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Day 16 Beginner Yoga Challenge – Love Your Hips!

hey everyone it’s keno here thanks for practicing every day with me on this 30-day beginner yoga challenge you should be feeling stronger more flexible more calm and your body mind and spirit today’s pose is better konasana for the day 16 bring your hands together inhale keep the mind calm butter konasana sometimes called the cobblers pose it’s a pretty challenging posture so don’t be surprised if you feel real tight remember not to judge yourself but just be patient and kind and accept your body for where it is today we’ll start off with a few gentle warmups moving on to our hands and knees plank slowly moving your hands shoulder-width apart really warm the body up today press up from the shoulders exhale dip down inhale take it up exhale down inhale take it up exhale down inhale take it up exhale down inhale take it up move it forward pull it back we do that three times forward and back forward and back and now right knee into your chest hold it two three four settle it down left knee into your chest two three four and down push back to Child’s Pose a couple of breaths here just give yourself a chance to warm up check in with the body how’re you doing today where do you feel strong ray do you feel sore where do you feel flexible where do you feel tight then embrace that all in a big heart of unconditional love and then inhale come on back up and let’s push it back to the plank pose and how come on up to plank hold it nice and steady exhale dip down and he’ll take it up exhale down and he’ll take it up exhale down and he’ll take it up move it forward take it back move it forward take it back move it forward take it back right knee in two three four step it back left knee in two three four all the way back to downward facing dog a couple of breaths here one to turn into the inner body three four sucking the belly in and let’s twist out the downward dog drop that knee in bring the right knee in twist it on the ball of your right foot two three four and let’s switch it over two three four and back to the center again just a few more breaths and downward dog one stabilize through the legs two three four and looking forward let’s walk all the way forward bringing your feet between the hands chest up exhale fold forward and inhale come on up holding standing for a moment inhale open your legs out to the right side reviewing prasarita padottanasana the wide leg forward bend that we did previously sucking the belly in hands on your waists inhale lift the ribs away from the hips and exhale send the hips back and up to reach down and inhale lift the chest up and exhale fold forward reaching the head down remember you can put a block in front of you so your head can go down you can lean forward or you can slide the torso through the thighs lifting the sitting bones activating the inner thighs two three four and five inhale lift the chest up exhale walk your hands forward bring the feet a little in and exhale sink down hands in prayer for a couple of breaths one two I’m going to turn forward you might get a clue of what’s coming three four bring the hands forward place the knees right into the armpits we’re going to review Bach asana so slowly take one foot up slowly the other foot up maybe both feet little bird little bird little bird big bird and toes down and let’s take it back to plank exhale chaturanga inhale come forward to upward facing exhale downward facing and let’s walk your right foot your left foot forward and easy come on down I don’t think that Big Bird was actually a crane I think Big Bird was a different type of pose but we were a big buck Hostin aver if we got it right so let’s bring the legs open into a nice v-shape moving yourself into a v-shape not a straddle then to review just like we did before pull the pubic bone back take your hands forward now as you take the hands forward you can grab that block and rest your elbows on the block or this time we’ll see if we can go a little further reaching the elbows down you can reach the elbows all the way to the ground your hands in prayer we’ll stay here for a couple breaths use your hands in prayer to really straighten and flatten the back as you move it forward two three four tune into your body and if you feel that you have a good sense of stability reach out hold the outsides of the feet inhale lift the chest exhale slowly slide it down down down and first you can reach your forehead down if the forehead is down maybe the nose and if the nose is down maybe the chin will just hold wherever you can reach for a couple breaths – do not pull with the arms three four and five inhale lift the chest exhale bend the knees send it back hold your knees come to balance here for a moment two three flex the feet reach down hold the feet hold it there for a moment slowly pull the thighs back and open the legs one two keep the belly drawn in three four and five bend your knees bring the feet down cross the feet pull them underneath you bring your hands forward and let’s step it back to the plank pose from plank exhale chaturanga inhale come forward to upward facing and exhale downward facing step the right foot the left foot forward easy sit down and now we’re ready to begin but a konasana bring the legs forward flexing the feet hold it in don das in a position for a couple breaths belly inside one two three four and five hold the backs of your knees close the knee joint bring it in and then slowly let the legs open open open bring the heels towards each other the outer edges of the foot in together grab hold of the shin bones and bring your feet into the pelvis then with a straight back suck the belly in chin down take the thumbs press those into the mound of the big toe and open the feet press the bases of the little toes into each other one to avoid any pinching in the hip joint but you could look for burning sensations along the belly of the muscle of the inner thigh three four and five we’re going to slowly start to move forward activate the feet feel the femurs opening to the sides and then bring your hands forward and slowly tilt the pelvis bring your pubic bone back tilting the pelvis Murrells hold that on the fingertips with a straight back for a couple of breaths tilt the pelvis tilt the pelvis feel yourself shifting into the hip sockets no pain in the hip joints but you could feel quite intensive sensations through the thighs three four if possible you can reach the elbows down one it’s not passive we’re drawing in from the low belly two three four if you’re comfortable you can hold your body weight up and then slowly send the chest forward forward forward one day you’re going to reach all the way down but don’t even stress that for right now just pivot through the hips two three four and let’s come on back up we’re going to do one more version of butter konasana inhale pull the belly in exhale round the back round the back pull in in in deep into the inner body as you round all the way in one two three don’t try to push your feet or your knees down four and five inhale come all the way back up stabilize through the legs for a moment and exhale pause here for a moment and now slowly take your hands back behind you and just walk gently back where the last baddha konasana we’re going to do is soup the butter konasana bring yourself back on the elbows and then slowly slowly settle yourself down rest your hands on the inner thighs ten breaths here one if you’re feeling a lot of stress in the knees grab some pillows or some blocks and place them under your knees make sure your seat is settled onto the ground to calm the mind bring your attention to the breath keep the belly inside three four be aware of any tension and drop the fight five hold your body in mind in a calm peaceful state of acceptance six deep inhalation deep exhalation seven talk to your body with peace love and acceptance eight nine and 10 hold your knees gently glide through bringing the knees together let’s hold it in constructive rest for a few moments calm inner state of awareness tune in to the spiritual heart Center and listen listen through the channel of the inner body as your mind comes to a still point tune into the spiritual voice the voice of wisdom let that be your guiding light as you descend into the inner body and then gently allow a deeper breath open the knees roll the knees over to the left side back to the center roll the knees over to the left one more time all the way over and all the way over releasing the hips back to constructive rest for a moment knees into your chest squeeze it in over to the side and come on back up to a comfortable seated position butter konasana one of the poses that really targets the inner thighs it can bring up a lot of emotions never get frustrated with yourself and if some strong emotions arise remain economist and hold those emotions with a compassionate heart that says that every emotion is okay continue the journey be strong be brave be kind be humble be I yogi and every breath in every moment of your life bring your hands together thank you so much for letting me be your guide on the inner tradition of yoga I hope you keep the inspiration to practice be sure to tune in tomorrow to continue your journey on this 30-day beginner yoga challenge namaste
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