Cook With A Doctor! | Sous Vide Scallop Fail

– I love that it says
stress free scallops. I don’t know about you but I’m stressed. This sous vide thing is
not as easy as it looks. (screaming) This video is sponsored by Lifesum. They’ve been one of my
great partners in 2019, now it’s 2020, they’re
ready to start the new year with a new year’s
resolution to eat healthy. And I thought what better way to do that than to cook a meal with you guys. I know you really enjoyed
it when I did it last time. Now I got this fancy new tool kit here. It’s a sous vide cooker. Basically cooking without a flame in water with a Ziploc bag. I’ve never done it before. I’m honestly a little
bit nervous about it. But huge thank you to Lifesum
for sponsoring this video. It’s my go to nutrition app. Tracks my calories, my macros, especially when I’m
doing these 30 day diets, I need a good tracker. Jump into my description box,
download the app for free, or if you want the premium
version there’s a link there as well with the code doctormike30 that’s gonna give you 30% off
the 12 months subscription. No brainer, gotta do
it, it’s the new year, new resolutions. Time to become an educated consumer. Alright, I’m gonna scan all
of these using my Lifesum app right now to figure out
exactly how many calories are in this meal and what the breakdown of the macros are. Remember macros are
carbs, proteins, and fats. I’m gonna be cooking a scallop meal with scampi and this angel
hair magic zero calorie pasta that I’m really excited about. Scanning the barcodes of
the carrots, boom, scanned. Scallops, boom. Two tablespoons of butter. It’s for the sauce. Okay, it’s the sauce. – Gosh! – Then we got this zero
calorie pasta, wine. – [Announcer] 12 seconds later. – My dinner got 31 grams
of protein, 600 calories, 33 grams of carbs, 37 grams of fat, a good mix of saturated
and unsaturated fat, 700 milligrams of sodium,
1,100 milligrams of potassium. I think that’s a solid meal. Let’s get started.
(gentle music) Ah, look at this thing. I feel like it looks like a lightsaber. Even Bear’s excited, do you
guys see Bear’s little face creeping in? Fill a pot with water,
put the thing in the pot, plug her in. And that’s it? I guess I have to get this
app in order for it to work. God I gotta create an account. You know what they say about
a pot, watching a pot fill, a watched pot never fills.
(gentle music) Or is that boils? So for this sous vide cooking
it actually is a slow way of cooking, so you keep
the desired temperature for a long period of time. That way you don’t have to
cook with an open flame. When you expose meat to a
fire you actually create some harmful chemicals
and when you cook inside a lower temperature for an
extended period of time like this it’s safer.
(gentle music) Okay, I think that’s how you do it. Ideally you wanna use a freezer type bag. Those generally don’t have BPA in them and they won’t leak
plastic into your foods. Look at those scallops. I’m gonna take some lemon, Bear, I have sharp objects. And I’m gonna squeeze a
little lemon into here before. (gentle music) So they marinate a little bit. While I sous vide-ing. Yeah, get all lemoned up. Just gonna throw that in there. The instructions call
for a 40 minute cook time in 125 degree Fahrenheit, okay. I’m about to click start. Okay, get cooking. Whoa.
(water bubbling) That’s cool.
(water bubbling) (laughing) Why am I so excited by that? While that whole cooking
process is going on here I thought I would start on A, the pasta, as well as a scampi sauce.
(gentle music) Cool water. I don’t know if this is the way to rinse. Boiling water probably needs
about two more minutes. So I probably should get my pan ready. Not my pan, whatever you
wanna call this little thing. What do you call it? This is a sauce pan. I’m gonna get this sauce pan. Melt butter in a saute
pan, it’s a saute pan. I’m tired of working with amateurs. Melt butter in a saute
pan over medium heat, add olive oil, raise heat to medium heat. I know what I’m gonna do. I’m gonna try and be strategic. I’m gonna turn off the
boiling water for a second because I want everything
done at the same time. At the same time. Boiling water put on hold for a second. Melt butter, and then how much butter? The answer is four tablespoons
but we’re not crazy so I’ll probably do a
little bit less than that. Four tablespoons equal a quarter of a cup. (upbeat music) But then there’s these
sort of dashes on it. Which one of these dashes,
like if I just cut here is that a tablespoon? One stick equals half a cup, right? So I need a quarter of a
cup which is half the stick. Okay, okay. Where’s my knife?
(upbeat music) Isn’t a butter knife used for butter? (upbeat music) Yeah, look at that.
