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oh there’s a big slamming hit right there kg and I are in Fort Adams in Newport Rhode Island searching for the lost remains of the Civil War era Naval Academy we’ve been hitting paydirt in the moat of a fortress built to defend against attacks from the land but I just found something that might make sure this trip goes down in history oh look at this I got part of a gun this is part of a rifle look at that a lever-action rifle it’s got a star on it super ornate this could be off of something related to something like a rifle from the Civil War this could be my greatest find of the day the lost fortress has been great but we got a hunch the Naval Academy artifacts were looking for are buried on the parade ground at the heart of Fort Adams the Midshipmen that were part of the Naval Academy that was here during the Civil War likely would have marched right here it’s our best chance at finding an artifact we can connect to the Academy parade grounds of all places are always a goldmine you could spend 10 years here and never dig up all the nectar that’s lying below the surface Oh mowed nice and low it’s just waiting there beckoning it’s like come on kg come on ringing I’m going along that sounds really good faint deep there’s like five signals right here but there’s a really good one right in the center you know this is the parade grounds because they marched on this so much it’s like pounded flat oh there it is oh it’s tiny this is definitely a button the little thing is broken off the back I’m thinking I got another World War one artifact and I do and I keep brushing the dirt away and I’m amazed oh wait a minute wait a minute oh it’s got a letter on it I’ve just found something I have never found in my life kg I got something awesome right here Oh today I got an A button artillery look look at that Daniel you’re killing me a button for artillery I have never found one of those and I got a cavalry but never an A we’re talking World War one era they had artillery here artillery button some guy was out here protecting our country wearing that button how awesome is that freeze button was cool but it’s not what we came here to find I’m gonna head over to the side of the playground locate that Naval Academy nectar I’m going along and I get this really weird kind of a faint hit and it’s deep I mean I can just barely hear this thing like dig down about four inches we can do Rock stick the pinpointer in there nothing reach in there clean another inch or two out of the hole and then the pinpointer goes crazy what in the world looks like a little tiny pipe or something but uh a little hole on the top of it it’s Hollow I have no clue what this thing is it’s gonna be interesting to show us to the experts to really find out what it is got a weird pipe in the pock so I’m going along definitely a good hit they’re super deep I can barely hear it but it’s crystal clear so I’ve dig a nice big wide hole cuz I know it’s gonna be deep could be a bullet maybe a casing or it could be a coin from the days of old that’s what it could be I’ll take a possible King George colonial maybe I flip it over it’s hard to see cuz the back has just been corroded for so long and it’s old it’s an Indian baby India Head Penny 1863 we are talking Civil War era Abraham Lincoln was still alive as this circulated through the pockets of Americans all these early Indian Head pennies are worth a lot even if they’re not in great condition the Naval Academy Midshipmen we’re here during the Civil War sometime this could have come out of one of their pockets that’s my prediction and I’m thinking if it dropped out of one of their pockets maybe there’s a button from one of their uniforms right here I am on the right track
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