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Couple Starts Home Remodel With NO PLAN! | Help! I Wrecked My House | HGTV

pulling this out. [METAL CLANKING] Oh. Do you know what
you’re doing up there? Uh.
[PIECES HITTING THE FLOOR] [LAUGHING] Oh, shoot. Matt and Sarah bought
this house, that they wanted to do a renovation. They had this really
romantic idea of what that was gonna look like. We have three young children who
love to play around outdoors. [CAMERA CLICKS] I’m picking up the girls. This is our current situation. Ow. So right now, we’re currently
living in my parent’s house. It’s been pretty stressful. We just wanna get
into our own space. My husband’s in one room. I’m in the other room. We’re not sleeping
in the same beds. We both are sleeping
with our kids. Made everything else
a priority and kind of put our relationship on
hold for a little bit. Oh, my. What is going on with
the front of this house? [MUSIC PLAYING] Yes, Jasmine. [LAUGHS] Hi. What do you think? Oh, my. What is all of this? That’s from the
inside of the house that you’re gonna walk into. The front yard looks
like this, and [LAUGHS] I wasn’t even expecting that. I– we’ve got to go inside. [CHUCKLE] Yes, let’s see. All right. [DOOR HANDLE CLICKS] We’ve done a lot of work, even
though it doesn’t look like it. This is– A few months’ worth. So this is your kitchen. Oh, no. We wanted to do, like,
an island and just use that as our dining room table. We don’t have anything drawn up. We have no plans, so. You got to this
stage without a plan? We have no plans. What made you think
that this was a project that you could take on? Just have always been
able to solve problems and figured I could
piece together this job, with the people that I know. That is why I’m here. After seeing the
kitchen, this is gonna be really tricky, design-wise. I mean, Matt and
Sarah don’t really have a defined design style. They know they want
an island, and that’s about as far as they got. [MUSIC PLAYING] So this is actually the
floor that you purchased for the whole downstairs. Correct. This is really nice tile. Yes. Did you measure it, or did
a tile installer measure? Um, one of my friends. The thing about tile is that
it’s printed in batches. You would want this
whole first floor to come from the same lot. So if we have to buy additional,
the chances of it matching are slim to none. You’re starting to scare me
with some of these things you’re pointing out to me. I don’t want to stress you out
any more than you already are. Other stuff in here– wait a minute. What is going on out here? This is our pool. OK, let’s talk real numbers. The pool is about $90,000. OK. How much do you think you
can give me for everything that we talked about inside? I believe 75. I’m not gonna lie. I’m a little jealous of
the pool guys’ budget. I hope I can do it
for that amount. We don’t have anymore
money, you know. I had to take some
money from the business, take some money
from the retirement, and made sure that we could
somehow take on the pool while we’re doing this, inside. I know that I’ve thrown
a lot at you guys. Yeah, you opened our
eyes up to a few things. I feel for you. And I know that your hearts
are in the right spot, just a little bit overambitious. Our kids don’t even
have a home right now. So we wanna give them that. I know how much this
means to Matt and Sarah. When you want something
for your kids, it’s almost like you want
it more than for yourself. I’m in this with you now. I’m gonna do everything in my
power to make it go as smoothly as possible, for the least
amount of money possible, and get you back in here
as quickly as possible. [SIGHS] Such a relief. Yeah, we can’t thank you enough. So these are just
the plans for a beam that they did to open up a wall. Scott is the general
contractor that I use on most of my projects. OK. [DOOR CLOSES] No, but, like, they did
all this themselves. Oh, really? They opened up this wall. They reframed this window. The work is done, but I don’t
know if it’s done right. So these are the plans. Now we just gotta make
sure that the homeowner did what the engineers
are telling him to do. I mean, I asked him. I was like, are you a framer? He’s like, no. Yeah. He knows as much
about framing as I do about the gym, probably. [LAUGHTER] So this beam across here, 3
and 1/2 by 14 on 4-by-4 posts. So those are 4-by-6 posts,
and this is a 6-inch beam. So they went bigger. [LAUGHS] That’s
not a great start. I’m gonna spend $65,000
on this kitchen, which is new countertops, new
cabinets, new electrical, new plumbing, new everything. I’m also gonna spend
$10,000 in the front room and the sunken den,
where the fireplace is gonna get a full facelift. On this wall, they
plumbed for their sink. They moved it over here, which
I think was actually a really good idea ‘cuz they
have this opening down into the living room. So above the sink, I wanna
do a really cool factory window as an accent piece. [TILES CLACKING] Over here, we’ll do their
range with a hood above it. Over on this wall, we can
have the refrigerator. The big thing for this
room is an island. [WOOD CREAKING] I wanna add a huge island
that seats six people, has porcelain countertops. And the front will be covered
in a sophisticated teal tile and finished with a
brushed brass token. Finally, for lighting, I want
black metal pan lights coming out of the ceiling, to
add another layer of color and texture in the room. Yeah. We have a lot to do
before our next inspection Yep. I’m estimating about four
weeks to complete this project, but that’s only if we get
approved by the inspector. Lots to do. [MUSIC PLAYING] [BANGING] If this doesn’t go well,
tomorrow, I have to cancel my whole construction day. The inspector is here. And I’ve invited Matt to
attend the inspection. Passing this inspection
is so important, but passing it without
blowing up my budget is also really important. So it does look like you’ve
removed the walls that are according to this plan. And due to that, you guys needed
this beam to come into play. Right. And it looks like you
are missing something. [MUSIC PLAYING] The architect and the
engineer are calling for a horizontal strap
and a vertical strap, but you’re missing
your vertical strap. You just gotta run
your strap from here all the way up to that block. It’s not gonna stop
the construction. We can still work tomorrow?
