Curing Cancer With…Carrots | Doctor Vs. Google

– Hey, guys, Dr. Mike here. I know you’ve seen me
fight this plant before. We’re gonna do this on camera? But right now, I’m about to
take on Google round two. This week, we’re tackling
curing cancer with, let’s get started.
(beeping) (light music) (air whooshing) Someone Tweeted at me that this exists. The first search result is carrots. Let’s explore. Obviously, ’cause of someone wrote a book called “Curing Cancer with Carrots.” In 2013, this person cured
stage four colon cancer without chemotherapy or radiation, by drinking carrot juice. Since then, others with
a variety of cancers have reported similar successes. This person wanted to find out why such an apparently simple cancer
cure, just carrots, works. Can you see the veins
starting to grow in my head? No, you cannot cure cancer with carrots. I actually know where this started. All of this came up with
one of the ingredients found within carrots called beta carotene. Beta carotene is something
that you actually find in a lot of your vitamin
supplements as some antioxidant that will help you boost
your overall health. Beta carotene is important
and we should get it from our foods, but taking
excess beta carotene, like this person
recommends, does not work. This happened because
some research came out from beta carotene
helping mice in mega doses get rid of some of their cancers. But the reality is, it has never proven to
have worked in humans. Here’s the crazy part. Taking too much beta
carotene has actually proven to increase some cancers. Just think about that. Curing cancer with baking soda. It makes me think of that song. Got that baking soda. – Baking soda. – Cancer cells thrive in
an acidic environment. Proponents of baking soda theory believe that reducing the acidity of your body will prevent tumors from
growing and spreading. There’s no scientific evidence to suggest that baking soda can prevent cancer. It’s important to remember
that cancer grows quite well in healthy tissue with normal pH levels. Additionally, naturally
acidic environments like the stomach don’t
encourage cancer growth. This is one of the most
common misunderstandings that I find my friends,
who are smart, believe in. If tumors prefer an acidic environment, if you eat certain foods
or drink water even that’s alkaline, it will
somehow protect you from cancer. This is horribly untrue. Your blood pH level, which
decides how much acid or base is present, is tightly controlled. What you eat plays a
very insignificant role on that number. Because that number is tightly controlled by the organs inside your body. That’s what decides your acidity level or your alkaline level, not whether or not you drink fancy alkaline water. It’s completely useless, actually. Curing cancer with sound. (laughing) Oh my god, please
tell me this is someone saying like, “Om,” cures cancer, ’cause it doesn’t. Oh, that’s not fair. This is a (laughing) yes
it technically is sound. This is about the high-intensity
focused ultrasound. It’s a treatment that
aims to kill cancer cells with high-frequency sound waves. This is actually interesting. It’s a possible treatment. It doesn’t work on all cancers. It’s better for single
tumors that are solid. It is one of the options that
we discuss with our patients, at least oncologists
discuss with their patients. The great thing about this
is there’s few side effects, as opposed to other treatments. Curing cancer with, all of
these things that pop up here, I’m gonna get all of them. Diet, vitamin C, fasting. All those things, they may help maintain a healthy lifestyle, but curing cancer, it’s important that we
think about what cure means. Cure means is you have an illness and then if you do x,
it removes the illness. Vitamin C does not cure illness. If you’re deficient in vitamin
C, yes, that’s a problem. Most of us are not. We don’t suffer from scurvy. We’re not pirates from 800 years ago. Jesus, I hope that’s accurate. (laughing) History buffs, jump into
the comments section and correct me. Fasting, I’m a huge fan of fasting, and there has been great
research that talks about how programmed cell
death occurs, apoptosis, and whether or not you’re able
to control cellular debris recycling in a more effective way through intermittent fasting. In fact, I like intermittent fasting. But never will you hear
me make a statement called curing cancer with fasting. Juicing, by the way juicing
is one of those things that drives me up a wall. ‘Cause the amount of promises made by the juice industry is wild. Boosts immune system,
detoxifies your mind. If you’re in active treatment
or having trouble chewing, swallowing, or digestive problems, or struggling with excess weight loss, juicing may be a good option
for getting valuable nutrients. But no, it’s not a cancer cure, and you should eat whole foods. Because when you juice,
you actually remove a lot of the great
components inside fruits and vegetables like fiber. (water slurping) Cure cancer by mind power, ah. There’s already a YouTube video. Cancer cured in six steps. You are evil for titling
your video like that, evil. I think mind-body medicine
is actually really important. I’m a fan and I’m a fan because I know that your mental state directly reflects on how you feel physically and
how well your body performs. And I’m not just talking
about performance in the gym or at work. I’m talking about performance internally, how well your immune cells work, how well your hormone
levels are functioning. All those things get affected
by your mental health state. So if you’re consistently stressed in this hypersympathetic
state where you’re always in a fight or flight response, that’s gonna cause harm to your body. So if you have cancer or you
wanna reduce your cancer risk, focus on those things that
can change chronic stress into acute stress. That type of intermittent
stress is good for you. It’s that long-term where
you never get a break, that’s the stuff that’s
toxic to your brain and body. And it’s not just about cancer. It’s about all aspects of your life. For some people, that could
mean a bad relationship. Chop, chop. Cures cancer black seed oil. Nigella sativa, sometimes
called black cumin, is not a natural treatment for cancer. It doesn’t cure cancer. It’s ridiculous. Why does cancer make you tired, oh why does cancer cause weight loss? That’s good. Because tumors essentially
start acting as their own organ and taking energy and calories
to keep growing themselves. And when they do that, you start shrinking and it makes you cachectic,
which means very skinny, frail. It’s actually tough when you
see it in cancer patients. My mom, for example, was quite
cachectic before she passed. My cancer is stable, is
terminal, (laughing) what? Okay, this is, we’re
going from very serious to very funny. My cancer man is ignoring me. My cancer man is acting distant. My cancer boyfriend is ignoring me. Clearly, if you’re of
the zodiac sign Cancer and you’re male, I feel like astrology’s such a scam. Whenever I tell people I’m
a Scorpio, they’re like, “Oh,” and they’re either
like, “That’s amazing,” or they’re like, “Oh, you
suck and I dated someone “just like you and you’re a Scorpio, uh.” Time to make a revelation about myself. It’s my 30th birthday today, woowoo. Dirty 30s. Bear, did you come to wish
your dad a happy birthday? C’mere. Bear, it’s your dad’s birthday. Do you think I’m old? Lick me if you think I’m not old. Oh no. (laughing) Yeah, thank you Bears. Ow. Yo, talk to me again. This plant sometimes just
starts coming out of nowhere. (plant banging) Are you a fan of “House
M.D.” or “Grey’s Anatomy?” If you love “Grey’s Anatomy,” here’s my “Grey’s Anatomy” reviews. If you love “House,” these
are my “House M.D.” reviews. And I’ll see you in one of
those, staying happy and healthy. Ba, ba, ba. (light music)
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