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Crying In Front Of My Closet Led Me To A Giant Organization Clean Out

my closet [Music] this may look like just an ordinary closet to you it’s actually a part of my basement or even my whole house that i’m very happy with i think it looks cool i think the mirror looks cool but what you don’t see is the inside we have cords hanging from the ceilings and things that are not necessarily organized the whole bottom of this closet is just random stuff that i’ve thrown in here since moving in my belts and scarves are a hot mess mad dust bunnies like the most dust bunnies ever and overall it just gives me a lot of stress in the morning and the fact that there’s usually a spider hanging out in this specific corner and it runs underneath the closet door makes me want to puke but also create a design that is easily cleanable no nooks and crannies in here i’m really curious to hear from you guys what your closet situation is like right now like how do you organize your stuff and do you like to keep it clean or does it honestly usually get pretty messy we need to get into planning you need to try subscribing if you haven’t already because we would love to see you here more often for more diy and design videos yes i did just get blood work done anyways should we figure out what we need in this closet in order to make it work let’s let’s go [Music] okay this is my plan for the closet overall i need to make sure that anything hanging is color coordinated this is how i like to stay organized on the bottom half of the right hand side i’m actually going to build a cross piece and then add another bar underneath my top bar so that i can hang up my shorter shorts and skirts and even pants folded over i have some hack ideas for scarf and belt storage so that’s going to happen somewhere in the closet and on the bottom left hand side although it doesn’t look like i have a lot of shoes here i’m actually overflowing with my shoes upstairs so i really want to bring down some of my seasonal shoes or things like these heels where i don’t wear them all the time and i’m going to build a nice little shelf that just sits in here that can easily be opened up if i need to grab some shoes and then of course everything just needs a nice new fold because it’s looking really messy in here but step one is to get this whole closet cleared out [Music] do you know what this is do you know what this is black swan halloween costume this costume right here 10 years old like what do you do with that like i can’t throw it out the sorry girls needs to store that for me i don’t have room here maybe i’ll take these out later [Music] you may have noticed that i have a bunch of cords up here and that’s because i stole these from my packs wardrobe ikea system um that i had at the loft i don’t know there’s probably a wireless slash better solution but i was like i already have these so let me just use them but they come with all these cords that i need to now manage and then on this side here um i knew that there was a plug in here in the closet and on the other side of this wall is my bedroom where i wanted to put a little corner shelf projector and i didn’t want to have cords hanging down but i just drilled a really messy hole through the wall so that i could feed the projector cords through and then plug them in right here [Music] so what a perfectly timed and not completely staged at all delivery today’s sponsor is blue land and i am over the moon ecstatic to try out these products because i have been wanting to for so long this has been on my sustainability geek out list with blueland you can stop wasting money on cleaning products and start saving but how do you do that well unlike traditional liquid cleaners that are sold in single-use plastics with blue land all you need is a nickel sized tablet or if you’re in the uk i’m sure it’s not called the nickel but it’s small trust me this is how it works so we no longer have to use wasteful plastic bottles and we don’t have to throw away money when using those plastic bottles instead we can pay two dollars for a tablet or a dollar fifty four per tablet if we buy them in bulk which if you do the math is basically equivalent to an eight-bit ringtone that you bought in 2006 in short blue land is pretty serious about helping us make the environmental and the money conscious choice for the long run i got the clean essentials kit which has multi-service cleaner bathroom cleaner mirror and glass cleaner as well as foaming hand soap and instead of buying individual cleaner and hand soap if you buy the entire kit you’re going to get 20 off plus the additional 20 with our code click the link in the description down below and use our code sorry girls to get an extra 20 off i’m really jazzed about this i’m super jazzed guys super rad stoked about this because i love sustainable options they’re now shipping to the us to canada and the uk it’s super exciting that we’re having products like this it’s 20 21. i’m glad we don’t have to use single loose plastic anymore for our cleaners cheers to that okay with the cleaning done i know my plan there are some things i need from the hardware store before i can get started so let’s go do that [Music] is a steamy one out there but i got supplies that i need i think my first step is going to be mounting this guy in between the closet there so that i can put across my little half rod on the bottom half of the closet to do this i’m using some joist holders they were steel i’ve already painted them white so they’re going to blend in nicely with the walls i’ve never used these before but they seem like a great solution [Music] [Music] hold on that is that’s wood we found wood we dug for the wood we found it [Music] next i’m installing some pieces of wood that are going to work as ledges for the shelf that i’m going to put in here that’s going to act as a place to hide some of my shoes [Music] is lizzie mcguire singing this song is oh there’s a deaf singer and somebody else is this supposed to be her because it’s not boo sick what shoes do i want today i think it looks good well the room is looking like the hottest mess it’s been in a long time but i am loving how things are looking it looks like a custom built-in closet i’m just going to paint a couple of those wood pieces and i’ll see you tomorrow [Music] good morning about a week ago exactly a week ago today i was standing here trying to pick out what to wear for the day and i just started crying i think that all the stressors of what’s going on in the world as well as in just my personal life came to fruition and when i was having a hard time picking out what to wear i was just like i can’t do this i can’t go to work today i don’t want to get dressed everything just feels too much and i think it was just trying to pick out clothes that broke the straw the straw that broke the camel’s back but today i’m feeling much better except for the fact that there’s a giant pile of clothes there but we’re gonna put them back in this closet the closet is gonna look good i actually already did some cable management last night so things are looking good up there [Music] let’s get to refilling this closet [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] sync me power [Music] so as you can see one of the last things i have are scarves and belts and i have a hack on how to hang these up so for the belts my plan was to use a hanger that i already have and pick up some s hooks and while i was shopping online i actually found this s hook which has kind of like the bigger scoop and the smaller scoop and i thought this would be perfect to hang on a hanger and hang my belts off of in a similar yet slightly different vein i picked up these shower curtain rings for the scarves i really like these hooks or these shower curtain rings because if i were to get more or less scarves it’s not like i’m going to run out of hooks if i were to put them on the inside of my closet i also think it’s just kind of cleaner if it’s hanging on a hanger with the rest of everything else instead of cluttering up either the back of the door or the side of the wall on the inside of the closet [Music] and that pretty much wraps up this episode on cleaning up my closet organizing it and um hopefully there will be less tears happening in front of this closet in the near future make sure you guys check out the link in the description down below and use our code sorry girls get 20 off of your first purchase at blue land thanks so much for watching and i’ll see you next time bye [Music] you
Video source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NjRVJRL2SgE

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