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Day 4 — 30 Days Of Yoga For Complete Beginners

hi everyone it’s Hino here this is day 4 the 30 days of yoga for complete beginners I hope you’re feeling so much happiness that starts to build up in your heart bubble up into your life and they are excited to practice today so let’s get started come to a comfortable seated position close your eyes hands together as you exhale rest your hands down to any comfortable position feeling your breath your body and mind slowly come into focus your attention dropping inward for a few moments of Statuary amidst the everyday moments of like a long deep breath in and as you exhale let’s open the eyes slowly begin by lengthening the spine up out of the pelvis and we’re going to bend a little over to the side exhale take your right hand on the ground make sure that that left hip is firmly planted down and then then he’ll extend the left arm to stay here feeling breathing and a light little side stretch one nice and easy deep breaths [Music] joy to keep breathing keep feeling three [Music] nice and easy for almost there five inhale come on back in exhale there it’s pop on the ribs the other side exhale drop your left hand down lift the ribs and then inhale soften through the neck to really reach it so we’re gonna feel your shoulders here so we’ve got here we practice that’s you’re feeling the body and not only stretching I’m also feeling after 20 years of practice the sensations and feeling the body’s so good so I really want you to keep practicing with intelligence and with awareness roll that right shoulder forward which is actually external rotation and get the elbow towards your head and reach and inhale come on back in let’s just shake that out for a moment none pop I’m going to I’m going to your hands and knees and we’ve got a tabletop position all right tabletop now we’re comfortable here grip your fingertips your knees hips width apart get comfortable in the hands give yourself a little moment all right cat and cow inhale extend long deep breath in exhale round tuck under long deep breath under one more stand Pompey but then Excel around and under today draw the knees in and exhale Child’s Pose hands for your release near the feet soften for two breaths is easy release relax your shoulders relax your body no tension in the body no tension in the mind just soften gently down slowly exhale seeping and sound let’s open the knees just a little bit we’re gonna try a new posture today called thread the needle wonderful for releasing tension in the neck and the shoulder just wanna do the right side first you can impress into the left arm you know lift your right arm up and find that rotation three years or so and then exhale thread needles you’re threading your arm under like you thread a needle under drop the shoulder down then extend your left arm over and then just soften through the neck stay for five breaths feel the tension in your shoulders releasing [Music] relaxing take this moment to feel and breathe roll your shoulder blade away from the spine calming the mind your breath and your body enjoy the feeling enjoy the moment all is well as well okay let’s prepare to come out so now your neck relaxed shoulders relaxed walk your left hand back pressing into the left hand inhale come back to your tabletop position hands shoulder width apart knees hips width apart nice and easy prepare from the other side press into your right hand a big lift by the rotation in the read if you topple over no problem just enjoy it if it find your balance again and then reach the left hand under right arm overhead it’s all good so laughing at yourself is so important now that we know everything like a sense of humor about yourself and just loving yourself through all the little stumbles and falls it’s such a great lesson so just take a moment and love yourself throw the shuffles and Falls and hold yourself and there really be forgiving attitude let’s just be here and breathe I mean it’s just life it’s just going over here you’re feeling it’s all good tapping into a quiet inner space the energy giving love peace and harmony and the needing outward from you soft and easy okay let’s walk your right hand back person to the right hand in know come on back to your tabletop position curl your toes under let’s get ready for our down dog inhale it’s a downward facing dog whining through the shoulders deep breathing and the means feel hip joints send the knees back up one nice and z2 steady breaths Marie take these five breaths and divert dog to really come into deep alignment between breath and body this we mind and heart [Music] good let’s look forward now which our extended side angle pose you know so if your right foot forward come on your fingertips to slide it forward left heel presses back grab yoga block place it on the outside of your foot press into your blog and gently come up now do a block you can take the forearm on the right thigh press against the block me give you a more solid foundation remember you can use a book or any object so they can press into when the left hip let’s open the left hand press into the back leg and then extend the right arm left arm extend the left arm gaze of the left fingertips we stay five breaths one two extend extend over the chest three sit down a little bit without removing well extend the chest three reach and breathe for almost there five