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Day 9: 5-Minute Towel Stretch For Long And Lean Limbs | Class FitSugar

stretching is the most important thing you can do to stay injury-free and keep those limbs long and strong so we’ve got a five minute stretch routine all you need is a towel let’s do this all right so you need a towel that’s almost this length okay so you can really get that towel wrapped around the underneath part of your foot you could also use a band if you have one that’s nice and safe around the bottom of your foot so you’re going to bring that leg up nice and straight to start with the hamstring extension now here’s where you want to think about keeping your hips flat on the ground and up towards the sky and you want to think about flexing that foot to your heel is pointing up towards the ceiling you’re going to feel a great extension through the back of the hamstrings and the calves and this is a great way to really assist the stretch right because normally you don’t pull that stretch beyond where it’s comfortable but here you get a chance to give yourself that little assistance you can also add a little bend and extension Oh feel so good because you’re really getting that long long extension through the muscle and you’re holding it take nice deep breaths in through the nose and out through the mouth you want to hold these stretches for about thirty seconds if you can okay it’s really important now we’re going to take it in one hand bring the opposite arm out nice and long slowly bring that leg out to the side so you’re going to now think about your hips staying flat on the ground so you don’t roll over right you want to extend that bottom leg so that that heel points down and the heel that is getting that stretch in the groin is also extending out and away from my body so everything is going away from heart center right now getting a nice elongation there oh yeah you’ve got to get the groin stretch you guys that keeps you injury free now we’re going to bring it up and above you’re going to grab it with the other hand bring your opposite arm out long to just balance yourself out you’re going to come across the midline of your body now you’re going to get a nice itbn stretch and this is going to radiate all the way down to your foot so breathe through this one don’t quit yet you’re doing amazing this is a nice way to really really get that IT band if you’re a runner you need to stretch more than anyone okay breathe it out beautiful job the last one we’re going to bring it into a figure four stretch you can use your knee here to assist it and I’m pulling on that towel as well to pull that foot in towards my body a little bit more think about keeping this foot flexed all right that’s on top not a pointed toe flexed foot and you’re just opening up that knee and you’re getting that great hip stretch this is getting all those muscles here in the hip and in the glue I’m using my elbow here to kind of push it away from my body and I’m pulling in with my towel awesome now let’s switch sides okay so you’re just going right away with the hamstring stretch I want you to know to just think about breathing I want you to think about keeping your hips nice and square stretching is the most important thing for the human body it’s more important than running okay you got to keep your body in your muscles limber and you’ve got to keep that healthy mobility all right breathe it out and let’s go into the groin stretch so now then up all the way slowly lower it down and kick that heel out and away that bottom heel extends down so you’re almost going to feel a little stretch through here too as your hip flexor has to really fight against the resistance of the weight of your leg we keep that shoulder down then they’re more deep breathing you can do during your stretching the better too because then you’re getting that replenishment of oxygen to your muscles and everywhere else in your body now come across bring it over oh this is the one that I just hate so much but it’s so good I know you guys are feeling it now but this is something you can do over and over and over again and really get that assisted stretch instead of having a personal trainer come over to your house you’ve got your own personal trainer with this towel right here okay breathe it out I know holding this one we want to make sure we’re holding these almost 30 seconds to a minute if you have longer do this again right away okay breathe it out good and then bend that knee in holding it in the hip now remember I’m flexing my foot pulling the towel in using this need to kind of just assist it okay and I’m using my elbow to push the knee away from my body I’m going to breathe in and as I exhale releasing the tension in my muscles you can guys deep breath in exhale and release the tension beautiful the last one we’re going to do we’re going to come up on to our feet and this is one of my favorites because we all need to open up the chest you’re going to grab it here you’re going to open it up good extend the arms nice and long you can hold it here in this extension I feel it through my shoulders my chest if I open up my hands a little more I can go all the way down behind then I can come all the way up feeling that stretch all the way down or I can just pull the Cure in this nice extension and just kind of bounce right there and you get that nice stretch ah I feel so relaxed and so invigorated make sure you get your stretch routine in every day after your workout see you next time on PopSugar fitness [Music]
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