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Chefs Vs Normals Taste Testing Pretentious Ingredients Vol. 5 | Sorted Food

– [Mike] We are Sorted, a
group of mates from London exploring the newest and
best in the world of food, whilst trying to have a
few laughs along the way. (laughing) – [Mike] We’ve got
chefs, we’ve got normals, and a whole world of
stuff for you to explore, but everything we do starts with you. (upbeat indie music) – Hello, I’m Jamie and this is Ben. – And this, is one of our best lineups of pretentious ingredients ever. (upbeat indie music) – [Mike] Right James, give us a spin, mate. – [Barry] Today’s a good day, promise you. – I did not hold high hopes. (grunting) – Mm, rosy. – Ooh, I’ll tell you what that is. That is like really weak potpourri. – Spice, something salty, So it’s not like a tea or something. It’s like a seasoning. – Well mate, you are right. This is a pot of carnal sin. Heady Persian rose with magenta beats, tangy sumac and hot pink peppercorn. – [Jamie] Oh mate. – [Mike] So there. You have some pan fried neck filet – Yes!
– [Mike] of lamb. – Looks pretty good, mate.
– [Mike] Thank you. – Yeah, it looks good. – [Mike] One of them is seasoned with salt and pepper, as a rub. The other one uses the carnal sin rub before the pan frying. – [Barry] Bypasses the knife and fork. God.
(laughing) – What’re your thoughts, mate? – You know, I can’t tell. – You’re sure that you remembered to put this stuff on one of them? – Yep. – [Mike] I mean we
thought James was little. – I’m still not getting very much. – When you really chuck it on there you can taste it. My question is, do I
want my red meat such as, lamb neck filet, to taste like potpourri? – [Mike] So, we’re gonna do the set of 16. You get 16 of those.
– [James] Oh, wow, okay. Different flavors.
– How much? – 48 pounds. – Can you give me some examples of others? – Devil’s Penis Chili. – Tiny, isn’t it? – I would have thought the Devil would have had a bigger one. (laughing)
– Really? (grunting) – He puts it back. – Wow!
(Mike laughing) The Devil’s penis is strong. I’m gonna say 32 pounds. – There was four pounds in it. 36.
– Wow. – That works out 139 pounds per kilo for the spice blend. (laughing) – I think they’ve made it pretentious, and I think spices don’t
have to be pretentious. Spice blends don’t need to be magical, mystical, bleh. It’s spices! (upbeat music) – Chef Barry has cooked you up a treat. (upbeat music) – Balls. – Correct. – Jellified, red balls. – It looks like I’m gonna hate them. – Oh, they’re like frog’s bonds. – Frog’s bonds? – Have you ever eaten frog’s bond? – Not red ones. No, no, none.
(laughing) – Oh, it popped. – I heard the pop. – Oh! – [Mike] This is Heinz Ketchup Caviar. They were made as a celebration
for Valentine’s Day. Straight off the bat, there is
no price attributed to this. – [Jamie] Okay.
– There’s only 150, and we have one of them.
– So these aren’t for sale? – No. So, serving suggestion: scrambled eggs and smoked salmon. We know you don’t like smoked salmon. – [Barry] Would you ever
put ketchup on salmon? – [Mike] No! – Looks like a good scrambled egg. – That’s as good as you’re ever gonna get. Ever.
– I’ll take it. – I made sure I said
“good”, like high “good”. Not, “it looks like good scrambled eggs.” “Good”. – [Mike] Now, delicious caviar pearls that burst into your mouth,
helping elevate any meal into a delicious, fine-dining experience. I can’t believe that
you’ve never eaten caviar in an environment like this before, because your etiquette is just so spot-on. (laughing) – [James] It’s actually not bad. Like, you get little…
you don’t get a pop, but you get little bits of
sweet and acid and stuff. – It’s nice, but I don’t
know whether I’m getting much more that I would get if I just lathered it in ketchup. Caviar is as pretentious as it gets. It just is. Bring it down with a bit of ketchup, and it’s still pretentious. There’s a reason this is special edition. They’re never gonna sell that. So yeah, it can be as
pretentious as it wants, and I think that’s a good
thing in this instance. – And I like it. – [Mike] You like it? – I like it! – [Barry] I did not expect that! – Why?
– [James] It’s good, it’s good marketing. I don’t think it would sell, but actually it’s quite nice because it doesn’t– it’s
not like you’re getting like, bam! Tomato ketchup! And it’s ruining that kind of dish. It’s like you’re getting little pops of tomato ketchup.
Pretty good, pretty good. (upbeat music) – [Mike] Lift it. (upbeat music) – It’s ginger. It’s not just ginger though, is it? ‘Cause that would be silly. Bleh! (coughing, laughing) – [Mike] This is Wakaya Perfection Organic Pink Fijian Ginger powder. – [James] Oh, okay. Now I get it.
– [Mike] Here we go! – So, it is just ginger powder. What the hell!
