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Dedicate – Day 15 – Reveal

– Hi everyone, and
welcome to Dedicate, your 30 day yoga journey,
Adriene and Benji here, and it’s Day 15, you guys. Can you believe it? We are halfway through our
remarkable journey together, and today’s
practice is called Reveal. So hop into something
comfy and let’s hop to it. (bright music) Okay pals, welcome. Let’s begin in a nice,
comfortable seat. Take your time coming down to
the ground, and right away, start to just sprinkle,
sprinkle, sprinkle some love and gratitude around your mat. First for you for
showing up here consistently. You’re halfway
through this journey, and I could not be
more thrilled and honored to be on the ride with you. So today’s practice
is all about moving with whatever is
revealing itself to you, okay? This kind of takes the
pressure off as we progress and things get a
bit more difficult or maybe you find it
hard to negotiate your time throughout the day, you know, carving out time
for your practice. So today, we just reconnect,
check in with the breath, maybe connect with
your intention again, and then when we start moving, see if you can really
just allow yourself to move with whatever is
revealing itself today, and we’ll take
this practice with us into this second half
of our journey together. I’m really honored, as I said, I’m really honored to
be on this ride with you, so thank you so much. Let’s begin by bringing
the fingertips to the earth, sitting up nice and tall, nice cleansing
breath here to begin. Inhale, squeeze the
shoulders up to the earlobes. And then exhale to
drop the shoulders down. Sit up nice and tall. Good, again, inhale
in through the nose, squeeze the
shoulders up to the ears. And exhale,
dropping the shoulders and dropping
any tension, any stress, any worry that you might
have come onto the mat with. And then one more time. Inhale, squeeze the
shoulders up to the ears, and exhale to land here. Great, close your
eyes or soften your gaze. Just take a second
to notice how you feel. Remember why you
dedicated yourself to this time and this journey. And then when you’re ready,
together we’ll begin to move with the breath, sending the
fingertips out left to right. Big breath in,
exhale, hands to heart, Anjali Mudra, in prayer. Chin to chest, reach
behind the neck, inhale, send the fingertips all
the way up towards the sky, and on an exhale, big twist
to your left, nice and easy, right hand to the
top of the left thigh. Left fingertips come behind. Just a reminder. There will be a little bit
of a normal, natural tendency to collapse on the
spine here and lean back, so just check in. This is really just a
beautiful day to check in and sit up nice and tall. Use your breath to find length. Sweet, then slowly release,
come back to center. Head over heart,
heart over pelvis, fingertips come to the side, and
again, we move with the breath. Inhale, send the
fingertips out left to right. Spread the fingers this time. Exhale, hands to heart,
palms kiss, holy palmers’ kiss. Chin to chest, reach behind. Inhale, grow really tall. Lift the corners of
the mouth just slightly. Smell your armpit,
just check in. Okay, good, and then exhale,
big open twist to your right. Left hand lands gently on the
right knee, and once again, we just check in. Hmm. So there’s just like
incredible magic to daily yoga, to all yoga, but particularly
with regular yoga practice that if you keep
showing up, you know, the magic or whatever it is,
the change, the transformation, whatever it is you’re
looking for, reveals itself. You don’t really have
to force it or maneuver it. You just have to
show up consistently, so keep that in mind
as the days go on. Mmm. Inhale and lift
your beautiful heart. Exhale slowly,
come back to center. You’re just gonna
take soft, easy circles with the wrists one
way and then the other. You can keep it sophisticated,
or you can get funky. Just noticing the
mood you’re in today. Reverse it. Okay, just again, moving in a way that feels good. Moving with
whatever reveals itself. This is right. Okay. Tabletop Position. Take your time in
this little transition. Set yourself up for greatness. And then when you’re ready,
a couple breaths to move with the spine here,
just warming up. Inhale, drop the belly,
open the chest. Exhale rounding through. Again, inhale, drop the belly. Make your breath nice and long. You know what to do here. Exhale, chin to chest. Take a couple more with the sound of your
breath guiding the way. Maybe close your eyes if you’re having
trouble focusing today. Cool, and then
come to a neutral spine, that nice Tabletop Position. And when you’re ready, we’re
gonna kick just the right toes all the way out,
dial the right toes down. Lift from the right in
our thigh and then inhale, send the left fingertips forward as if you’re
shaking someone’s hand. Inhale in here, exhale, knee
to nose, round everything in. Inhale to extend. Energy spreading through
the fingers and the toes. Exhale, rounding through. Once more, inhale,
spread the fingers, spread the toes,
find extension. Exhale, contract,
navel to spine. Awesome. Back to Tabletop,
neutral spine, second side. Send the left toes out,
dial the left toes down, square the hips,
connect to lower belly by hugging the low
ribs in and lifting up from your right inner thigh. Then press away
from your yoga mat. Inhale to send the
right fingertips forward, the right thumb up, and
here we go on an exhale. Contract, navel to spine,
round everything in. Inhale nice and
slow and with control. Exhale, chin to chest. Once more,
nice and slow, inhale. Radiating. And exhale to contract. Beautiful. Release that,
walk the palms out just a bit, upper arm bones,
find that external rotation, and yep, you guessed it,
Downward Facing Dog, Benji’s favorite. Pedal it up. So see if you can
find something new as we embark on the
second half of our journey. We’re not trying to force
anything or meet any expectation or goal but rather allow. Allow whatever it is that’s supposed to
reveal itself on the mat today. Allow for that to be so. So when we work on allowing, creating space, we’re opening up to grace,
versus pushing and forcing, and doing, doing, doing,
constantly doing, inevitably, whatever it is that’s
supposed to show up, shows up. Allowing. Take one more breath here,
then on an exhale, slowly lower the knees. Bring them as
wide as your yoga mat. Toes come in towards the
center and send the hips back. Melt your heart down. Surrender, an
Extended Child’s Pose. Three really, really
active breaths here. Don’t let yourself down.
