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Childhood Best Friends Find Out They’re Sisters

this is our first picture together since finding out the dna results [Music] this right here is like middle school middle school we had a snow day and we um on that snow day we went up to the mall to go take photos oh wow oh my god this is when i used to steal her id my name is latoya wimberley i’m 29 years old my name is ashley thomas i’m 31 years old [Music] we met through a mutual friend that mutual friend was absent from school one day so that brought me and ashley closer ever since then we feel like inseparable latoya and ashley have been best friends since elementary school but in early 2020 they found out they’re sisters who share the same father kenneth wimberly most of time we had the same hairstyles so it was just like uh are y’all twins i’m walking in the street like no like yeah everybody went we were the same color for a while i used to already take her clothes like she was my big sister you know how when you have a best friend or you’re around someone for so long people say that you start to look like them anyway latoya got engaged earlier this year and i had posted a picture of me and toyo on facebook and kenny posted the same picture of her saying congratulations or whatever and my mom’s close friend hair caught me probably a few days later it was like oh well i didn’t know that you and kenny’s daughter toy was best friends so a few days later i was on my way to the shop and i was talking to soya on the phone and i was like oh i forgot to tell you that my mom’s friend no your dad i was like she also said that your dad knew my mom she’s like for wrong as soon as she told me that i just like was like let me call my dad like yeah i know her i was like well that’s ashley’s my best friend i was like do you know ashley’s mom and he asked her name and i told her the name he was like yeah me and michelle used to mess around a little bit back in the day kenneth interview take one i said oh yeah i remember michelle she passed away about 10 years ago right she said yeah i said get out of here that’s actually mother she said yeah that’s actually mother and i said wow it’s a small world i said so mike must be her father we all got on the three-way i was like well we got a dna test when i was 15 with mike and it came back that mike wasn’t my father that’s the big chance that i’m your father ashley ashley and kenneth decided to get a dna test together it came back that kenneth was her biological father i’ve known actually since she was 16. so it’s like nowhere impossible i can believe that she’s my daughter but we took the test and got the results back through email and i just knew i wasn’t reading it right so i called the dna center to make sure you know for confirmation to make sure that i was getting actual reading and the lady at the dna center she said yes sir she said actually thomas your daughter and i could have passed out i mean a lot of things was running through my mom i’m like wow so i brought my first car for him when i was having court problems i was really calling him because i didn’t know anybody else around you know the double cards or whatever like that it was just like mind-blowing it was very emotional for me as well you know to know that i have a child out here i could have been a father to and didn’t have the opportunity to be her father growing up as a young child i just couldn’t believe that all this time we’ve been around each other and we are like really sisters and ashley like she went through a lot growing up and all this time she could have really had you know that parent there to help support her so it just was like really emotional for me 17 years most people after 17 years you know they break off and you don’t hear from the lord and you know you run across them in traffic they don’t get a lie and it’s crazy so it’s four of us that stay together from middle school but for some reason only me and ashley have this real tight mind where we got talk every day and it still don’t seem real like everybody says hey hey sisters everybody gotta say sister nail y’all are sisters but it still don’t seem real it really hasn’t changed for me because we already were really close like her kids were already my nephews my kids were already hurt so it hasn’t really changed the only thing that has changed is our title and sisters
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