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Day 20: 100 Single Leg Drops! | #100AbChallenge W/ Anna Victoria

– [Both] – Day 20! (laughter) – You guys, I am here with
my friend Anna Victoria! – Hi guys! (laughter) – And today, I’m gonna torture you. – Yep, I’m ready for it, so. Voluntary torture. – She chose it, and she
chose the Single Leg Drop. And it’s all about those lower abs, and it’s gonna be fun! – Yep! – Just so you guys know,
for my fitness trainer friends, they are forced
to do the hard ones, so, you didn’t have a choice. – No, as we should be. I’m okay with that. – Okay! Good! – We need to work on core strength too! – Yeah! Exactly. So let’s do this! – Okay! – You ready? – All right, let’s go! – Okay, so, for you guys at home, what I want you to do is slowly roll down with control, right here, now with this move it’s all about the lower abs, so you wanna make sure you pressing that low back into the mat, belly button into the spine. So, both hands are behind the nape of the neck like so, legs are gonna go up. And then you’re gonna drop one leg, you’re gonna lift back up, you’re can drop the other leg, and right back up, okay? And that will count as two. Okay, I’m gonna try to figure out how to hold this clicker as we go, right behind my head, go ahead and place the hands behind
the nape of your neck, lift up into that Pilate stance, so that your shoulder blades are off the mat, if that’s a little crazy for your neck, you can place your head down, hands underneath your tailbone,
and do the same thing. Okay? Alright! Anna! – Yes? – Are you ready? – I’m ready! – You are so ready! Okay, hands behind legs up, abs in 3, 2, 1. Let’s go. Down, and up! And down, and up. Okay, not so bad so far, how you feelin’? – Good! 4 in, Feels okay. – We are four in! (laughter) So you guys, make sure to point your toes, straighten your legs, and lift up, your chest, wooh! And I am already shaking. – Mhm. – So what’s going on Anna? – Ahh, nothing much, we just had an amazing Christmas,
and New Years so just excited about the amazing 2019, what about you guys? – Let’s see, obviously just celebrated the New Year, and I’m trying to stick to my resolution, which is, not doing as much in terms of like, not getting involved in so many things, and
allowing myself quality time to do things that
I really want to do. – Yeah. I- – Ooh, sorry, I cut you
off, what were you saying? – Yeah, no! It’s just that that’s really a great resolution, because I feel like we tend to over commit, and it ends up spreading ourselves thin, and you know, if you can’t do everything, perfectly, but you can do a few things, you know. To the best of your ability, I feel like that’s something that I need to work on, as well. – Exactly. Okay, so we are at 49, we’re halfway through! – Oh man! – My abs are feeling it. – Yeah, I really like
that this really forces you to engage your core,
and to not let your back raise up off the ground, and let your back arch, if you are that’s when you know that you’re no longer engaging your core, your allowing your
lower back to take over. – That’s for sure, If
you guys feel like your hip flexes are feeling a little crazy, really just press your lower back into the floor, and place your head down. Ooh, hello abs! – I know! – They are there! They exist. – Trying to keep my knees straight. – Right, the bending is okay too you guys, all good! So what is your New Year’s resolution? – Can I tell you something? – Yes. – I’ve never done a New Year’s resolution. – What? Why? – Yeah, I don’t know,
I just, I don’t know. I think that maybe it’s just because it’s only been a few years since I kind of, been, you know, in the fitness I’m still kind of getting into that swing of like, really committing, to like, what, a goal? And, that might sound crazy but coming from me, but, I don’t know, I just kind of look at goals like all year round, and, I think that you can do both. You know? – Yeah! – You can do a New Year’s resolution and focus on goals all year round, so. Just still trying to get the hang of a New Year’s resolution. Good! – Okay, we are at 96! 97! 98! 99! And 100! Yay! (cheering) Good job! – It goes by a lot faster
than you realize though. – Well Ann, cause we’re
talking the whole time! – Right. – Oh my gosh, so, so good! I feel like, we have lower abs already. – Lower abs! Yes, definitely. – Oh my god. – If you are not following Anna Victoria, make sure you go find her, on IG, I love all her posts, on body love, and clearly she’s gorgeous inside and out. So go check her out and
if you are just joining us right now for the 100
ab challenge, go back to day one, to watch the very first day of 100 ab challenge. And
the work your way through the 30 days. Alright! – Alright! Thanks guys! – We’ll see you guys later, bye! (upbeat music)
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