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Chocolate Truffles Recipe HOW TO COOK THAT Chocolate Truffle Ann Reardon

Welcome to How To Cook That I am Ann Reardon And today we are making chocolate truffles. There are so many possibilities for fillings
that I could show you, today and I have decided to selected just 6 fillings and if your favourite
isn’t here put your requests in the comments and I will do another video later. I will do part 2 with the most requested fillings. To start with you’re going to need 6 bowls
each with 3 tablespoons of cream. Now for the printable copy of this recipe
with all the quantites visit the blog at there’s a link in the description below this
video. Get some fresh ginger and cut off the outer
rough skin and slice it into thin slices and put that into your first bowl. Put some fresh mint leaves into your next
bowl, now be warned don’t add too much fresh mint because then if you do that instead of
a beautiful fresh minty flavor you’ll get an intense inedible flavour. To the next one add 1/2 a teaspoon of hot
chopped chilli, now this amount that I am adding here made it taste a little bit hot
and spicy once it was just the ganache but once it was enrobed in chocolate it wasn’t
very hot so if you want a strong hit of chilli double amount that I added. For the next flavour add 1/4 teaspoon of instant
coffee into your cream. And then in the next bowl add some finely
chop some pistachios or nuts of your choice. The last bowl we are leaving plain for the
moment but it won’t stay that way. Give them all a stir, using seperate spoons
of course. Then transfer them to a microwave plate and
heat them until they boil. You can use a saucepan on the stove top if
you prefer but you are going to need lots of seperate saucepans. Give them a stir and leave them to sit for
at least 15 minutes for those flavours to infuse through the cream. Then strain the ones with lumps in them pushing
on the sieve to get the maximum amount of flavour out. With the nuts now that they are boiled they
will be soft so you should be able to push them through the sieve if you like. The ginger is in larger pieces so you can
just be able to pull those out and press them on a fork The mint should just be taken out, there is
no need to squeeze that in for extra flavour. Reheat all of those so that the cream is boiling
again and then add your chocolate. You can choose to use dark, milk or white
chocolate just break it into pieces and make sure it’s pushed down below the level of the
cream. Becasue we are using such small quantities
of cream it may not hold the for heat long enough to completely melt the chocolate, if
that is the case just microwave in 5 second bursts, stirring after each until there are
no lumps left. Now I just wanted to show you what happens
if you don’t have quite enough cream, for example if you boil the cream over in the
microwave or something, when you stir in the chocolate it will seize if you don’t have
enough and it will start to look lumpy like this. Don’t panic just add more cream a teaspoon
at a time until it becomes smooth again and looks glossy. For our plain ganache you can leave it just
plain or I am adding in some popping sugar which is a favourite with my kids. OK so our fillings are nearly ready we have
a few different options of what to do next, Firstly the most simple way is you can just
put the bowl in the fridge overnight and then use a melon baller to take scoops of the cold
ganache, roll it into balls and dip in unsweetened cocoa powder or you can dip it in confectioners
sugar or icing sugar. Then just put those on a plate and they are
ready to go. Your next option you can use a mold. To use the mold put the ganache into a ziplok
bag, push it to one corner, twist the top and cut off the corner. You can buy all different molds for making
chocolate in all different shapes and sizes this one that I am using isn’t even a chocolate
mold it’s just a plastic container that some easter eggs came in that I kept for this purpose. For the outside of your chocolates you need
to use chocolate that is in temper, now if you are not sure what I mean by chocolate
that is in temper make sure you click on the link in the description below the video to
go to the chocolate tutorials playlist. That is really important because if your chocolate
isn’t in temper your chocolates will be soft and melting in your hands at room temperature. Fill your molds completely with chocolate,
leave it for a moment and then tip it out, this leaves a thin layer of chocolate on your
mold. Now you need to leave that to set firmly and
if your chocolate is tempered that shouldn’t take too long, you can work on your other
chocolate while you wait. When it is firm fill it with your ganache,
you need to be able to completely encase your filling in your chocolate so try not to over
fill each mold. Top all of them with chocolate and using a
spatula or pallete knife level off the top and leave them to set. Once they are set turn them out of the molds
and there you have chocolate coffee truffles. If you are using a mold and your tempered
chocolate you will get that nice shine on the truffles. Option number 3 doesn’t need a mold. You can take a small container and line it
with baking paper and pour your ganache in, label the paper and put them in the fridge
to set, this is best left overnight for the ganache to really firm up. Once it is set run a knife around the edge,
lift the paper out and peel it off. Then using a hot sharp knife cut it into cubes
or rectangles. You can use a circle cutter to cut circles
if you prefer. And then place them in the freezer for an
hour to let them go really firm. Take your cubes of ganache and using a fork
dip them into your tempered chocolate., swipe off the excess chocolate on the edge of your
container and place it on a sheet of non-stick baking paper. For presentation of these chocolates I will
show you a few different ideas, here for the ginger one I’ve have placed a square of chocolate
transfer sheet on top. You just leave that to set and then peel it
off and the pattern that was on the transfer sheet that was made out of coloured cocoa
butter sticks to your chocolate and it looks pretty. If your chocolate is starting to get too thick
to use just give it another 5 sec burst in the microwave and stir it well. Dip your chilli ganache cubes into the chocolate
just like before and while it is still soft sprinkle one corner with flaked sea salt. And then you have chilli and sea salt truffles. If you want to add some crunch cocoa nibs
are a nice addition to the top. I’ve added that to the pistachio one. The other option with those is to push a nut
onto the top of each of your cubes, the nuts taste nicer if you roast them lightly in the
oven first, let them cool, push on on the top of each cube and then dip that into the
chocolate. If when you put your truffles on the paper
you have a trail of chocolate just take a knife and run the knife around the base, once
it is set they’ll come off cleanly and look nice and neat. With our popping sugar truffles I am running
the fork over the top and down one side before they set to give a nice pattern. You just need different patterns and different
presentation so that you can identify which chocolate are which. They make delicious home made gifts or serve
them on a platter after a dinner party. And if you have a favourite truffle filling
that you want to know how to make just leave it in the comments below this video and I
will make a part two video with the most requested fillings. Thanks for watching and I’ll see you next
week, Bye. [music by Set Sail ]
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