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DINOSAURS: All You Need To Know | Educational Videos For Kids

[Music] [Applause] [Music] hello friends and welcome to a new happy learning video today we’re going to talk about some animals that existed 65 million years ago i am sure you have heard about the dinosaurs and i’m certain you have seen them in many films and cartoons featuring dinosaurs but not everything that is told in these films is correct so if you don’t mind let’s find out what they are really like and how they lived [Music] the first thing we need to understand is that people and dinosaurs never lived together the dinosaurs lived before human beings existed and they roamed the earth for approximately 135 million years that’s a really long time they were the dominating vertebrates nowadays more than 500 different species have been identified thanks to bones and fossils found all dinosaurs were eviperous meaning they reproduced by laying eggs but there were huge differences between them some were very small while others were absolutely enormous so as to learn about them better we have divided them into two major groups ornatiskia and cerriscia what complicated names they have the ornitiskia or bird-hipped dinosaurs were herbivore which means they only ate plants the most well known were their triceratops they were impressive huh the sariskia or lizard-hipped dinosaurs were the ancestors of the crocodiles and lizards among these species they were carnivores and herbivores and with them then the two most famous dinosaurs the diplodocus and the tyrannosaurus the diplodocus was the largest dinosaur in 1907 an entire skeleton was found measuring 27 meters although remains of these specimens have been found exceeding 50 meters in these images you can observe just how enormous they were the tyrannosaurus was and still is the most fearsome predator which has ever existed on our planet [Applause] [Music] it was more than four meters high and could be up to 12 meters in length in its mouth it had 60 razor sharp pointed teeth and it could run 65 kilometers per hour the truth is i will be absolutely petrified if i would come across such an animal but wait a minute how is it possible that such large and powerful animals completely disappeared off the face of the earth currently the investigators are focusing on two big theories the first is based on the impact of an asteroid or comet from outer space the other theory maintains that the cause of the dinosaur’s disappearance was due to a period of enormous volcanic activity we actually still don’t really know the truth but what we do know with absolute certainty is that right now at this very moment there are still many animals in great danger of being extinct and could even disappear all of us can help them survive how by respecting nature recycling contaminating the least bit possible buying only what we really need if we make these efforts we will be able to live in a much healthier planet and we at the same time will be ensuring that no animal not a single one will ever be in danger of extinction again let’s hope with everybody’s help we can make it goodbye friends oh and don’t forget to subscribe to happy learning tv [Music] [Applause] [Music]
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