Take three active breaths. See what you’ve got. Come on now,
one more active breath. Gorgeous, carve a line
with the nose, look forward. Slowly shift your weight,
come back up, walk the knees
underneath the hip points, curl the toes under, take it up and back
Downward Facing Dog. Beautiful. From here, inhale,
lift the right leg up high. Exhale, shift it forward. Knee all the way up to the chin. Inhale, kick in back,
exhale, core activation, knee comes to the
center of the chest. One more inhale, kick it back. Exhale, knee and
chin come together. Beautiful, then inhale,
kick it up. Then check it out, slowly lower down,
turn the two big toes in, claw through the fingertips,
pick up your left hand, bring it to your heart. What? We got this for three, two, one. Hold onto the midline,
keep pressing into the palms. Left leg lifts up high,
Three-Legged Dog. Exhale, shift it forward,
knee to chest. Inhale, kick it back. Exhale, shift it forward.
Building strength. Inhale, kick it back. Exhale, shift it forward. Beautiful, inhale, kick it back. Slowly lower the left leg, turn the toes in,
find your footing. We got this. Inhale in, exhale,
right hand to the heart. Holding onto the midline,
holding onto your center. Three, two, one. Awesome, release the hands,
lower to the knees. Keep the knees together,
arch to arch here with the foot. Send the hips back, Balasana,
paint your yoga mat by dragging your hands
all the way back and through, reaching towards your toes
or the back edge of your mat. Relax the weight
of your shoulders down and three active breaths here. Let your breath move you. Give your thinking mind a break. Working to simply stay
present with your breath, and I know it’s not always
simple, but you’re doing great. (moans) (chuckles) Sorry, feeling it. Okay, slowly, when you’re ready. I’m embarrassed. Rise back up. We’re gonna… Let’s start by
coming to all fours first. We’re gonna bring the
knees wide once again, then we’re gonna
turn the left fingers towards the left side
of the mat and then around, and then we’re gonna
turn the right fingers towards the right side
of the mat and then around. Then if you’re super tight here, you’ll just send your hips back
and walk the fingertips in. If you are enjoying the stretch, you’ll keep walking the
fingertips out just a bit. So but do bring your
sits bones back just a bit. So basically if this is new, you’re just gonna
keep a nice, narrow base. For Lion’s Breath.
Woo, woo, woo! Okay, here we go. Inhale, claw through
the fingertips. Even here, guys,
this is a little grace note, but I’m not just dumping all
my weight into the earth. I’m connected. You can imagine like
a little piece of paper between your heel and your
bum, so I’m still connected to my core, my center. I’m gonna inhale in. Exhale, Lion’s breath. You stick your tongue out, and you gaze up
towards your third eye. Let’s do this. Deep breath in. Exhale. Inhale in again. Give it a try,
Lion’s Breath, tongue out. The best darn Lion’s Breath
you’ve done in all your life. Just keep an open mind. Again, whatever
needs to reveal itself here will reveal itself.
Let’s do this, a beautiful, cleansing,
inspiring Lion’s Breath. Here we go, in through the nose, exhale, tongue out. Awesome work. You rock. Come all the way
back to all fours. Forearm Plank. Don’t panic, we’re gonna
interlace the fingertips, bring the elbows as wide
as the shoulders, not wider, not narrow, but here, right
underneath, stacking the bones. I’m gonna draw my navel
in as I get into the posture, so I’m already
connected to my center as I head into the shape. And then when you’re ready, curl the toes under,
send the legs back. This is our last little beat
today. You’ve got this, guys. Here we go, breath in,
press away from your yoga mat. Find that hollow
body in the front and then that
grounding in the back. So party in the front. Or is it business in the front,
party in the back? Okay, shut up,
Adriene, here we go. Hip dips, you know it,
halfway hip dips, we got this. You’re gonna come onto the
outer edge of your right foot, dip your hip down to the earth. I know. Come all the way back. You’ve got this. Outer edge of the left
foot comes to the earth, and we dip the left hip down. Not a lot, so nice and
mindful back to center. Take it to the right, hip dip. Neck is nice and long, strengthening through
the shoulder joint. You’ve got this. Back to center,
over to the left. All right,
two more on each side. You’ve got it. Hip dips for our halfway mark. We’re awesome. Quietly whisper it to yourself.
“I’m awesome.” Even if you’re struggling,
you’re so awesome. Here we go.
The struggle is real. It’s a part of life.
t’s how we handle it, yes. Alright, after you’ve evened
it out, come back to center. You’re gonna just kiss
the knees to the ground first. Kiss (mimics kiss)
then lift the heels back up, and then here we are for three. Feel that shake. Two, gaze forward slightly. On the one,
release everything, Balasana, again your version,
the one that feels awesome. Send your forehead to the
earth and let everything go. Three active breaths. Make them awesome. Great, press into
the tops of the feet from a place of connect,
so from your center, whatever that means for you,
begin to roll it up. Stack it up. Notice how you feel. You smashed that practice. You’re my hero for showing up. Imagine if everyone
just carved out the time that we are carving out,
the dedication to spending some time with
yourself and with your body versus constantly
working on ourselves and working on our bodies. It’s pretty amazing. I love you so much. Let’s bring the hands
together at the heart. What’s that, Benji? Oh, he just said,
“You’re awesome. I love you. “See you tomorrow
for Day 16, sweet 16.” Love you guys. Let us know how you’re
feeling at the halfway mark down below in
the comment section, and I’ll see you tomorrow. Namaste. (bright music)
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