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hello good morning just got some phone cream on and now I’m ready to head outside to Chongqing the Christian King is so heavy the Metro is elevated which is really cool so when you go around the city on the Metro you can see really good views of tranching and River Yangtze and some of the bridges that go across and the skyscrapers on the other side so my hotel is located in an amazing place if you saw my previous video this square is where I was watching the street dancing from last night the People’s Assembly Hall is just behind me there and on the other side is the Three Gorges Museum so just taking the metro to the geophone bay area skyscrapers everywhere so I’m going to check out the gs1 Bay Monument the landmark of Chongqing [Music] is the Chongqing equals monuments in Callaway plans I’m basically Ryan Center chomping right now [Music] I found it to you by mistake really I just rotating for holding a cool-down best yes the four minutes a bit more like it – busy normal things going on a spicy food your things something is your place to make them all around the source gets on the polluter and I really close why there are only disfavor of pounds so I’m living like an absolute king here on a budget this is a yogurt or milk store and this is the help with all the spicy food to help you keep everything together when you go to the toilet [Music] and [Music] the detail designs of really amazing suppose i zoom out you’ll begin to notice there’s kind of like a way I just came back to my room to freshen up for a bit and recharge my batteries you can’t come strong King without trying the spicy hot pot so I don’t care how spicy is I’m doing it from the south bank looking across to the other side of Chongqing at night time is apparently similar to the Bund maybe not quite as good as to the Bund obviously but it is supposed to be very spectacular at night time it’s about bop-bop highway I’ve had more pictures going to have anywhere else and I’ve seen less foreigners but that’s not to say there aren’t as many foreigners in Chongqing I want to generalize just from wife theme in the last two days there’s a lot of development going on everywhere I keep having to dodge between places and go around the roads I intended to just because they’re cut off by construction cranes everywhere so I found it and the view is amazing because of something behind me and skyscrapers in the background real but I didn’t find the food stream but to be honest it doesn’t really matter because one the view is great and two last night was good enough for food streets if you can check out my last video you’ll know what I mean search eco right I just want to find somewhere to eat hotpot tonight that’s all I want so I’m going to do a bit more discovering along here now I’m going to come back here in a little bit and then see how things are like when the Sun for now I’ve been walking around for nearly two hours and I cannot find a hotpot restaurant anywhere right I must be in the wrong place it’s just the highway there’s nothing I’ve walked all the way that way and it would wear the other way and I can’t find restaurants which is hotels banks some modern area with some really long higher rates cars and that’s it so anyway it’s now dark and all that time I’m walking around and the view is pretty good so my plan is to probably just head back over to the other side back to real Chongqing civilization and then get some food get my dinner and then call it a night so I’m pretty disappointed nun bin Lu I thought there’d be something here something crazy maybe there is some well I can find it anyway good news watching back in my hotel room now that dinner that I had was it looked like on the menu from the picture I saw chicken with some vegetables and rice but when it came in typical Chongqing style he had peppercorn green chili which was really spicy just a camellia I’ve seen so many things that I just could me it was disgusting so after that I just went and bought some coconut juice and drugs that and some bread some like sweet breads you can buy in China from some small place but that’s kind of part of the part of the adventure and palm pastillas traveling around China you don’t always know what’s going to be good and I ended up walking around trying to find places going today so tomorrow I’m up early and the next video will be me on my journey to changes [Music]
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