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Computer Duster + Water = EXPLOSION!?

hey guys backyard scientist here today’s video comes from a viewer named ty he claims it by pouring computer duster into water it’ll cause an explosion let’s check out the video yep that is definitely an explosion he asked me to film this with my high-speed camera and see if we can figure out wait hold on a second where’d you get that limited edition backyard scientist t-shirt if you’re telling me you got that t-shirt from crowd made calm slash BUIS and it’s only a limited edition available for 10 days well we better buy some more cuz I know you’re gonna tear that one to shreds anyway computer dusters sometimes referred to as canned air but it’s not the same stuff we breathe it’s actually a chemical called 1:1 dichloromethane it normally exists as a gas but it’s compressed into a liquid to fit inside the container and if you use it as directed you only get a small blast of air that comes out of there but if you invert it and shake it around and disregard all safety warnings you get a nice shot of pure liquid it’s kind of like a DIY liquid nitrogen gun alright let’s get on with the first test on three two one that actually works you can I can’t believe that actually works it works and it works well about a millisecond after that touches the surface of the water it causes an explosion throwing up water vapor and powerful enough to make that pot jump off the burner alright now I’m pouring the boiling water into a clear container so we’ll see what causes the explosion three two one [Music] now water was definitely still pretty hot and when it touched me that explosion was so powerful it shattered that plastic container but the way it shattered it is the cool part the way that it split it in half like that directed all the water away from the GoPro and it didn’t even get wet at all [Music] all right so if dye fluoro at thing causes an explosion and it has a boiling point of negative 13 degrees Celsius and wonder what liquid nitrogen will do because it has a much lower boiling point but will it still cause an explosion oh yeah one more thing before we do this tell me down in a comment section if you think that the liquid nitrogen is going to explode or not you think it’s going to be bigger I don’t think it’s going to cause an explosion I don’t think it’s gonna cause an actual explosion and 3 2 1 no explosion so the liquid nitrogen didn’t explode but we have something else we’re going to try you tame even if it doesn’t work I’m going to light it on fire something cool all right here we go in three two one [Music] that didn’t work in two ways so the butane didn’t work either but we have one more test we’re gonna see if the Duster creates an explosion inside of cooking oil [Music] this is freaking me out okay like I can just explode at any moment now you know I’m kind of glad that the cooking oil didn’t explode because that would have been a huge mess that I didn’t want to deal with all right so we were doing this one more time because I have one more container that I haven’t broken yet all right here we go three two got you some water yep I’m pretty sure that this is just a regular steam explosion but there’s still some questions that are left unanswered like why doesn’t it explode and oil but it explodes in water I think we need to figure something out okay now let’s examine the results of the experiment the liquid nitrogen and butane tests prove that an explosion isn’t exclusively caused by temperature difference and the oil test proved it has to be a reaction with water nitrogen and butane are nonpolar molecules that means that the electrical charges inside the atom are balanced out by fluoro ethylene on the other hand is a very polar molecule because it has two very electronegative fluorine atoms on one side of the molecule the oxygen and water makes it a polar molecule as well and polar molecules are attracted to each other and they interact in ways like hydrogen bonding and dipole interactions now I don’t know the exact reason for this explosion but I will bet the answer lies down that road let’s get a big round of applause for nathan at md research comm for letting me use his high-speed camera rentals and things to Ty for showing me this cool experiment here’s his video and don’t forget to check out those shirts guys they’re gonna be gone soon so get him while you can see you next time bye
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