 years old I decided that I wanted to travel to Mysore to meet Shri K Pattabhi Jois to meet my teacher or the man who would become my teacher so I bought a ticket and I went and I had been doing ashtanga yoga less than a year probably between eight or ten months and then I arrived to India and I didn’t really know much about the tradition much about the country or much about really where I was going I just had the address of a city in Mysore and and I I arrived after 24 hours of flying into the south of India and hopped in a taxi and the taxi ride was you know four hours in the middle of the night through you know cows in the middle of the street and dirt roads and all kinds of crazy things then you arrive to the dawn because it was you know I think they arrived at like 4:00 a.m. and we arrived through the dawn lights to Mysore and the taxi dropped me off at the address that I had which was the Ashtanga Yoga mill I am which was the Ashtanga Yoga Research Institute in Mysore and I got there with my bags totally fresh totally naive you know straight off of the plane from the US and I saw my teacher and I knew just from looking at him that this was the man that I had been looking for this was my teacher this was the reason that I found the practice I can look back now and I can see that my discovery of Ashtanga Yoga came out of a period where I was searching I didn’t really know concretely that I was searching but it came from a period where I was searching for meaning and depth in my life I was looking not just for physical health but also a way to find a road that leads towards more peace more healing and more happiness and it’s from that space that the yearning for the practice of yoga for me really came and when I landed in India and I met my teacher Sri Cape was happy Joyce I knew that I had found in some visceral way the answer to that search the answer to those questions I spent two months there studying with him and it was the first of many many trips over the last 12 years of my life I’ve made about 12 trips to India so almost every year sometimes more than once a year I’ve gone back and study with him and through these multiple trips to India I’ve really come to understand that the real benefit of the practice comes as you begin to surrender your notion of the real benefit of the practice comes and he begins to surrender yourself to it when you can understand that the physical practice is one component of a devotional relationship that you make with the spiritual aspect of the practice the real benefit of the Ashtanga practice is all about the inner transformation more than anything else this is a science of healing a science of realization and a science of transformation we can’t really divorce the spiritual aspect of the practice from the physical component because it’s through the inner transformation that the physical healing comes a lot of people think you know oh you can do yoga for this part of your body or Yoga for this physical thing but the only way you’ll really heal the body and reap the true benefits is used to render yourself to the total life transformation that’s really at the heart of the spiritual practice of yoga so we do the physical exercises not as an end in and of themselves but as a doorway as an opening and in that opening you can peer into the inner self and as you peer into the inner self you start to see things things that you haven’t wanted to see or haven’t been able to see or make contact with for a long time we get these amazing realizations you know when you look into the inner body and you look to your inner self you realize things you know as as impactful as that there’s a sense of sadness we’ve been running away from that there’s a sense of neglect in the body that you’ve been running away from and you look directly at that and through the very thing that we’ve been running from through the sadness through the the pain and the uncertainty in the body we work through it and that contains the very seeds of realization that allow us to experience transformation that allow the body to heal that allow us to begin to feel more whole and more complete at the very depth of our being
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