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Chris Rock Jokes About The ‘Oscars Slap’ In Tribute To Adam Sandler

He’s richer than most of us here tonight. Please welcome Chris Drive no fly start. Paul Pelosi, the only guy that knows how I felt. All right, Just me and you. Paul just made you baby All right, so I met Sandler. Here’s the weird thing. I went to school in the seventies. I was 1972. I was bussed to school. Right. And I was like, the only black kid in my school. I was only me and two other black girls. It was just us in Brooklyn. And, you know, it wasn’t Selma, but was it Selma? It was like Boston. Same basket right now. How many times do you think a kid asked me to hang out at his house? Once, once in, like, 16 years. David Moskowitz the Jews, nice people, nice people. So I met Saylor at the comic strip. Here’s the thing about the comic strip. I started before Sandler and it takes about two years to get a weekend spot. You know, so I used to, like, you know, stacked chairs and mop floors, and and I do my little spots at really late. And it took forever. Took me two years to get a weekend spot at the comic strip. One year I’m gone for about ten days. Eddie Murphy saw me at the club, flew me to L.A.. I’m gone for two weeks. Right. I come back on a Saturday night. And who do I see on stage? Adam Sandler. I’d never seen them before in my life. And we’re like, kind of the same age. And he’s on on a weekend. And I’m like, is this guy And he gets a weekend spot so fast. Right. So I was supposed to hate him, and I’m watching him. And he does this joke about Wilt Chamberlain. Wilt Chamberlain once scored 100 points in the game. And Sandler does this joke. It goes, Here’s my impression of the coach of the other team who’s got Wilt So I watch. It’s like the funniest joke in the world. Like, I’m laughing so hard. And I was like, God damn it, this guy’s good. And right away, all that jealousy and hate and whatever, it just like washed away. It’s just like, okay. And he comes off stage. We meet the first time we met, and he watches my set and I did okay. And then the greatest thing in the world to the guy who no one wanted to play with, Adam goes, Hey, we’re going over to my dorm. You want to hang? And he’s been letting me hang ever since. And I love the guy because, you know, Jews you know, you got to love it. That’s my guy. That’s that. He’s been my guy. I’ve known this guy for 30 years. And you know, your kids are here. The Oscars are, you know, they’re assholes, and they don’t want to give my man his props. We will tonight. Ladies and gentlemen, one of the greatest of all time. Mr. Anderson,
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