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Chili Beef Nachos Recipe | Big Night In

welcome to another Friday and another big night in this week chili con carne but not the way we’ve done it before it’s Texan style yes it’s going to be rich it’s going to be beefy it’s got a ton of toppings and like all good things that come from Texas the chips are high are the stakes are high I got it wrong ah no dieter to get it wrong that’s that no yeah yeah stakes are high we’re playing with chips oh here we go have a beer grab a bag of those your message so now it’s entirely up to you whether you do it in a bottle or whether you do like a walking taco a walking tag home so basically there are you just snip your leave it off and then you put your text in chili in there it’s a little bit of chitti’s well they did this as sports games right yeah it’s like disposable bags a little bit of chili or you just empty your bag into your bowl this is no normal Jamie Taylor I’ve done an amazing job well that’s great it’s really rich if you look at it’s not just mints bacon bacon it started with smoky bacon charred off around me and all the awesome flavors and then from there it’s all done in one pot and you just layer it up turns out you can’t have chili nachos without making a chili first yeah and the beautiful thing about this is it’s one pot cook which is about layering up the flavors in our big one pot it starts off with smoky bacon into oil cook it off scoop it out and then throw in the beef we’ve got that kilo so it’s loads start third of a cow make next up on this flavor train while our beef Browns off we’re going to peel and dice up a couple of onions 2 green chilies and a whole bunch of garlic leave the seeds in or out your choice whereabouts this is flavor training go around the state with lots of other flavor stops Funkytown we’re leaving the season because we are happy lads with all your veggies chopped they’re going to go into the same pan now the meats out you’ve still got all that meteor you juicy stuff cook it in that with a lid for about 5 minutes to the onions are soft and you’ll never guess what the secret ingredient was what was it oh it was coffee now contrary to popular belief we’re not just making a chili because I love chili we’re making it because we try to brand new type of chili when we went to Texas with no beans yeah that is the Texan way apparently and depending on which chili you try there’s loes different flavors so we’re going with our next flavor stock which is all the dried stuff and if you want all the way to measurement you can get them in the link down below but basically coriander cumin chili powder oregano cinnamon this one through it coffee instant coffee depth of flavor and cornmeal which is more of a consistency viscosity thing once your spices have all cooked out in splashing a little bit of beer what that would do is kind of deglaze the pan or form almost a paste with that cornmeal then splash in all the rest the liquid the rest of the beer the tin of chopped tomatoes refill the st. in with water and splashed it in and all of your meat can go into heated to a very gentle simmer and bubbling away for two and a half three hours because we’re making a Texan chili we’ve tried to be like authentic and get real Texan beer so we’ve got Lone Star beer which we had Ross we’re in Austin in Texas and it’s delicious but I have just noticed their slogan is the national beer of Texas isn’t Texas a state it’s you you can’t be a national a national thing of a state like the state wide beer fine but you’re not an ashen you’re not a country Texas but they’ve got a cowboy star so it’s fine the best thing about is chili is a smell in this place yeah right Walker’s know now bacon coffee for stunt my trousers off hey so next week fish tacos hello the motor does sound amazing doesn’t it if it sounds amazing to you then go to shorty food calm the recipes only already there so that you can get with the ingredients and then get ready to cook along with us next Friday they go you’re welcome don’t take away yeah cause I’ve got a question still for this pressure and Thomas prong our II the same theme says if you can describe each other with one recipe what would have been and why was it done so I go for him chilly you’re sat in front of yours yeah his is obviously salted caramel with peanut butter and peanut butter and a bit more chocolate and peanut butter yeah yeah Bettis doesn’t even really need non so cuz it’s just Katie just pasted a piece where yours is probably smoked salmon eggs benedict spikes para guess hi Huck yes Ron I’m just butter you
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