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Decorating My Small Apartment

concern why so are moving Eva’s heart moving in and moving in welcome to my series all about decorating my new apartment we’re gonna DIY some things we’re gonna shop for some things we’re gonna try to hack things together into this new space one bedroom just for me let’s go to my apartment hi guys we are at the new place it’s in the morning I’ve learned that there’s not a lot of lighting in here which I thought was the case but confirmed I’ll give you a quick tour when you walk in I have a small hallway with a coat closet that opens up to my little living room with a little kitchen on one wall I have a little bedroom off of the living room are you sensing a theme here with a closet and I also have a deck off of the bedroom which is really fun Clara I think I’m gonna paint prick like everything white like it’s Xmas leaf not that far off but I don’t know I just really don’t like this is like a purpley grey so we’re gonna go white and then this wall is gonna be a dark grey accent all because I love a dark grass okay so you need to pick a grey I have my paint chips here [Music] so we just we’re at Home Depot spent a couple hundred bucks hump paint and painting supplies but I think it’s gonna make a huge difference in the space and there’s only one time to paint and that’s before you move on so that’s what we’re going to do [Music] okay so the plan for the bedroom here is this from like me here is your something down is going to be like this pinky blush II nude and then the top half is gonna be white to match the ceilings and it can be the same way it goes out there [Music] [Music] so to create this split color look I measured and use a laser level to tape off a line around the room once it was taped off a trick to make a super straight paint line because the tape alone doesn’t usually guarantee a crisp line is to paint a little bit of the base color so the base of my case is this blush on the bottom over the line that you want to be crisp this way if any paint leaks through it’s going to be the base color and this should also stop any of the top color from leaking through so now when I go over with the top color in my case the white and peel off the tape the lion is crispy AF it’s move-in day one day one of multiples of it so I’m probably moving in all weekend tbh [Music] [Music] [Music] Wow what I’m surprised let’s see if it fit the other side though flashback to my old bedroom [Music] [Music] nice I’m picking up a mirror off of Kijiji I found a really really cute bento box hi I’m downstairs hopefully this me rescue I just drove like half an hour and didn’t really ask any questions cuz people on Kijiji like they don’t like to tell you a lot it was just like this is the measurements this is weird it’s like I don’t know like what the back is how to hang it if it’s in good condition oh okay that was easy that lady was a sweetheart and she helped me put in my car that’s the mere folks this is 12 bucks y’all it’s pretty big bad news is I feel like absolute crap it started on Friday it started on Friday and just got me worse it’s not Sunday my parents are coming down to help me move some stuff parents are just the best [Music] so I’m looking for a couple things such as a new mirror for my bathroom as well as a calyx unit which I’m going to transform into a gorgeous kitchen storage upcycle thing we’ll get to that in the next episode Oh sparkles Jenna speckle is my favorite thing ever buy it it’s reversible visit go no but you I’m gonna like I don’t like this one put a pack I also bought this faux sheepskin rug that I didn’t really need next up it’s time to hit the hardware store for some supplies the first thing I’m going to work on is this floating shop so I’m gonna be making two floating shelves one’s gonna go above my bed one’s gonna go under that mirror that I just purchased and it’s gonna go on the wall I’ve never made a floating shelf from scratch before but I saw this tutorial online and basically it used dowel as the like floating mechanism first I’m gonna cut this shelf to the size that I want it to be I don’t want to be this deep I want to be about almost half this deep I’m gonna rip that such a such a construction dr’s I’ll rip that off there I want to use a jigsaw to curve the edges so it kind of like matches the curve look of the mirror it’s gonna be interesting but I’ll see if I can to make this floating shelf you take your wood and drill three quarter inch holes about four inches deep and it’s a later fit our dowel pieces you then cut about an inch and a half off of that wood to create a base piece that will be attached to the wall I then cut my 3/4 inch dowels to four inches each and glued those into place in that same piece of wood I’ll link the tutorial below [Music] I saved both of those pieces on my shelf [Music] and at the same time I stained a coat rail that I’m making for my front hallway to make that I’m just using this thin piece of wood and adding some hooks that I got from Ikea guys I’m back from the dead kind of kind of still working on it but I’ve been able to get a little bit of the apartment together so here’s a quick update nothing’s final and if this room looks different it’s probably just because I changed my bed sheets oh yeah I got like this little drawer thing in there just so I could put some clothes away but I definitely need to figure out the situation out here I’ve got some plants my very empty windows which we’re about to fix and I’m a mess over here because I’ve just made dinner this is my lighting situation anyways today I stole a drill from the office and we’re gonna hang up some curtains thanks fish thank you for turning off we appreciate you I’m not gonna redo that intro but I appreciate you for turning off now I’m gonna stop talking and put it on a time-lapse of me hopefully have some grass [Music] okay let me show you so this is a bay curtain rod guys that I got from Amazon I will link it below it was only like thirty two dollars which is pretty good for like kind of three curtain rods and I’m excited to like you know like tied up in a knot and I did it this way so like it makes the windows look even bigger I think the next thing you need to do is get some lighting this is disastrous and horrible [Music] I don’t know I was your ideas FC lipo so remember that ko trail I was working on well this is it and it’s full complete glory okay let’s just not talk about what happened up there um I tried to put in the drywall plugs and didn’t work and then I realized that I don’t think I need the drywall plug so I just went below it I’ll have to patch those later but hot damn this looks good it’s also time to hang up the mirror and the floating shelf that the mirrors gonna lean on [Music] I just installed that base piece that I made and then hammered on the rest of the shelf that should slide in nicely I actually never addressed this my wall sconces I ended up putting them one here one on that side you can kind of see their little break suddenly I’m saved that I do I design for good but I also need to cover the cord here but that’s for another day all right that’s all I have for the first episode of my apartment decorating series there’s going to be a couple more episodes where we get some furniture we tackle the bathroom even more spaces and hopefully pull this thing together because right now it’s looking a little bit questionable not quite there yet thank you so much for tuning in if you like this video make sure that you give it a like if you love this video make sure you sub it and we’ll see you next time [Music]
Video source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0wi8cw7Ruv8

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