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Day 3 — Meditation To Destress And Quiet The Mind — 30 Days Of Mindfulness Challenge

come to a comfortable seated position close your eyes and draw your attention into the inner experience by focusing on your breath notice the steady pace of inhalation and exhalation and drawing the full power of the faculty of the mind into this deceptively simple inner experience become aware and mindful of the simple experience i am breathing in as i breathe in i am breathing out as i breathe out and let your mind rest here no matter what thoughts are arising in the field of the mind there is this simple anchor of the breath moving in and the breath moving out always present always reflective of the reality of your inner experience whether deep or shallow warm or cool awareness of the breath is the first step of true self-realization as you draw your mind here practice heightening your power of concentration while at the same time calming the mind training in the quality known as equanimity where what is simply is practicing remaining non-reactive so that the natural state of what is simply is the inflowing breath is the inflowing breath the outflowing breath is the outflowing breath whether it is warm or cool deep or shallow whatever qualities seem to arise let them arise without any judgment just experience the pure sensation of breath as breath freed from all the past stories freed from all projections into the future train the mind to be present in the pure space of the now as you enter into a deeper state of concentration naturally the mind calms down you might notice some subtle changes in the quality of your breath as you take these precious few moments to direct your attention inward do not try to change control or manipulate the breath simply drop your attention into the purity of inner awareness in this space naturally you’ll find that your body your mind and your heart all come back into alignment naturally as you drop the energy tied up in the past projected into the future you’ll find that the is-ness of this moment expresses itself as coherence and harmony as your heart and your brain move into deep vast fields of harmonious interaction you might feel the frequency the energy around you change as though the vibration of the true nature of mind reveals itself underneath the frequency of thoughts in the space between the breaths the vast open field of the mind presents itself as purity happiness peacefulness and love it is only the old habit pattern of the mind which seems to be caught in the past projecting in the future that deviates from this true center of the heart by bringing your attention to the simple reality of the inflowing breath and the outgoing breath you return to your true nature feel the energy being that you are refreshed renewed and restored where there is in need of healing in your body feel your body naturally receiving that healing where the mind is in need of rest and restoration let the mind slip into a state of harmony and balance allow the heart to heal and feel love blooming deep in every cell of your body feel love peace and harmony as a powerful vibration that moves outward from your heart center like a wave reaching every corner of the universe feel the vast potential of the universe vibrating in harmony vibrating in peace feel yourself aligned with all beings and with the vast limitless potential of the universe as you’re tapped into the universal field carrying the vibration of love of peace and of harmony bring your attention back to your breath notice the change in body mind and breath then slowly start to come back soften the posture open the eyes carry the seeds of peace of love and of harmony into every moment of your life
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