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[MUSIC – JADED, “PANCAKE”] Hey, we’re Sorted,
a group of friends in London looking for those
amazing things in food that make you go, wow, between
stitching each other up and innuendos. Oh, my– Now, be warned. We have two chefs. But we give them
limited airtime. And we make sure
all of our ideas start with a
suggestion from you. I’m gooey in the middle, baby. Let me bake. Hello, everyone. I’m Mike. This is Ben. And welcome to FridgeCam. Yes. Today, we’re doing
more kitchen gadgets. And for once, I don’t have
to be polite about them. Go on then, Baz, give us a spin. [INAUDIBLE] This feels weird. What’s this? What’s this? What’s this? [GASPS] I’ve got to inspect it. Oh. It’s a good texture. She obviously put something wet
in, because it’s waterproof. Is it something to keep
things cold or warm? It could be a jazzy
biscuit box, couldn’t it? That’s for when
you’re in your pool, and you want to float by the
side of and your lie-low. You can put a drink in it. Could be. We haven’t tested that. But its primary use is, it’s an
ice genie silicone ice bucket. So you fill it with
water around the sides, and then you put
it in the freezer, and then you lift out the
middle, and it creates ice. Oh, interesting. OK. I feel like it’s
harder it should be. It’s water. I’m worried that I
haven’t done this right. There’s an instructional video
if you’d like to watch it. Yep. Did that right. I’m not overly
confident in this. Should we put that space-saving
device in the freezer? I’ll take the middle
shelf out so it fits. I feel like Ben wants
to be in the seat. Let’s see how it goes. It takes six minutes to
freeze, apparently, allegedly. That is not very long. And that would be great
for emergency ice. I’ll see you in six minutes. It has been six minutes, and
it doesn’t feel very frozen. Seeing as James’s was
not a success whatsoever, we let this freeze over a
couple of hours for Barry. [INAUDIBLE] Lid off. It has frozen. It’s been in a freezer. It does work as a
nice wine cooler. I’ve got it. I’ve got it. I’ve got it. So that comes away. Looks like there’s a knack. Ooh. I thought you get perfect
ice cubs out of it. Crushed ice. Smaller amount. It said it would do– how many trays? 10. 10 trays of ice. How much do you reckon? I reckon they’re asking
15 quid for that. 8.99. 13.99. Oh, my god! That is absolutely
piece of [BLEEP] trash. [SIGHS] This might be the
worst gadget we ever had. Barry. Yes? Turn around. And lift the cloche. Pa-pow! It fits. I can’t believe that that’s
a criteria for you lot. I mean, it is
exciting when it fit.s I don’t think it is
exciting when it fits. Ready? No. Oh! Fantastic. Sometimes, less is more, James! That’s a padlock, obviously. It’s a padlock. Oh, no. You attach it to your
open bottle of wine, and no one can drink
it without the code. This is great for student
houses or offices, if you want to
protect your alcohol. It is a wine bottle
combination lock. We’ve also carefully
selected you a drink as well. Ah! [? No straw. ?] So lock. Change the code. Now, Ed, you can’t drink this. I know you want to. I know the code. [LAUGHTER] We’ve baffled him already. Yeah, it works. Got it? It works. Yeah. On Amazon, this particular
product had no reviews. But it did have one question. Would this work on WKD bottles? Somebody actually went to the
effort and answering and said, not sure. Do you want to take a
guess at how much it costs? Oh, six quid. It’s probably selling
for 9.73 or something. This will set you
back eight pounds 99. [GROANS] What are your thoughts? You know, something
like this, yeah, sure. A little stocking
filler or something. Funny for about three minutes. In terms of not allowing people
to drink your wine, sure. It’s good. Useful. Personally, this
is a bit useless. But I can understand
for those out there who are protective over
their wine, it may be useful. But useless or not, you decide. Lift the cloche. It doesn’t fit. It’s not going to be good. I literally don’t care. Wow. Oh. Whoa. Ah! The more I stare at it, the
less I have an idea of what it. It is an overengineered
wine aerator with something that catches sediment. You’re such a
snobby little dweeb. It’s not a wine aerator thing. [GASPING] Really? This is The Magic Decanter. Wine needs to breathe. As wine breathes, it
opens up, releases intended aromas and flavors. The more you appreciate
wine, the more you’ll appreciate this. There’s a gag here, isn’t there? You know what’s coming, mate. Flipping heck. It’s as fast as that. It’s as easy as that. Before. After. Oh, it’s unbelievable,
the difference. In all seriousness, it’s never
supposed to work on that. We have tried it on wine too. Do you aerate or
breathe wine at home? Never. Look at the color on that. It is fast. Chef’s disgusting. Already good wine. Not had a chance to breathe yet. What about the fast breathing? Did it actually
make a difference? I feel like this
is wasted on me. It tastes pretty damn similar. I’m going to be honest. Pretty similar. So how much would
you pay for that? I’m guessing they’re
quite expensive. So like 9.99. 18 pounds and 49 pence. For all that difference– He’s got the 49 pence bang on. –is nothing short of
seven pounds and 49 pence. Oh, wow. He literally doesn’t care. If you really, really
care about your wine, then, yeah, maybe pay that. I mean, the RRP was
14.99, so even then, it’s full retail price, you
have overpriced it. What an absolute bargain. Is it? I would like to hear
