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Deep Dish Fastfood Pizza – Epic Meal Time

huh I need to me again hey could I get a fresca sandwich Thanks welcome internet to the epic Meal Time two-year anniversary special made possible by you a lot can happen in two years a lot of a lot of learning a lot of growing and a lot of friendship so first off I’d like to thank two people that made this possible the Epic Meal Time guys give a round of applause at home ladies and gentlemen I’d like to thank all the people that we did collabos with Freddie Wong Smosh FPSRussia Tony Hawk deadmau5 Bill Murray I’d like to thank Barack Obama for always being on set always lending a helping hand I’d like to thank mary-kate Olsen babe you’re my rock on that note I’d like to thank the rock for his incredible portrayal of muscles glasses these past few years and most importantly I’d like to thank all of you at home I’d like to thank you slowly at first and then harder and faster as the night goes on laying down a full tray of bacon strips greasy drippin bacon flipping mother sure this is your weekly bacon moment enjoy this making fresh dough ever think of how much liquor we’ve consumed over the past two years and how bad it is for our health no cooking with lots of Jack diagonals for our customs bacon bits Jack Daniels pizza sauce rolling up some pizza dough fast food for days mother flashback two years later and we’re still up to our old tricks taking meals to the next level even our own meals making a fast-food pizza inside the crust of our fast-food pizza dumb and this time around we add a lot more bacon you really got up the first time [Music] pull it out the vegetables keep them all in a shoebox under my bed [Music] Oh what better way to kick off our junior year than by paying homage to the first-ever epicMealTime episode the fast-food pizza happy birthday Epic Meal Time [Music] do it next week thank you for watching epic Meal Time click subscribe to stay up to date on our videos also clicking this box method right now will link you to a video I did with car driver which is really awesome so subscribe to their channel two-step date on there
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