stop the left hand outs for every yoga block bring back you’re going to walk and then let’s switch the sides take your left knee over the ankle just pivot over open through the chest get that firm foundation open through chest and then extend now the right arm press them to the right side left knee down to the ankle open open open the chest one deep breathing – nice and easy keep shoulders open three stay with it so you’re not releasing four stay with the deep breaths nice and easy five drop your hand down you could move your block on over and then let’s dip it around back to the front take your hands down and inhale plank pose all right tuck the tailbone bring your shoulders forward five rocks on fire the shoulders two three four give up five 20 feet inhale upward-facing and exhale take the knees down let’s come on back to downward-facing from downward-facing let’s walk half the distance in for the hanging forward fold take a moment drape gently down layering your arms just give a little gentle release relax soft bend in the knees and then straighten the legs release relax and then let’s bend the knees – awesome I’ll hold on to your big toes inhale long deep breath in exhale forward fold wanna take five breaths – steady breaths three wellness they are one more five there’s no string the arms exhale walk your hands forward inhale back to plank position find your play good point the feet inhale upward facing down through the tabletop back to downward facing from dr. basic now that’s like the beast of cross your feet and come down to see it stretch the legs out now from here bend the right knee up into the bottom and hold the right knee this posture is called my ths in at a first of all the poses did it give you to the stage buddy G so now the left hand is out to the side and slowly fold your body forward for just hold that for a moment if you feel quite flexible you could lift your back hip off the ground and drop your shoulder down in front of your thighs you could bend forward if not go ahead and stay up and hold on to the knee and bend a little bit forward good keep breathing keep the breath nice and fluid work through the hip joint a little bit stay there feeling breathing keep the mind nice and calm one day after many years of practice you will reach around and bind the hands but will say that for the next 10 years or so all right so we just understand where we’re going there’s no competition in yoga there’s just breath and body now inhales lift the head up exhale settle the hips down straighten the right leg do the left leg left leg in leave a space between your luck footing the right thigh and hug the knee in take your right hand on the outside and then just gently lean forward you’re gonna lift that left hip off the ground as you lean the chest just gently forward all right so we’ll hold that there steady breathing we’re working through breath and body it’s easy for you can bring the hands down and remember eventually binding the hands please don’t force it we want to really feel the movement in the hip that binding of the hands is just something extra to kind of tie a pretty bow on the posture but we really want to feel your pelvis releases to make space for your chest to drop down all right inhale slowly let’s come up that was good so down straighten the legs out scoot your publiced forward then exhale let’s slowly down hug the knees into the chest nice and easy hands on the ground and how the legs up of you through your karate and stay there for a few breaths steady breathing point the toes keep the mind soften gently down so that those layers attention drop off of the body layers attention release relax soften down keep in mind nice and steady quiet and we’re moving to a healing space open yourself up into a healing space if your feet are not comfortable just up and you can take them onto the wall so that’s something to really know if you need to bend the knees a little and put the feet on the wall just about what’s comfortable for your body six from the legs for a moment just stay there feeling give me two more breaths one more breath and then the knees straighten the arms and legs and relax for these drop down feel the heart center feel the breath feel the body notice what it is plant the seeds of kindness in your hearts may I be happy may I forgive myself man I love myself may I share happiness forgiveness and love for the worlds it was summarized in my heart and mine may I share with them with the world a lot of deep breath in and fill those good vibrations exhales ooh we’re gonna figure his toes hands and feet softly bend the knees squeeze into the body thanks to your song so much gratitude so much gratitude so much gratitude exhale the run to the side come on Becca a comfortable seated position eyes closed palms have been tips of the index fingers together feel that vibration of peace of love of happiness emanating from your heart the yoga practice we work to achieve ahimsa a state of love and non-violence a state of peace and harmony then we get to you first in ourselves and then share with other heads in prayer at the level of the heart as you exhale open the eyes thank you so much for joining me on the practice may be happy may be peaceful may be filled with love today and every day remember to tune in tomorrow not a subscriber yet I should totally subscribe to my channel not
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