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Core Crusher | HOT BODY EXPRESS DVD – Best Ab Workout!

– Hey guys, Cassey here, today we’re doing your core crusher. Now I know we only have 10 minutes, so I am going to give it to you. It’s not gonna be easy, but you are gonna feel so satisfied and so sore afterwards. Let’s go ahead and get started. Okay, abs all day long. Hands forward, tuck the
chin in towards your chest and slowly roll down with control. There you go. Now we’re gonna do a few roll-ups here. Inhale, exhale, lift up. Very nice, sitting tall. Straighten that spine, low. Good, and up. All right, now that was
your easy stuff, you ready? We’re not slowing down from here. Knees in tabletop position. I want you to cross the
ankles, hands by the sides. We’re starting out with reverse crunches for the lower abs, ready? Three, two, one, you’re up and down, lift and lower. Good, up, push the booty up. Lift toes towards the
sky, and relax your neck. Relax your shoulders, lift. You’ve got it. Nice, stay strong now, up. It’s only 10 minutes,
so you gotta bring it. Bring it, up, beautiful. Eight more, eight, seven. Good, come on. Six, and five, ooh, four, up, two more, one more, lift and down. Very good, knees in tabletop position, both hands behind the nape
of the neck, triple crunch. It’s up, two, three all the way down. You’re getting the upper
abs, lift, and lower. Up, up, now keep your elbows wide, lift, two, three and down. Do not cup your head, okay? And lift with your abs, not your neck. We’re working out our abs, right? Don’t want a big bulky
neck, so don’t do it. And lift, two, now higher
each time, keep going, up, two, three, and down. Exhale, lift. Oh man, what a great
day to be working out. I feel so good, don’t you? Two, three, again. So what I love about working out is that it leaves me with such a
euphoric feeling afterwards. It’s like happy medicine. And lift two, three, and down. Up, two, you hold it right there. Bring everything out, okay. Hands behind the nape of
the neck, runaway abs, okay? Pretend you’re running Barbie style, you’re not bending the knees. Lift the shoulders belly tight. Eight, let’s go, eight, seven, six, and five, and four, and
three, and two, hold one. Lift it. We’re going to tap,
tap, tap, tap, and lift. You’ve got it, keep going, down. Two, three, four. You’re going up. Abs are burning, yes
they are, come on, down. Two, what’d you expect? You’re working out with me. Come on, and lift. Two, three, again, let’s go, down two, three, four and lift, ooh! That burn is real. Two, three, four, and lift. Pressing that low back into the mat. Come on, down, two, elbows super wide, and exhale, lift, three, again, let’s go, getting strong. Two, three, four, and up, two, three, four, very good. Bring the knees in, flex
the feet, point the toes, flex and point. Okay, so that was really good guys. We’re gonna continue with that movement, change it up a little bit, but I need you to suck that belly button in towards your spine, press the low back into the mat, ’cause I don’t want
any of this here, okay? This is dangerous. Do not let this happen. Put it down, okay? Both hands in a triangle. Place it right underneath your tailbone. Lift the legs up. Heels press, toes point. Double leg lift. It’s down for two, exhale, lift for two. And low. Now if you need to, feel
free to bend the knees, down like so, and up, don’t let it get
into the hip flexors. We’re down for two and
lift, you’ve got it. Low, up, yes, down. Exhale, lifting, remember,
we inhale when it’s easy, we exhale when it’s hard. Just don’t hold your breath (laughs). Come on, down and lift again, low. Nice, guys, down, two, and lift. Beautiful. And up, four more, four, and up, you can handle this, three. I know, I know. Just two more, one more, down, and lift,
knees in, very good. Okay, let’s give those
hip flexors a quick break. Now, we’re gonna head
right into crisscrosses, transverse abdominals, obliques. Both hands right behind
the nape of the neck. Knees up, lift, a crisscross here we go. Twist, twist, lengthen your legs. Good stuff, come on, out. I want long legs here, okay? Don’t give me any weird
half bent stuff here, I want full extension, ’cause we’ve only got 10 minutes and I’m gonna give you a lot
in these 10 minutes, okay? Your best ab workout. I want you guys do this
as much as you can, see the changes, see the difference, okay, not just in your body, but in your mind too, see how strong you’re gonna get. Woo, let’s go, click it up. And one, two, three, four, five, six. Again, let’s go. One, two, three, four, five, six, two more like this. Turbo speed, ooh, one more, eight, seven, six,
five, four, three, two, one, knees in, relax, okay, hands
by the sides of the head. Lift up, I want you out and in, and lengthen, and in, make sure you swim, reach and in, Exhale, super long. In, okay, hold it right here. I want the hands down, I want the legs up. We’re gonna go to single leg drop. Down, up, down, and relax up here, down, up. If you need lower back
support, hands underneath. Good, boom, and up,
this is single leg drop. It’s not hard yet. Oh, just wait! Down and up, down, and reach, ooh! All that lower ab, try
to keep the leg straight. Good, now bring it all the way down. Check this out, single leg lift. Up, down, ooh! You’ve got it. Reach, straighten your leg. Abs super tight, up and down. Hold it right here, hold it. Knees, relax the hands. Inhale through the nose. Exhale through the mouth. Okay, you ready for more? We’re gonna attack the
center of your core. This one’s called eagle abs, literally one of my
favorite abdominal moves. What I want you to do, cross the knee over the opposite knee. Cross the ankles, if you
can’t do that, it’s okay. Now do the same thing with the arms. All right, elbow to knee. Lift your booty. Lift your shoulders. And exhale. Nice, lift, and down. You’ve got it, up, and make
sure you’re lifting your butt, a lot of people tend to
just move their upper abs and that’s it, I want the full thing. 10 minutes guys. This is your last song. Up and down, good, reach, nice, keep going, up, lift, you’re almost there, woo, now I’m sweaty, I
don’t know about you, but keep it together
guys, we’re almost there. Reach, hold it, hold it right here. Give me five, four, three,
two, one, out and down. Okay, you’re really good. Let’s head back into those
upper abs, all right? Legs out, opposite ankle
over opposite ankle, and I simply want you
to reach up, and down, up, and lift. Love it, elbows wide. And lift. Up. Nice, now switch your ankles, go up, and lift, elbows super wide. Come on, up. Nice, lift and lower. Woo, beautiful. Don’t die, come on. You’re right here, and reach, and lower, up and down, four more, let’s go. Four, and three, so good, two, uh huh, one. Amazing, hands by your sides. Knees right here, lift up, out, and in, okay? Then we’re gonna head into the star abs. So big star, right here, out, and lift. And out, and lift. Very nice, come on. Super core strength, and lift, and just smile, you’re having fun. And lift, nice, reach, and pull yourself up, out, good, guys, out, and up. It’s quick. Out, lift, yes! Four more, let’s go. Four, three, two, and one. Hold it right here, flex the feet, point, flex, point and sit up. Guys, we just finished your
10 minute core crusher. You crushed it.
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