(upbeat music) God, this looks like a lot of butter. Maybe I won’t use all this sauce. Maybe this is like for a family of four. I don’t know if you’re
supposed to do it this much but I feel like the more
I stir the better result I’m getting. Add olive oil, two tablespoons, and raise heat to medium high. Okay we got one tablespoon in there, second tablespoon in there. Oh, you hear that? It’s a little scampi. Add garlic and cook until
fragrant for at least one minute. Okay, do you just put in garlic like this, or do you chop it up and mince it? (upbeat music)
(knife thudding) Ah, it says four cloves. This is definitely not
the way you do this. (yelling) But you know what, it’s working. And my sinuses are getting cleared out. I’m gonna bring this to my, ooh. (upbeat music) Yeah boy. Add white wine and lemon zest and juice. We need half a cup of white wine. Right, half a cup? I’m not making that up, okay. And they said a quarter
cup of lemon juice. This is definitely not scientific. And this definitely not a quarter, oh no there’s a, there’s a seed. (upbeat music) Okay, wait, don’t panic. But the sauce! Alright I’m panicking. I’m starting to panic. God, where are all
these seeds coming from? (pot sizzling)
(yelling) It actually smells pretty good. Let’s simmer until the
sauce has reduced in half. But they also said add
parsley with no explanation of how much parsley so
I’m just gonna throw in some parsley. Parsley.
(upbeat music) I don’t know how much parsley is good. Adjust seasoning with salt, and
freshly ground black pepper. How does this work? Does anyone know how this works? I feel like barely anything’s coming out. Okay, I saw something happen. Black pepper. It smells okay but it doesn’t look, what do you think about the
appetizing nature of this? I thought it would be creamier? Isn’t scampi supposed to be creamy? Okay I have about 25
minutes on the sous vide cooking my scallops here. My water is about to boil so
let’s throw my weird noodles into the water.
(slurping) What do I have to do to
speed up boiling water? I heard like if you add
salt it boils faster. Boil, boil, boil. Would you say that’s a boil? I see a few bubbles so I’m gonna go ahead and put it in.
(upbeat music) (plates clanking) In a non-oiled pan, to dry off. God I feel like such a chef.
(gasps) Sorry, you didn’t see that. Alrighty, this is a big
portion of these noodles. (howling) Excuse me lemons.
(grunting) Yeah look at that garlic. It’s definitely not
supposed to be this watery, it looks like a puddle. Oh, carrots, let’s get some
carrots in here for color. You want a nutritionally balanced meal and the beauty about carrots
is you don’t have to cook them. I have to do it.
(upbeat music) Okay, go get the carrot.
(upbeat music) I love that it says stress free scallops. I don’t know about you but I’m stressed. I’m stressed just watching me. I am about done cooking my scallops. In my sous vide. Do you see it shooting? I’m gonna stop it in five,
four, three, two, one, stop sous vide.
(upbeat music) That’s pretty cool.
(upbeat music) Now time to empty the
scallops into my dish. (upbeat music)
(silverware clanking) Don’t judge me for this. I already hear everyone
laughing in the background. Hold on, I’m gonna spill
some of the sauce out. (upbeat music)
(sauce dribbling) Oh my god. Based on my Lifesum calculations
this is a healthy meal but let’s see how I cooked it. (upbeat music) It’s heavy on the lemon.
(upbeat music) If I was served this in a restaurant, I’d send it back and sue. But because I made it and I
know it was made with love, I’m enjoying it. Look, even Bear wants it. He’s so supportive. Dan, come here. – Yeah I’m not coming on. – Come in for a bite, come in for a bite. 10 being the best, the
best meal of your life, zero being rat poison. – There’s a taste in
there that, it’s not bad. Like I’m pulling your leg a little bit. – Alright, so what’s the number? – Three.
– I got a three from the Dan. Dan has no idea what he’s talking about. Solid six, seven, probably a four. In all seriousness I’m not a master chef. I’m just learning. I tried this sous vide for the first time and it’s, it’s actually pretty easy. Like the scallops were the best part. The sauce is where I failed. ‘Cause it was like my
first time making sauce. You gotta give me that. We got all the calories and macros for you courtesy of Lifesum. It’s the go to nutrition app. The sponsored this video. Link’s down below for the free download or 30% off your premium
version for 12 months. It’s a no brainer, huge thanks
to Lifesum for sponsoring this video. Hope you enjoyed cooking with me. And I wanna do more of these. I wanna get better at cooking man. Like, I’m tired of
these doing these sauces and Dan telling me I’m a three. I made some cooking videos
before and if you haven’t seen them, here’s a playlist right here. I’ll watch those with you. You know, being happy and healthy. (upbeat music)
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