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Cozy Guest Bedroom Makeover, With Adar Kirkham | Freestyled

an old window i pulled that out of a old building in detroit see there’s a story behind it which is what i love we’re here on david’s block he is a bachelor he’s an entrepreneur he’s a homeowner he’s got a lot going on but apparently his guest bedroom not so much i’m adair kirkham and i am going to reimagine one room in your home i’m going to thrift paint and repurpose what you got with 1500 and 24 hours let’s go my name is david george live in royal oak michigan my day job i work at a tech startup in the evening i have my own company that i run called motor city acts i refurbish and hand paint vintage axes and hatchets when covet hit i still stayed very busy that’s kind of when motor city x really got going and now that things are kind of opening back up i’m traveling a bit for my day job so there’s just not a ton of time talk to me about this axe business well my grandpa passed about six years ago i found his old hatchet in in the garage but i was like wow this is a really cool piece fix it up and my buddy’s like well i want one i sold 19 axes my first year and i saw uh 756 last year wow so that’s amazing it’s been a big jump in the past four years well this is really cool it’s a part of who you are and i definitely want to make sure i include it some fun kind of way in that bedroom so speaking of the bedroom there’s a spare bedroom in the back that’s been empty for about two and a half years since uh one of my ex moved out and uh her furniture was in there she took it with her and now i have friends wanting to come stay for the summer and then i can offer them the floor um i’d like to offer not a bad floor it’s original floors it looks like it’s not a bad floor i’d like to offer them a bed though let’s talk style like everyone likes it with like kind of that mid-century modern look it’s kind of cool and what about color i’m not afraid of color do you have any faves top of mind burnt orange is my favorite oh that’s a fun color it’s just i wouldn’t go pink that’s all really you axe bigger no pink some pink axes okay so no pink got that we love rust you love mid-century modern you’re looking for a space that your guests can come you have friends and family from all over where they can feel comfortable and feel at home in my home okay i think we are pretty good unless there’s anything else that you need to share a couple pieces in the garage you can play with i need to go check it out immediately seeing this desk right here this is great a lot of character on this piece definitely had some rough times but we can fix that up i think this becoming a dry bar would be really fun crookedy door we’ll make that right we’ll change out these knobs yeah this could be a really fun piece oh this this is heavy okay so this looks like a lot of cobwebs and but this print is really fun this is my workout y’all um this can just hang on the wall this can be art it’s easy art we’ll clean it up other than that i think this is a really great piece and it’s free score okay this room has an echo it is lonely there is nothing in here my biggest thought for this room design wise is the color burnt orange that he spoke about so we’re gonna paint the ceiling in a rust orange i also would love a band of paint that goes all the way around this room and then that desk that we found in the garage i want to paint that the exact same color so it’ll just flush away and blend right through that band so i’m thinking that dust is going to go here i want to change that desk to be more of a dry bar perfect for guests above it i’d love to do some kind of ax art another really cool thing is i think we can use that window that really funky window that we found i think it would act as a beautiful piece of art on this wall and there you have it it’ll be a really cozy guest bedroom i love this color it’s really really rich it’s gonna dry much darker than this it’ll be really pretty with the rust orange on the ceiling straight crisp line is critical in this design so i’m reinforcing this tape it’s time to paint the ceiling y’all this color is gorgeous this is his favorite color this burnt orange rusty color and what’s fun about painting the ceiling is you get like a freckled face which i can’t wait to have an orange freckled face [Music] we just cleaned this desk like you would not believe 17 18 19 layers of yuck on this desk it took quite a while but it’s nice and clean we are now priming it so that it can cure and we can get to our beautiful blue color that we wrapped around the room just getting a nice clean coat of primer on it i’m gonna go as far as i can and then jack and i are gonna fix this veneer that’s peeling up we’re just going to kind of slice a section out and then we’re going to wood filler the entire section wait for it to dry sand it smooth it out it’ll be brand new do you need any safety pins for this veneer i got a few using the same color that we painted on the walls that band that goes around the room same exact color that way it just kind of disappears to the band and it gives us a really monochromatic look i’m hoping two coats and i don’t think we’ll have time for three so fingers crossed two coats will seal the deal so right now we are hanging up the stained glass window that we found in the garage we sanded it down today we sprayed it with a clear coat just to seal it in it’s gonna go right above the bed so it’ll be a nice little accent piece of art [Music] feeling good about it nice yes i’m loving how this window turned out we were able to keep the character and i’m loving how the colors are looking against this wall color it kind of ties it all together so once we get the bedding in here it’s really gonna rock we gotta talk axes [Music] to display our axe we went out and bought a shadow box for roughly about 60 bucks and to customize it and to make it really personal we laser cut his logo out of vinyl on the box so it’s you know really speaks to him for a bedroom it’s important for me to really dress it up it should be really handsome in this particular space it should be tailored it should have a lot of different patterns and textures and just feel super luscious you gotta have patience but it’s worth it in the end i’m excited to see it come together [Music] come on in wow this is fantastic take it all in i always see these shows and i’m like they don’t do that stuff in a day oh we do we do it in a day that is fantastic an old window yes i’m so glad you noticed this is like the gem of the space one of my favorite parts i pulled that out of a old building in detroit see there’s a story behind it which is what i love there’s a story behind so many things in your house and i really wanted to make sure we included that up on that wall it succeeded my expectations for sure did you notice i did not got that light and your orange your burnt orange i love it so we swapped out the lighting we added a lot more lighting so it’s nice and warm and cozy in here yeah yeah it almost feels like there’s a fireplace in the space right very welcoming did you happen to notice this dusty piece that used to be in your garage sitting in the garage for nine years yes waiting to be redone and guess what i love it it is a dry bar no way that’s right that’s what i was gonna do with it really think we were on that was the vision i had eye to eye dry bar great for the guests is that amazing i like that a lot like shadow box style yeah shadow box we wanted to feature your axe fluffy rocks we threw the logo on there just to make it a custom touch yeah that’s sweet i really wanted him to see his art his axe up on that wall right on top of the desk that we found i think was one of my favorite moments the axe on the wall with with the logo and everything i mean that’s definitely going to uh wind up on on our social media posts for motor city x for sure so i love it i think this is now my bedroom i was gonna say you’re now sleeping in this space uh you can kick your guests out can you do the rest of the house yes next episode into the office cancel the rest of the people and a couple other rooms that could use some love absolutely the whole room is fantastic incorporated some of my favorite colors complete design aspect redid a couple of pieces i couldn’t be happier people my friends and family are gonna uh enjoy staying in here for sure because honestly it’s probably the prettiest room in the house now i’m glad you love it i’m glad you now can invite people over and kind of enjoy and celebrate this new time in your life crushed it shall we have a drink oh what say no more [Music] you
Video source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vb4ErtM3svo

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