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Chefs Vs Normal Guys – Making Profiteroles With No Recipe (Electric Shock Forfeits) | Sorted Food

he’s Mike I’m Jamie together with our friends we’ve sorted food and this is fridge cam and this video is gonna suck today we’re making profiteroles oh you hang around for afterwards you’re gonna get my dad check of the week as well Oh some classic profiteroles yep inside a gorgeous coffee creme pad but also a crisp golden shell on the outside that’s the choux paste [Music] well well filled and so it should be so the guys have randomly selected who will partake in this challenge they have strapped themselves to some remote control electric shock devices and we will give them a vague set of instructions for these coffee profiteroles we will test how much they’ve learnt in ten years of us teaching them giving them a tiny shark each time they make a mistake you know to help them learn from their mistakes don’t worry it doesn’t hurt it’s just a tiny pinch so first up the choux pastry we want something that is golden crisp hollow so you can get plenty of filling in there and they need to know the method we want real careful precision piping they should be uniform in size in shape squeeze and pull squeeze and pull and you want to get a full 40 out so you want to fill the tray nice them efficiently I’m not gonna step aside I’m gonna let you do this you’ve got the power I have far too much one don’t know if I’m going to enjoy this you’re going to love it and don’t forget you get to pick chef’s special at the end who you think did the best job and there’s another task up yet I hope one of them does a good job guys you you made with my toes before shut up hit us with a real share yes yes it fires what choux pastry is the single worst thing ever to try and remember how to make did you preheat the oven to 180 degrees Celsius we’re gonna hate this water up and we’re gonna add the cubed butter and the flour and I think it’s the flour because you cook that all you have to cook out the flowers I get and then I think we add in the eggs then we beat them one by one yes slowly with a drip of your engine it’s just put a lot of butter where’s I didn’t touch that flour do that I think we just add four eggs in one at a time what’s next things are sorting then these in what was that for what I would do so is definitely not to scramble the eggs is to transfer that to a bowl hide the word really you should melt the butter into the water take it off the heat flour beat furiously we did but we also cooking the flour at the same time right add the salt in morning so far it’s really impressive they’re doing well Katy’s asked me to show you so you can take a picture so she’s no Katy Katy miss so take me only way is you to hold the piping bag vertically I’m not sure I even got to get to that position you won’t die Target L shocked me oh yes my up yes I don’t think it’s shockworthy I think at this point we let them fill the tray and see how we came out the oven what do you mean what do you not see anything wrong with that what okay my placement could have been slightly better I don’t know if you know this there’s some pressure here of the fact I’ve got an electric shock so I think you deserve a shot for each one of those pipes and you’ve had three so far do you know what I hate about this format just as much as the shocking yeah is Barry Taylor sitting there like he knows how to make I know I know ridiculous the level of arrogance that comes along with it now I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news I know let’s go go in there for sometime sometime and we need to figure out what temperature is the oven it is that 180 degree Celsius my name you guys having a shocker om you alright so just go up at the time so just say it on sugar so I’m just gonna say it 13 minutes not 30 minutes 20 minutes 20 minutes right milk heat up pan vanilla extract definitely don’t hear the sugar then five egg yolks what time did you say before you put them in the oven 15 minutes no no steaming them at 15 and then shutting them good so another 5 minutes this is doing I am trying to stop you messing up a creme Park how we doing every put the milk it there I’m sorry but I’m just I’m just trying to stop you messing up your empire so the hot the milk doesn’t go into the eggs not yet sugar goes into eggs that’s what you said that’s what I was just about to do okay alright so why am I getting the shock I had nothing to do it tried to get everyone to stop what they were doing yeah then left eye keeps twitching bit by bit we’re gonna pour the milk I disagree Jamie like watching a bunny rabbit cross a motorway we have corn flour left we do that’s true actually I can’t get a shot for that cuz that’s a fact what if we put the corn flour in that good job we don’t have a quite see what could do is Satan from on the other day could you suck out why egg white omelet Coffee essence to flavor so once that thickens up into a sieve get the lumps out then into a bowl cling film over the top and we will risk that in the fridge for a good amount of time to cool down our creme pair set up our profiteroles of cold we now just need to get that in these feel like what’s the friendly atmosphere yeah what Barry can them get them over and done with and I think how many times we get shocked I’m just gonna end up gripping this even harder so [Music] as we discussed earlier jamie has stuffed very well he had in this video he made an excellent she pastry but and kind of saved that from going disastrously wrong I’m I’ve not been impressed by an attitude Mike’s being consistent throughout [Music] again less questions just go on with it so whoever doesn’t get shot is chef special yeah so great so there you have it these are our coffee cream profiteroles with a little healthy ocean therapy sorted now we have over a thousand recipes on our website that we’ve done which one should we visit next like the video comment down below and let us know these look good they are fantastic for fritter option that is delicious the creme PAP is on point the chocolate on the outside of the spoon the pastries nice and crisp we need a great crop they’re really good I’m done I’m good I’m good [Laughter] well an outcome of the videos that I definitely know how to make profiteroles now and I hope as a second hand experience you also do now because otherwise that was absolutely pointless so for each kill comes down to Sunday yeah people tend to get kind of a Sunday blues thinking ahead to the week ahead and maybe not looking forward to it so Jamie’s dad joke is the remedy for the Sunday blues it is okay hit me okay I’ve got my phone because this one’s a bit a bit bit longer huh I didn’t have to set the set the scene okay so one day two ever cardones who were best friends were walking together down the street they stepped off the curb and a speeding car came around the corner and ran one of them over the uninjured avocado called 9-1-1 and helped his injured friend as best as he was able the injured ever code I was taken to the emergency room at the hospital and rushed straight into it surgery after a long and agonizing wait the doctor finally appeared he’s held the uninjured avocado I have good news and I have bad news which ones you want first now an injured avocado say the police first the good news is your friend is gonna pull through goodness that’s that’s great news what’s what’s what’s the bad news said well the bad news is it’s gonna be a vegetable for the rest of his life I hope that cheers up your Sunday and I hope you have a fantastic week and we’ll see you on Wednesday see you Wednesday bye
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