Yeah. Yes. So based on what
you’ve done inside, you do pass the framing
inspection today. Really appreciate that. All right.
We’ll see you soon. Well, I’ll see you
guys on the next one. All right.
Thank you. Thank you. I feel really good about that.
That was great. And now you know
your house is safe. [MUSIC PLAYING] [NAILS PUNCH INTO WALL] Drywall is one of
those steps where, like, it’s a huge difference. [SANDING NOISE] You can start to
see how this house is actually going to look. [SANDING NOISE] We just have to tape,
mud, prime, paint. All right, we still
have a lot to do. But at least this is
a big step forward. [MUSIC PLAYING] The cabinets are going in, which
is super exciting because this is the first part of the
kitchen where we’re actually putting it back together. [MUSIC] (SINGING) Da, da,
da, da, da, da. [BANGING] Da, da, da, da, dahh. Part of having a house that
you feel like you can move into is loving that house. And I know that Sarah
hated this fireplace, so my goal is to bring it
all the way to the ceiling and all the way to the walls. Scott and I are
tackling this fireplace. [SAW HUMMING] We’re gonna add shelves. We’re gonna add a
box beam mantel. And we’re gonna add a bench. And all of those things playing
together with the fireplace is gonna make this whole
room feel really symmetrical. [MUSIC PLAYING] This kitchen, the countertops,
the cabinetry, the walls, like, everything’s
pretty neutral. Then you add in black accents. They have a black
sink, a black faucet. We’re gonna have
these black pan lights that come out of the ceiling. Adding the metal accents,
these are the things that are gonna dress this kitchen up. And it’s just gonna make this
kitchen that much more special. I love finishing projects. Today is extra
exciting because Matt and Sarah have been out of their
house for 6 and 1/2 months. And now, today, they
get to come home. This is the end of their
construction journey, and being able to make that
happen, that’s everything. Hi, guys. We’re home. You’re home.
We’re home. [CAR DOOR SHUTS] Wow. Are we ready?
Yes. You should go inside and see
the house, just the two of you. OK. Because you haven’t had a lot
of time, just the two of you, recently. Experienced this together, and
then I’ll come find you guys. Let’s go, yeah.
All right, go. Go ahead. [LAUGHTER] [DOOR KNOB CLICKS] Oh, my gosh. [LAUGHTER] What? Oh, my God. This is our house. [MUSIC PLAYING] Oh, my God.
Island, though. Look at that window. That is so amazing. Oh, my. This is freakin’ awesome. It is. Oh, my gosh. I totally forgot about this. [LAUGHTER] We have a whole downstairs. The fireplace isn’t
centered, and I love it. We would have never
done any of this. We can breathe now. We’re home. [DOOR KNOB CLICKS] It’s just awesome. What do you think? I love it.
Yeah? Oh. Thank you so much. [LAUGHS] You’re welcome. Oh, my gosh, we’re home. I love how are things hidden. [CAMERA CLICKS] It looks huge. Honestly, there’s nothing
I don’t love, like, love. . This is like one of
my favorite kitchens I’ve ever seen in
my entire life. And it’s cool ‘cuz,
like, literally, you walk in the door– And it’s like, boom. Right there. An open floor plan, which
we definitely wanted. So I think we’ll put the
range right in the middle, right here. [CAMERA CLICKS] Can you even, with
this range, by the way? Oh, my gosh.
Are you kidding me? I mean, that is a serious range. As far as this island goes,
this island is enormous. These countertops are porcelain,
even sturdier than quartz. Durable. Meaning, like, go for it. [LAUGHS] Have at it. OK, so I’m in love with this. You guys had the idea
to leave the opening. Yes. I love the idea because you
guys can be here, doing dishes, you can still see the kids. Brilliant. OK, so down here, you
guys, before, I don’t know, I feel like you guys were
kind of down on this room, like, pun intended. The tough thing it
was kind of connected. It kinda wasn’t. And then, also, the fireplace. Let’s take a look
this fireplace. No houses have that on
the left side like that. Well, this house does. Do you know how much it’s gonna
cost to move this fireplace? You’re crazy. [CAMERA CLICKS] Definitely my favorite part
of the room, which I never thought I would be saying. We’ve learned to have a little
more self-awareness of, like, the big picture,
have a little more respect for what goes into a
project like this, you know. I think you just built so many
memories to come in this house. Juggling life, switching houses,
not staying in the same house with my husband and
the kids, as a family, I mean, now we get
to be together. We get to be together
as a family, finally. I can’t wait to get
the kids in here. Come here. Ah. Oh. [DOOR KNOB CLICKS] [GASPS] This is our home. I can’t wait for all the
memories that are to come. Can we pick what
ever one we want? Yes. I mean, when we bought the
home, we knew the location. It was gonna be
our forever home. But now it’s a
beautiful forever home.
Video source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ebXov5wTqAI

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