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Dedicate – Day 28 – Dedicate

– Hi everyone.
Welcome back to Dedicate, your 30 day yoga journey. It’s Day 28 and we have a
sweet practice called dedicate. Let’s get started. (bright music) Hello my sweet friends. Alright, let’s begin in a nice, comfortable seat of your choice or a comfortable position of
your choice so you can even start lying down if
you’re low on energy. You could come to Sukahasana. You can start on
the knees in Virasana. Anything you like.
You could use a blanket today. You can lift up on
the hips with a block or a towel or your blankets. So I definitely want you to star
in a position today that feels just mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm. Okay? And if you’re like, “I’m
just going to start here, “Adriene,” that’s cool too. So we’re just kind of
communicating to the brain right away that oh yes
this is my home practice, I’ve been showing up
consistently for myself. You know carving out this
time to be with myself and also curating my story
through conscious movement and awareness. Say no more, right? It’s like once so hard to
show up and it’s so hard to be disciplined enough to show up
but then when you do you’re like, “Oh, yeah.” Wouldn’t have it any other way. So, Namaste, thank
you for showing up. As you’re ready to come
into your comfortable position whether it’s on
the ground or seated and you just want to get in a position where you
can find length in the spine, so lying down
you can find length. Sitting up, you can sit up tall. And then I invite
you to close your eyes, take a deep breath in and as you
exhale just begin to bring your awareness to how
you’re feeling today. Day 28 is an opportunity, an invitation to reconnect with your why but take
it one step further. So we’re peeling back one
more layer of the onion and as I speak here you can just begin
to deepen your breath and I’ll just share a little bit
where I think today’s practice is important as
well as roll out an invitation. I think it’s important because
we have to remember the reason why self care, self-love, relationship to
self is important. And why that relationship
and tending to practices of self care and self-love
are not selfish. And the reason for that is the
more we care for ourselves and the more we prioritize
our relationship with ourself, our higher self, the better equipped
we are to serve others. To lift others, to help others, to contribute to the world in a meaningful manner. Take a deep breath in. And as you exhale, bring your
hands to your heart and gently bow your head to your hands and if you’re lying
down you can modify. Because today
the invitation is to dedicate your time on the mat and this practice and all of
the energy that’s already just buzzing around us, guys, even
if you’re low on energy today. Right? There’s energy,
energy, energy. You’re going to
dedicate today’s practice, in all its wonder to someone or
something other than yourself. So you’ve been working really
hard on the mat physically. We’ve been breathin’ deep. We’ve been disciplined enough
to show up again and again. And today I invite you to
dedicate your time on the mat to someone or
something other than yourself. And you can go with
your gut instincts here. If it’s just like Benji, okay? But you can also take
a couple breaths here, I’m going to quiet down a bit. Listen to the sound of my breath
and do the same and together we’ll just take a
couple moments to find a way to direct our energy someone or something
other than yourself that you’d like to dedicate
today’s practice to. And then infuse
this dedication if you will with the sound of your breath. Whatever that means to you. Support your intention,
your dedication, your loving gesture of sending
some good light and good energy to someone or
something other than yourself. Infuse it with the
sound of your breath, whatever that means to you, and then notice
how it makes you feel. And there’s no
right or wrong here. You’re not supposed
to feel a certain way. So just notice. And then together as a global community
we’ll take an inhale. And then exhale to release. Just notice how you feel here. Thank you for participating
in that dedication. Let’s rock and roll. You’re gonna take,
if you’re lying down come on up to a seat, darling. You’re going to
take your left heel in and just send your
right leg out long. And we’re going to inhale, reach the fingertips
up towards the sky. Flex your right toes. And exhale, you’re gonna
take your right fingertips to the right and then
in and around as you tilt, side body
stretch on the left side. Tilt, tilt, tilt all
the way towards the right. Right hand can stay here resting
gently softly in the lap or if you want to find a little bind
here you can grab the top of the left thigh or the hip crease. Lean back. Breathe in, inhale. Exhale come back to center,
left fingertips come behind. Right hand slides to
the top of the left knee. Inhale, to lift and lengthen. Exhale to twist. Beautiful, slowly release. Bring your right heel in,
send your left leg out long. When you’re ready inhale, send
the left fingertips all the way out and then bring it
in as you take your right fingertips up and over. Big stretch on the right side. Deepen your breath. Kind of a quick practice
today so breathe with your dedication in mind. How is the breath?
What’s the quality? Is it loving?
Is it generous? Or is it frustrated?