(laughing) – [Jaime] What is so special about Organic Pink Fijian Ginger? – [Mike] Well, there’s
only one way to find out. – Put it in tea? – Fragrant, potent, pure. You owe it to your health to experience the only ginger grown in paradise. (laughing) – What, that’s a quarter of a teaspoon! – [Mike] Yeah, yeah. (upbeat music) – It’s really nice, it’s quite potent. – I could drink that, but it just tastes like hot water with something in it. – This isn’t bitter. – Currently, relatively positive thoughts. – Yeah!
– [Mike] Let’s change that. Let’s talk money. – I hate myself for even saying
that it’s worth this much, but, 10 pounds? (laughing) – It can’t be more than–
– [Barry] So, your idea is 10 pounds? – James, put it down.
– [James] No, no, no… – [Barry] Put it down.
(laughing) – [Mike] The price for this 165 grams is 21 pounds. – Oh my god. And people are pay 20–
– No, they’re not, ’cause we were just role-playing there. – [Barry] It’s actually 42 pounds. – Mmmmmm, no, no! 42 pounds! – No, it’s not! (laughing)
– Don’t do this! – [Mike] The actual, honest price, 80 pounds. (laughing) – Bleh! – We could have gone out
for drinks or something! – Well, we can stay in for ginger tea. – [Jaime] 80 pounds! – Yeah, that’s eight, zero. – 80 pounds! – That works out at 48
pounds 50 per 100 grams. And need I ask? – Pretentious, unbelievable. – Pft! I’m not even gonna bother answering that. You know what– you know– – Eff all! (laughing)
– 80 pounds! (upbeat music) – Okay, boys. (laughing) – [James] (mumbles) – [James] It looks like… Either the most ridiculously
big box of chocolates, or a fantastic carving set. – Ah, meat! – Oh, boys! Have you got me 3 different types of ham? – [Mike] This is the Domeq Three Aromas Iberico Ham gift set. – [Jamie] I love Iberico ham. – [Mike] 900 grams, 3 sets. Each, of 3 varieties. (upbeat music) – I’m having a great time–
– Yep, sorry. – Is there anything else you want from me? ‘Cause otherwise–
– No, no, just– – This is just, now, me eating ham? – [Barry] Yeah. – You only actually get
720 grams’ worth of food, because the rest is box weight. – They included the box weight? Is that standard? – I do not know. – It doesn’t even really taste like ham. It’s sweet and fruity,
and salty and melty. It’s pretty delicious. – [Barry] That one’s a lot more mellow. – And it tastes saltier,
rather than like all the depth of fruit, it’s a lot more chewy. It highlights how those kind of melt away in your mouth. – I would say between these three, it’s much like a whiskey tasting. – Yeah. – [Jamie] So, what are
the flavors you get? It’s Iberico ham. And then you come to the second one, and oh, it’s Iberico
ham, and it’s different. And then you go back to the first, and you got to the third, and you’re like, “Whoa!” It’s very different. – Do you wanna talk about
pretentious straight away? – The box kind of screams a little bit of pretentiousness. But if it’s a gift, and it
probably would be a gift, then you put it in a nice box, don’t you? – Should we play “Guess the Price”? Waynesbruce equivalent
was 2 pound 99/100 grams. – This is probably 50 pounds. – 220 quid. – You’ve got yourself a bargain– – Yes!
– [Barry] at 200 pounds. – Oh, I wasn’t that far off. – Would you buy it for yourself? – No, not unless I was a
complete and utter baller. And fancied a ham sandwich.
– [Mike] (laughing) If I bought that for 200 quid, which I would never ever
do, and served it up to a room full of my
friends, apart from you guys, everyone else would be
like, “is this parma ham?” – And if you said, “oh, this– actually, the whole thing was 200 pounds.” – Like, you’re an idiot! – It’s not really about food, it’s about what you wanna spend your money on. I’ve spent more than that
on a meal just for me. So… – Of course, spending 200 pounds on a box of meat is pretentious. Of course it is. – How much is the most
you paid for a meal? – 300.
– [Mike] 300 pounds? – How long did the meal last? – Like, 5 or 6 hours. – 5 or 6 hours? Okay, right, you’re paying by the hour… – A massage costs more than that. – Yeah, we’ve both had massages, but not together.
– Pretentious or not, and I’m talking about
the video, you decide. (laughing) – Comment down below, let us know which of those ingredients
stuck out to you as being great or terrible. – Now, off the back of that conversation at the end of that video, we have titled our latest podcast: – [Jamie] If you want to hear that and get a brand new
podcast every single week, sign up to the club, all
the details are downstairs. – Plus, 4 previous seasons to catch up on. Now, as wonderful as YouTube is, apparently, some of you aren’t always being fed our videos. There is a solution, make
sure you’re A. subscribed, and B. hit that bell. Gag time! (laughing) – New Harvard studies have come out that says 9 out of 10
people who don’t eat meat are constipated. Goes to show that what happens in vegans, stays in vegans. (laughing) – I don’t know if toilet
humor is appropriate. – [Mike] As we’ve mentioned,
we don’t just make top quality YouTube videos. We’ve build the Sorted Club,
where we use the best things we’ve learnt to create stuff
that’s hopefully interesting and useful to other food-lovers. Check it out if you’re interested, thank you for watching, and we’ll see you in a few days. – [Jaime] Now, you open
your nan’s knicker drawer, and you just get that waft coming out, of flowers.
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