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[Music] i’ve always wanted to play professional sports as long as possible but okay am i going to get to where i want to be with my career career being 26 years old for me the answer looked like a note it’s more like get on with it my new job is going to be the business development manager for technology software company i’m really looking forward to that and also buying my first home i didn’t imagine myself i’d be doing it on the other side of the world but it is something that i’m really excited about having some roots down rotterdam is located in the south of holland it started as a small 13th century fishing village but today it’s one of the biggest ports in the world it’s a really nice location i think for someone your age it could be a perfect bachelor’s place because you can go out restaurants bars it can be busy but it also can be quiet so i think it’s a good place for you to take a look at yeah let’s do it so it’s the entrance it’s on the first floor it has one bedroom one bar and a small balcony okay an asking price of 360 000 us dollars awesome so welcome to asia maybe to your new home so in the entrance on the left there’s a toilet yeah let me open it up for you oh nice and it’s been really well done on this side the bedroom it’s not the biggest bedroom yeah but for you a lot i think uh it might be perfect a lot of daylight coming in no space for a bed yeah but not feel small in the room if possible maybe a little bit in the negative side of things let’s take a look at the bathroom on the left side oh nice there’s a space for the washing machine is in here as well a nice size shower it’s not the biggest bottom to be honest but everything you need isn’t it let’s take a look at living room [Music] oh wow this is lovely and you can even see some of the city center from your apartment yeah a lot of light which is really nice i really like this space good size dining table uh it’s very cool this whole area here flows really well and yeah i really love the dining table as well it seems to be quite sturdy it’d be a really nice space to have people over and to be able to socialise so definitely a massive tech not having a backyard is a little bit of a downside if you’re in the city center this is what you’ll get kenny big enough for two to three people yeah love the plants and the feel of it as well it’s quite nice it’s small and has one bedroom but everything is very close meaning young guy restaurants cafes bars nice location for someone under 30 years typical dutch house it’s a little bit more old-school than i had imagined so over 100 years old one thing only um asking price is 380 000 us dollars okay that’s a little bit over and not to mention obviously the commute you know taking traffic into account and peak hours it might not be the most convenient place for me if you turn to the right then we’ll enter the living room oh wow have a seat in the couch then you can get a better fit try it quite high ceilings it’s got a bit of an older feel to it but uh straight away i can kind of notice the floors are a little bit uneven they are yeah yeah it’s an older house nice big dining area yeah this seems like a really nice space as well and i like how you can break it up by possibly closing these as well sure my first impressions of the house is it’s definitely got some dutch character and it’s quite spacious but it’s a little bit older it’s not as modern there’s a bit of a trade-off quite yeah it seems like quite a big space actually yeah maybe as you can hear you’ve got neighbors which will give you i think a bit less privacy than you’re used to yeah in auckland it’s a bit more spread apart it could be a little bit of a negative but it’ll be something that i need to get used to you’ll manage you have to the garden is a really nice space something that i’m used to thank you but in an ideal scenario the houses wouldn’t be next to each other it’s a similar size to the last place we saw but you’ve got everything you need stove yeah bridge microwave oven yeah even a dishwasher ah perfect that makes me very excited this is a bit of a steep staircase it is yes typical dutch the main bedroom it’s a decent sized room i’m not sure if i quite like the paint job but can be fixed small things room number two can be a study can be a guest room yeah colorful and uh chandelier old school ah tucked away yeah a smaller room but still big enough to fit desk or when you find a girlfriend it could be a baby room i mean the decoration is here i don’t think i’m in a rush but when the time comes this is a pretty good place to start it has two bedrooms and best part asking price is 330 000 us dollars okay well below let’s check it out when you’re not pushing your maximum amount that you can spend on a place it definitely allows for some freedom so the price is a positive welcome thank you let’s check out the living room first oh wow quite spacious that’s also a really lovely view over there too i mean even from here you can see the city center how far away is that from here i would say by bike 15 minutes and 10 by car something like that is that area down there only for the first floor people yeah okay too bad i see this area here is quite a wide open space is it going to stay like that they cannot build anything here because there are electricity boxes for the railroad you’ll get some sound from railroads but not that much but you do have a small airport on this side okay it’ll be interesting we hear it or not i hope not so kitchen area okay nice big stove that is a big one for sure fresh on the right no really nice something else you’d like ah it’s really clean and i really like the counter bench and also what the cupboards are laid out as well it’s also really nice it’s quite modern can you hear the chopper small planes so you hear some sound but won’t be annoying in terms of this space it’s really nice but yeah the only thing i’m a little bit weary of would be the noise both in the train and the airplanes and a little bit about the backyard the location of the apartment is not the greatest the toilet ah and this side we have a buckle okay oh a bath hey you might just get it yeah try it out why not turn on the water [Music] no but it’s a decent size and then this is the first bedroom nice spacious area yeah it was also big enough to maybe even get a desk in here for some office work as well and the main bedroom bigger than the other one yeah interesting wallpaper bit of yellow a bit of pink the location is something that i’m not convinced about because there is an airport close by and there’s also train tracks i have mixed feelings about that with such a huge transition from the ball field to a nine-to-five grind tasia needs to figure out what’s more important city convenience or space in the suburbs what is your opinion on the apartment in the city center it has one bedroom okay i really like that apartment the only thing i would say was the one bedroom is a bit of a negative it doesn’t quite allow me to have people stay over welcome in florida only 20 minutes away from the city it is a little bit older straight away i can kind of notice the floors are a little bit uneven but the aspect that i really liked about it is the space that it had it’s got three bedrooms and also the backyard but it could possibly be a little bit too expensive and then for two bedroom apartments yeah the one that’s closest to the airport can you hear the chopper yeah small planes so you’ll hear some sound but won’t be annoying yeah i’m not so sure about that one so i think for that reason i think this one’s out no really yeah [Music] in my opinion go for the city center apartment yeah i i think it has some really nice aspects to it allows me to kind of live the upbeat city life the balcony the dining area and also the lounge in the kitchen are really really well done i think the finding at home has also got some really nice aspects to it as well but i really like that space to be able to relax in three bedrooms backyard in some ways people are back home and say it’s the kiwi dream but yeah it’s on the other side of the world here and uh close to rotterdam i see a future there as well i think keeping that in mind as well as being a little bit of an investment it makes sense for me to choose that really yeah wow the kiwi dream yeah absolutely love it here being able to set them quite fast i would say a day-to-day life is completely different to say for example 9-5 and then barbecues during the weekend paying that extra amount is worth it especially with the garden previously always living with other people and now i’ve got a home to myself you
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