Is it angry? Just notice what’s the
quality of breath like and allow it to
move and transform and then bring it all
the way up to center. Right fingertips behind,
left hand to the left knee. Think up with the heart and
the crown as you breathe in and then guiding
it into a gentle twist. No pushing, no forcing. Cool, and then
slowly bring it back. We’re gonna bring the soles
of the feet together here. Again, feel free to lift up the
hips on a blanket if you like. Cobbler’s Pose. Grab the ankles or the toes. Sit up nice and tall. Think lift up
through the front body. Think grounding
through the back body. So we’re gonna do
three cleansing breaths. Sending some good energy
again out and into the world. So inhale in through the nose. Exhale out through the mouth. Let something go. Inhale in. Exhale out. Last time, inhale in. Exhale, relax
the shoulders down. Beautiful, bend the
elbows left to right. Send your gaze forward first
and then rounding the head down. Feel this stretch
in the back of the neck. This lengthening
through the spine. Notice where you might
be holding or clenching. Awesome, then tuck the chin and slowly roll it up. Awesome, from here come
to lie down on our backs. Nice and easy. And when you get there send your
right leg up towards the sky. Grab behind the right
thigh or the right calf. Inhale in, exhale,
you’re going to lift the nose up toward the knee. Gentle connection to core here. Breathing in no
stress retention in the neck. Great, inhale in again. Exhale lift a little higher. Inhale to release
the head, the neck, the shoulders to
the ground and switch. Right leg goes down.
Left leg comes up. Inhale in, exhale
lift the head, the neck, the shoulders check in. Then we’re going
to breathe in here. Exhale, connect to your
center and we’re gonna switch. Try to keep the head lifted now
as you switch back and forth. Finding the softness. Finding the grace. Strengthening the body. Telling a story. Keep it going. Send your gaze up and back. You got this. Beautiful, even it out. And then release the head down, capture your knees
with your hands. Draw the
shoulder blades down here, take a deep breath in
and a long breath out. And then nice and easy, slow
circles with the knees one way and then the other. Great, from here allow
the feet to come to the earth. Hands come to the earth as well and we walk the heels up
towards the hip points. You want your knees
in line with your hip points for your Bridge, don’t forget. So strong connection between
all four corners of the feet. And here we go,
we’re gonna inhale. Moving some energy
up and down the spine. Lifting the hip points up. Keep breathing as you
send your shins forward. Breathing deep here. Once you’ve
reached your highest point, pause, breathe. Lift your chest to chin
and the chin to the sky. Chest to chin, chin to sky. Keep a nice active breath here. Beautiful, then
slowly lowering it down. Soft landing.
Inhale lots of love in. Exhale lots of love out. Round two of three.
Here we go, inhale in. Exhale, slowly lifting up. Nice and easy.
Going through your checklist. Breathing fully, consciously. Maybe taking the bind this time
with interlacing the fingertips underneath the tail. Send your shins forward,
hip points up high. Chest to chin, chin to sky. Then when you’re
ready slowly release. Ah. Soft landing. Once cycle of
breath in and out here. And last round, here we go. Inhale in. Slow and with
control lifting up. Now you can take
any variation you want. This time you can
interlace the fingertips. If you’re working
to grab the ankles, you can do that. If you want more
a strength building, heated opportunity today,
we’ll lift one leg. And then the other. Make sure you’re
not holding your breath. You’re doing great. Wherever you are take
one more big breath in. And then use your exhale to slow
and with control bring it down. Cobbler’s Pose again, this
time Supta Baddha Konasana. So bring the soles
of the feet together, knees nice and wide. Take a rest. Close your eyes. Let something go. Nice work. Now we’ll scoop the
tailbone up just a bit, bring the knees in so
that your low back comes super flush with the mat. Inhale in, exhale, connect to
your center as you lift the head, look between
the legs and reach the fingertips between
the inner thighs. Hey-oh! Here we go, baby pulses. You can blow it
out through the lips. (laughs) Getting strong in the core,
you have this. Soft in the face. Pets love this,
little breath of fire. Here we go, keep it going. Fifteen more seconds. Ten more seconds. Five more seconds. And we’re done. Release, hug the
knees into the chest. Give yourself a big hug. Life is good. Close your eyes.
Life really is good, right? A power of thought,
so important. The power of our perception
allows us to dedicate our time and energy to things
that make us feel alive. So there is an exchange of
energy going all the time which there is anyway so it’s
just good to be conscious. Right? Okay buddy?
No, that, okay. Alright, Happy Baby. Grab the outer
edges of the feet, send the soles of the
feet up towards the sky. Lengthen your
tailbone towards the front. This is our last gesture
of love today so send some love out into the world. (laughs) Nothing like coming
into a vulnerable posture to find a little joy. Lean in. Find what feels good. You can find soft easy
movement here if it feels right in your body. Take one more inhale. And then exhale
to let everything go. Extend your legs out long. If you need anything
else here, find it. Maybe a supine twist. Relax the weight of your body
completely into the earth and close your eyes. So I think we have an
opportunity right now in yoga and in the world as
people to keep asking why. Why are we doing
what it is we’re doing? Why is it important
for us to be strong? Why is it important
for us to be flexible? And then maybe these questions
and these answers will start to get as popular as yoga booty,
sculpted arms. And not in any of
those things are bad. Just, you know,
what’s important? What serves? Love you so much. Pause the video and rest
here if you have the time. If not, I hope you have an
amazing rest of the day or an amazing evening. And I will see you
tomorrow for my lucky number 29. I’ll see you then. Let’s bring the palms together,
thumbs to third eye. Once again connecting to the
someone or something other than yourself that you want a send
some love and good energy to. Let’s combine forces
and send it out now. Here we go, deep breath in. Long breath out. The true meaning of Namaste. Take good care. (bright music)
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