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Chocolate Cake Decoration HOW TO COOK THAT Ann Reardon Chocolate Cuff Frill

Welcome to How To Cook
I am Ann Reardon Today we are using chocolate to decorate cakes,
not modelling chocolate just straight plain chocolate. I will show you how to make four different
styles. These are a great option if the people you
are making cakes for do not like fondant. Firstly Lets start with the chocolate cuff. If you want it patterned then you’ll need
to buy chocolate transfer sheets which have a pattern made of coloured cocoa butter on
a sheet of acetate which is just thin plastic. You will need to cut it to the correct height
for your cake and then make sure it is long enough to go around. If you need to make it longer you can stick
two pieces together just try and match up the pattern when you join the two pieces. Then putting it shiny side onto the cake not
the cocoa butter side so that you can check how long it needs to be. Mark where you need to cut it and then make
it about half a centimeter bigger than that. Trim it to the right length and then place
it on some baking paper with the rough cocoa butter side facing upwards. Add your chocolate, if you are using real
chocolate you’ll need to temper it, if just click on how to cook that to go through to
the channel you will find it there under the chocolate playlist. If you do not want to temper then you can
use compound chocolate which doesn’t need tempering. Let the chocolate set a little and then wrap
it around the cake. Once it is set peel off the acetate and the
cocoa butter pattern stays on the chocolate. If you want your chocolate cuff perfect then
instead of wrapping it around the cake you can wrap it around a round cylinder or a container
that is covered in baking paper just like we did in the chocolate transfer sheet dessert
video. The second method is chocolate frills
I want to take a moment to show you this great leather bound journal that I got from another
you tuber Jennifer. Her channel is called sea lemon. I always jot down ideas for recipes and write
down notes from my cooking experiments in a journal so this has been great. You can check out her channel and she will
show you how to make this particular journal, how to bind books and do more DIY craft projects
too. I’ll add a link to her channel in the description
below this video. To make the chocolate frills rip some non
stick baking paper into long rough strips. Spread some chocolate onto a fresh sheet of
baking paper, you can colour your chocolate using oil based food colours that you can
get at cake decorating stores. Then take a strip and gently press it onto
the chocolate and quickly peel it off. Wrap that strip around the cake and once it
is firmly peel off the paper. You can then add another strip of baking paper
covered in chocolate. Repeat that overlapping the layers until you
get to the base of the cake, you can use the same colour the while way down or you can
change the colour as you go. Number 3 is double layered chocolate cuff…
make a short section of chocolate and place it onto the cake. Then take another strip of plastic and cover
the middle of it with chocolate, and then on the edges pipe some circles of chocolate
so that you have the patterned bit at the front overlapping the first bit that you put
on. This avoids having a join at the back of the
cake it makes it nice and neat. You can finish that one off by adding a real
flower, to do that get a little tube from the florist that holds a little bit of water
in them and holds the stem of the flower firmly in place by sealing it in at the top. Then all you need to do is make a hole in
the cake and poke it in. The fourth method is to spread chocolate out
onto baking paper and then when it is firming up cut it into rectangles the smaller your
cake is the narrower the rectangles are going to need to be so that it can bend around the
cake. Once you’ve cut then place some weight on
top to stop them warping and let the chocolate set. Then add them overlapping them as you go all
the way around. To finish it off add some chocolate swirlies
to the top of the cake, you can find out how to make them in the chocolate decorations
video. Thanks for watching subscribe to how to cook
that for more chocolate, cake decorating and dessert videos. Oh and I forgot I need your help with something,
I have had heaps of requests for another surprise inside dessert some people want it to have
a justin bieber logo and others want a twitter logo, I am only going to make one of those two, so let me know in the comments which one you
want in the comments and I’ll make it for you after Christmas. Have a great week, I’ll see you Friday
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