if these guys think wine aerators in general
are useless or not. I’m not the person to judge
if this is useless or not. Personally, it’s useless. I don’t need it. But if you are a
wine connoisseur, then, well, you decide. I feel like this
one is definitely more Barry than James. I don’t know. It involves dress-up. You didn’t say turn around,
but I turned around anyway. Fire away. What’s under the cloche? [GASPS] What? Army-like. It’s got a bottle opener it. It’s an apron. I feel sorry for Barry. Because I’m going to
make this look great. OK. Oh, OK. It’s like a utility belt apron. It’s a barbecue apron. This is the Grill
Sergeant Barbecue Apron. [LAUGHS] Grill Sergeant. Get your grill on. Our unique camouflage
grilling apron holds everything a real
man could want or need for an afternoon of fun. Or a real woman. I don’t know why it’s
got to even say that. [INAUDIBLE],, we don’t
even really need to put labels on it. If you’re barbecuing,
this might be useful. This is getting heavy It’s getting quite heavy now. While you’re busy
loading up, should I give you the top
review from Amazon? “This is a brilliant
barbecue accessory. Not only does it look good,
but it’s really versatile. The drawstrings are
connected to the neckloop. It’s one piece of
material, so you can just adjust how high or low
you wear the apron. And it will suit all sizes. The apron has lots
of pockets and plenty of places for drinks. But realistically,
they’ll never all be used. The bottle opener
is a nice touch, but the rounded
shape of it means it’s difficult to open
bottles first time.” Is this a review? “All in all, it is great,
and at a good price.” We’ll ask you the price
in a minute, James. I feel like I’m pregnant, right? [LAUGHTER] We thought it only fair that
you put this to the test while making a burger. Make us a burger,
Barbecue Sergeant. Corporal Sausage. Mum, Nan, glad you
came to my party. No one else did. This is the worst. This is the most ridiculous
one we’ve ever done. Oh, you look like you could
have a beer right now. Mike, I could. Don’t you feel
like you could use the tongs to flip the burger? I mean, I’ve just
used the flipper. But since I’ve got the
tongs on me, why not? Looking a bit smoky. You might want
some water spritz. I don’t want it spritzed! Yeah. Yeah, I’ll have
one of those, mate. But, oh, I don’t
have a bottle opener. Oh, I’ve got one right here! There you go, mate. No worries. Ah, thank you very much. Thank goodness you had that
bottle opener on your apron. Thanks for coming to my party. No problem. I’m going now. Is it me or is it getting
a bit hot in here? Now time to serve. What you mean serve? I haven’t seasoned it yet. It started quite high, but I
feel like it’s sinking a bit. It’s gone a little
low, hasn’t it? Put those on. It’s done. Here you go. Easy. Do you want some sauce? I think my party was
a resounding success. Where would I be without
my manly camouflage apron? Mm. How much would you pay for that
apron, burger not included. This I’d only keep for about
a day before I throw it in the trash, or into Jamie’s
back garden, because he’ll be wearing this every weekend. Please don’t say it’s
worth more than 14 pounds. I reckon it’s probably,
like, 22 pounds, 60. We can offer you a very
veritable bargain at 14 pounds, 95. Not bad. Not bad. Close, man. It’s Well, it’s more though. I think it’s a piece of crap. Because who’s going to do this? No one’s going to see this. It’s novelty. It’s fun. But it’s absolutely
killing me right now. This, I think you
look ridiculous in. But for an added
purpose, which they’ve added here, the idea of holding
all the utensils, it does it. But you don’t need it. You don’t. You just don’t. That was all on me. Wait. I’ve got that as well. I mean, it’s impressive
that it can hold that much. I’m actually interested. Is this useless or not? You decide. [SIGHS] Are we done. As always, useless or
not, you have to decide. Comment down below
and let us know what you think about your
favorite one of those gadgets. Now, today, is a special day. It’s an anniversary. It’s exactly one year since
we launched our Kickstarter for Desserts in Duvets. Doesn’t time fly? And ever since, we’ve got
London’s Best kicking in. We’ve got a whole
membership thing kicking in. We’ve got new books
coming to you. And now, we’ve
started to team up with some of those
restaurants that we featured in London’s Best,
and we’re putting on amazing events with
them across London that you can come to. The first one is kicking
off on Monday the 17th. And tickets are on sale now. We put all the links down
below in the description box. So those of you in
London who want to come have an absolute feast
of a meal, join in. Or if you’ve got, like, a
private jet or a charter jet and you’ve got
loads of money, you should just come over
from wherever you live. And then take us back with you. Yeah, And then leave a big tip. Now all that plugging’s
out of the way, I’d like to plug one
more thing, and that is for you to have a
wonderful rest of your week. Absolutely. And join us on Sunday
for more of the same. As we mentioned, Sorted is
just run by a group of friends. So if you like what
we’re doing, then there are loads of ways that
you can support us and get more involved. Everything you need to
know is linked below. Thanks, and see
you in a few days. Talking of big tips– oh, no, it’s [INAUDIBLE]. [LAUGHTER] It’s not a a Sunday. There’s your outtake at the end.
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