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Chocolate Breakfast – Epic Meal Time

breakfast most important meal of the day so it should be healthy right I don’t think so rip it open baggies of delicious meat snacks because a breakfast ain’t balanced unless they’re greasy greasy strips we cook the smart way what’s that chocolate brief serious damn right I’m serious more serious than the warden at a woman’s prison next level chocolate powder application [ __ ] slap that powder on there and our dumb friend on the spud love pumping those potatoes for a chocolate Chitty Bang Bang chocolate cereal and alcohol chocolate milk all part of this complete breakfast epicMealTime kitchen towel for added stability control when using the epicMealTime cutting smart on Epic Meal Time comm dicing potatoes like Tyson knocks out haters butter don’t get it in your mustache use it for your chocolate potatoes instead not chocolatey enough so we had some dips as if they were onions or some other you eat with breakfast taters Prince Atari swinging some chocolate cake vodka sounds made-up but it’s real like our feelings and this chocolate maple syrup what’s up Internet we got a delicious treat of a drink it’s called the chocolate man milkshake man UV chocolate cake vodka we’ve been drinking this all night so there’s not much left so let’s just top it off some Jameson cuz you know what I love a like whiskey boy oh we get some chocolate sizzurp in there now is by the timer you want to mix it or stir it and this is the part where the chocolate man milkshake comes in make sure you get two good friends who know how to have a good shake and you or milk over there a handshake the chocolate man milkshake man get a good friend to come drink it the reason I don’t like sausages because they look fat like the other reason because they’re normally not filled with chocolate syrup so we filled them up with chocolate syrup but they still look phallic what’s this pancakes full this episode we’re adding some double fudge chocolate chip pop-tarts for all you pop tart piranhas what that’s a nice-looking loaf for us to stuff our chocolate love inside chocolate french toast cuz french [ __ ] love chocolate toast loves poops chocolate sunny-side up eggs we got the chicken from Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory to come set we stuff this complete breakfast with so much chocolate it could take out all 101 dalmatians I love chocolate because you can sit and it won’t get pregnant all of your favorite breakfast items except made with some chocolate I’m like the Internet Willy Wonka of this except I don’t molest Oompa Loompas next time we mustache crumbs
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