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Creating Our New Program ♥ 1 Hour Classes, Nutritional Plans, & Wanderlust

hey guys we are in our favourite spot again Bronte Provincial Park which is just outside of Toronto and this time we brough Prince to be in our video hes a little exhausted we’ve been on an hour hike so hopefully he’ll sit just chill while we try this so we wanted to do a blog about this project we’ve been working on for about 6 months its hopefully will be out in September October its a DVD/downloadable package Boho Beautiful in 10 Days and its going to be a 10 day program which focuses an hour a day on fitness yoga and meditation and then as well each day is focused on a specific mantra and theme which allows you to really grow spiritually and mentally as well as expand physically as you get stronger for the program and along with that it will have a nutritional plan/guide recipe guide which were really happy about because a lot of you guys have been asking about a plant based diet so we made the 10 day meal plan and national plan 100 percent vegan so theres actually going to be a lot of plant based infomration for you guys and our favourite recipes that we love to cook through out while were travelling or at home which is great because we got to cook them all and reassess them all and see how we can make them all better the beauty of it is when you try to eat on a plant based diet for the 10 days that you’re doing the program you’re going to see amazing results you’re also going to feel really good spiritually and mentally its really about habits its an opportunity to take 10 days to start creating new healthier habits for your body and for your mind in what you do in what you think about so were really excited for you guys to see it we honestly have put our blood sweat and tears into this we shot it in Decemeber when we made a trip to exam bahamas and it was an adventure of itself it was just the two of us were just like lets go shoot a DVD you see online you see other people doing this and they have like cranes and crews and now we know why cause it was really it was challenging an a learning experience a huge learning experience now i can’t wait to do it again cause of everything we learned we can do it really smooth we had to do full day reshoots there was times we’d get home and we just be sunburnt and covered in sweat and sand and there would be sand all over our gear and we look at our footage and we’d be like we have reshoot it was amazing but also a hard experience but now that its over were almost at the end of our full edit were just really excited to share this with your guys so yeah should be out in septmeber october were really proud of it and just to being able to the two of us say this is what were a project we wanna do and prove that we can and we did it so thats really exciting and then also we need to be shooting more content in the fall we wanted to use this blog and ask you guys for some awesome suggestions of where we should travel to next cause whats so amazing is that you guys about our youtube channel is you guys are from everywhere its so crazy when we read your comments its the best when we read comments and you put where you’re from because its like it really brings this amazing the good side of the internet to us to be like wow look at this theres people from Poland africa south korea literally everytwhere im gonna stop naming places so maybe theres places you’ve been to that you guys could suggest that we should go to shoot in and you guys kind of know our vibe and our style so we definetely like something a little bit more simpler i guess more like hippie uncommercial and un urban yeah thats important to us maybe you guys know any bio diverse areas or really untouched surf spots or whatever it might be were really excited for 2017 and its been amazing because of couple of you have given us suggetsions already and were like we didnt even know this place existed the other thing that would be really cool about us talking about cool places is then in these comments everyone can learn from each other and the suggetsions we can all share with each other not just with us the world is an amazing adventure and if we look at our collective adventure for everyone thats watching this video i think we can learn a lot about the world and really find some really cool places if you guys wanna comment below this video and tell us where you’re from and also if you have a favourite place in the world that you’ve ever travelled to or wherever you may lvie we would love to hear from you it will help us narrow down of where to travel to next and shoot amazing content for you guys that pretty much it enjoy the rest of your day and where going to go and finish this hike and well touch base soon he’s like fully asleep right now
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