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Day 1 Beginner Yoga Challenge: Downward Facing Dog

hey everyone it’s keno here welcome to the 30-day beginner yoga challenge congratulations on beginning your journey on the practice be sure to follow and subscribe to my channel if you’re not already like and comment to this video let me know how you feel about beginning the awesome and inspirational journey of yoga we’re going to start each session with the sound ohm to initiate the sacred space of the practice bring your hands together inhale these 30 days of yoga are a perfect way to jumpstart your practice or reignite your attention to the inner body will be going through forms and sort of a mini practice and a tutorial method so you make sure you know just exactly how to practice getting yourself on your mat calming your mind and bringing you into a deep and spiritual journey the first pose of our 30-day beginner yoga challenge is downward facing dog we’re going to begin our movement into downward facing dog by coming on to the hands and knees so if you’ll start off on your hands and knees then inhale and as you exhale just sink back into child’s pose for a moment and as you sink back into child’s pose scan through the body drawing your attention in feeling the emptiness in the pelvic Bowl feel your hip joints in the breath allow yourself long deep inhalation long deep exhalation and then gently walk your hands forward and just as we’re beginning to be a downward dog we’re going to start off becoming a puppy so if you’ll walk your hands forward we’re going to start off with the puppy pose drop your head down let your weight rest into the knees and drop the forehead onto your mat relaxing your shoulders down we’ll hold this for five breaths one suck in the belly inside the pubic bone back it up to four and five come on back up walk your hands back and we’ll start off on the hands and knees now in downward facing dog shoulder alignment is really important so we’re going to practice aligning the shoulders and strengthening the shoulders so wrap your elbows in exhale place the elbows down inhale wrap the elbows and come on back up we’re going to do that four more times to really stabilize your shoulders exhale drop the elbows down inhale straighten them come on back up exhale drop the elbows down inhale straighten them and come on back up let’s do two more exhale drop the elbows down inhale suck it in come on back up one more exhale drop the elbows down and inhale come on back up find and feel the strength through your shoulder girdles really widen through the shoulders suck the belly in now we’re going to press back into our first downward facing dog curl your toes under and inhale step the legs back gently walking your feet a little bit in so that they’re about hips width apart don’t be surprised if your feet don’t go to the ground if so you might want to keep a little bend in the knee so you can really suck the belly in press through the shoulders and then eventually move your legs to straight and let’s just think the knees and straighten the legs a couple times exhale sink through the knees inhale straighten it up exhale sink through the knees as you really suck the belly in exhale straighten it up one more sink and down through the knees and send the hips back enough and let’s stay here for a couple more breaths remember that same push from the shoulder so you’re pushing from the shoulders widening through the scapula’s and straightening the elbows your gaze could be comfortably towards your toes or if you can like to tuck your chin you can gaze towards the knees belly sucks deeply in stay here for five breaths to equalize the pace of inhalation the pace of exhalation three four and five gently coming down onto the knees walk your hands forward let’s return to the puppy pose for a moment and as you’re here in the puppy pose really focus on the shoulders let the shoulders drop down towards the mat and then walking the hands back let’s take it back up to downward facing dog now keeping the hands shoulder width apart and the feet hips width apart we’re going to twist out the downward dog so we’re going to go for a twisted dog drop the right knee into your chest and then begin to spiral around let your hips really pivot we’ll just for a couple breaths keep the belly sucked in two three four and let’s come on back to the sensor and we’ll pivot around to the other side drop on to the left knee and spiral it around one make sure the belly stays tucked in keep pressing from the shoulders two three four and back to the center stabilize for the downward dog one two hollowing out the pelvis keep the belly real sucked in and elongate through the spine feel like your hips move back and up so you pivot into the hip joints avoid bending the elbows or crunching down through the lower back but press the elbows straight and let the spine hang out of the pelvis four and five bend your knees and we’re going to go back to the full Child’s Pose here for a moment to let your breath be soft three four and last one come on back up curling the toes under downward facing dog now since we’ve gotten ourselves into the downward dog we’re going to go for a three-legged dog pressing from the shoulders point the right toe back and then slowly lift the leg lift the leg lift the leg and just press back with your right big toe and really point and just drop the hip down you don’t need to try to get it super high just keep reaching back increasing the strength and the flexibility demand on the left leg event you’ll be able to take it up but don’t worry about that for right now let’s just settle that right leg right back down okay let’s do the left leg point the left toe now remember it doesn’t matter how high it goes you’re sucking in the belly and just spiral back keep your hips real square and we’ll stay here for a couple of breaths you can gaze towards your left toes if that’s comfortable two three increasing the flexibility and strength demand on your right leg feel that right hamstring releasing and deepening four and five and exhale bring it back to downward facing settle for a moment sink the knees down and let’s get all the way down to Child’s Pose couple of breaths here in Child’s Pose nice deep inhalation nice deep exhalation one more time nice deep inhale and open your knees and as you open these sink your chest down reaching your forehead a little bit down if it’s comfortable you can let your chin rest but no stress will stay here just for a couple breaths release in the back two three four and knees together and let’s just push it forward to that puppy pose again two three four and sink all the way back returning to a comfortable seated position this was the first day of your journey into yoga downward facing dog is really a foundational pose so to take time to understand how you can enter the inner space of the body by sucking the belly in feel a real patient with yourself so if your legs aren’t automatically straight remember this is a journey that you can continue to go on for the rest of your life practice patience and tolerance with yourself and remember never give up be sure to stay tuned for day two of our beginner yoga challenge we’ll end our session today with the sound ohm inhale now I say
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