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Classroom Meditation – For All Ages! | 7-Minute Guided Meditation

– Hi, everyone!
Welcome to Yoga with Adriene. I am Adriene and
that’s Benji back there. And, today, we have an awesome
meditation for the classroom. So we’re gonna use some simple, but powerful,
mindful breathing techniques to find what feels good. Let’s get started. (upbeat music) Alrighty, my friends. We’re gonna begin today seated. You can sit in a
chair or on the ground. Or if you really want to, you can even do
this meditation standing. So come into a position where you can get
really tall in the spine. Imagine your spine is one nice,
long piece of string or a light rope and
it’s lighting up with energy as you sit or
stand nice and tall. Now, I’m ready
for this meditation. Benji, are you ready? He said, “Yes,” and
I hope you are, too. We’re gonna start this together by closing our eyes
just for one second. And if closing your eyes is
scary or makes you feel nervous, no worries. Just take your gaze and
look down past your nose. And if you’re feeling
silly or anything like that, I totally understand because
I’m a super silly person. But see if you can give yourself just one big breath to focus. Down past your nose or close
your eyes and focus inward, and bring your
attention to your breath. So the breath is
an amazing power tool for changing how you feel. So if your day isn’t going great or say you’re
having a tough morning or even at nighttime when you’re maybe
having trouble going to bed or falling asleep, relaxing, you can use
your breath as a tool to change the way you feel. And, take it from me, it works. It’s super powerful. So hopefully by now,
you’ve noticed your breath and just kind of
brought some awareness to how you’re breathing,
whatever that means to you. And in an effort to
bring a sense of inner peace and calm, inner calm, we’re gonna take five slow
breaths in and out together. You ready? Benji, you ready? Alright, let’s go. Inhale, breathe in. Imagine your breath is
going down into your belly and you’re belly’s
inflating like a big balloon. Exhale, breathe out
through the nose or mouth. It’s okay to make sound here. (deeply exhales) Four more, big inhale. Exhale. (deeply exhales) Three more, see if you
can make your breaths bigger. More full, inhale. (deeply inhales) Exhale. (deeply exhales) Inhale, you’re doing great. (deeply inhales) Slow it down, breath out. (deeply exhales) And one more just like that. Nice and slow, big inhale. (deeply inhales) And exhale, empty it all out. Breathe out, breathe out,
breathe out, breathe out. Awesome, stand or
sit a little taller. Imagine you’re really reaching
the crown of your head, the tippy-tip
topmost point of your head, all the way towards the sky. Beautiful, then slowly
bring one hand to your belly and one hand to your heart. Inhale. (deeply inhales) And exhale. (deeply exhales) Four more, inhale. (deeply inhales) And exhale. (deeply exhales) Inhale. (deeply inhales) And exhale. (air hissing) Inhale. (deeply inhales) And empty it out. (deeply exhales) Inhale. (deeply inhales) And exhale. (deeply exhales) At the end of your exhale, let your fingertips
come down to rest gently on your lap or at your sides, and just notice how those slow,
deep breaths made you feel. Then, nice and easy,
take the head and you’re just gonna
gently nod it side to side as if you were
shaking the head no. Awesome, then
bring it back to center and we’re gonna shake
the head or nod the head yes. Awesome, then bring
it back to stillness. See if you can align
your head over your heart and your heart
right over your hips. Then we’re gonna
take one final breath, the deepest breath
you’ve taken all day. And after this breath, you’re gonna have
this fresh opportunity to feel a different way, to maybe see the good
in yourself and in others, and just see
the good in the day. So here we go, are you ready? Benji, are you ready? Alright, let’s do it. The deepest breath
you’ve taken in all day. Here we go, big inhale. (deeply inhales) And big exhale,
let everything go. (deeply exhales) Awesome work. Notice how you feel
and carry it with you on into the rest of your day. Thanks for sharing
this time for meditation with me and with Benji. Namaste. (upbeat music)
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