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Hello. I’m Barry. This is Jamie. And today, we’ve got
something rather provocative for our chefs to review. Get your [INAUDIBLE] ready, because this could be a good one. Today’s chef review is
a little bit different, and it could be spectacular. Today, we are introducing
our two chefs, Ben and James, to the UK’S first
bleeding vegan burger. The company behind the burger
is called Moving Mountains. And they make some
very bold claims. So they say that this
tastes, smells, feels, and sizzles in the pan, just
like a real meat burger. But it’s made completely
from plant-based products. This could either be blinding– Or terrible. I hope it’s not terrible. Blinding. Let’s go for blinding. Yeah, definitely blinding. It’s going great. So we need to bring in Evans. But I’ve got an idea. Let’s blindfold him. What? I was going to say
why, but why not? Blind taste test. Yep. Don’t tell him anything. See what he picks up is
different about that burger to anything else. Yeah, perfect. Benny boy, turn around. I don’t see what
difference this makes. I’m still blindfolded. [LAUGHTER] James, turn around. I don’t know what’s going on. It’s the same as usual. You don’t know what’s
going on either. Nope. OK. Straight up. Ta-da! It’s food. Thoughts? It’s a burger. Put your hands out. That’s it. Oh, it’s dripping. Oh, he’s getting it. There we go. Tap it from underneath. It’s got that hollow
sound of bread. So it’s some sort of burger. Exactly. Lovely. Good. Simply cheese, some not meat. Oh, what makes you think it’s
not meat out of interest? Because it’s got a
kind of reddy color. And you guys know I’m not a
big fan of meat substitutes. Yep. So here we are. Here we are. Here we are. If I was you, Ben,
I’d go in for a bite. Really? Really. Trust us. I’m a bit nervous. What do you think it is? It’s a burger. But it hasn’t got the
firmness of a cooked burger. It’s quite earthy. So let’s take your
blindfold off. And before we explain
anything, have a look at it. There you go. Now what do you think? It’s a good, well-constructed
burger with lots of dressing and cheese and salad
and a brioche bun. This is the Moving
Mountains B12 burger. It’s 100% raw plump meat. When perfectly cooked,
the Moving Mountains B12 bleeds through the middle
with beetroot juice instead of animal blood. It’s a bleeding vegan burger. It’s very good. Yeah? Instantly, I’d say it’s the
best meat substitute I’ve eaten. Because I don’t hate it. Wow. Wow. Wow! We never get compliments
from James, so– Not hating something is the
normal person equivalent of, “This is actually
really good.” That was like a really grumpy
thing to say, wasn’t it? I’m trying to be less grumpy. God. Normally– and I like what
you’ve done by removing our senses– normally, you have
preconceptions before you bite into something. Mine was just a fear because
I don’t trust you boys. But actually, once you
add vision back into it, it starts to taste even
more like a beef burger. You’ve got mushrooms to
maintain the mouthwatering, succulent texture
that you mentioned. Peas provide a
source of protein. Potatoes provide a slightly
crispy, grilled crust. Wheat and soy proteins
give it a fibrous texture akin to the bite and depth
of a traditional burger. Beetroot juice
allows a juicy bleed at the center of the patty. Coconut oil provides the
fatty, satisfying consistency. And it’s also got vitamin B12
in it, which is traditionally associated with red meats. And it’s been added so that
the burger can genuinely compete with a beef burger and
provide essential nutrients. So the patty itself
is vegan, but we have put it in a brioche bun. And we’ve added cheese so
that you can realistically compare it to a
traditional beef burger. It’s looks so much like meat. It tastes meaty but not in a
beefy way, if that makes sense. It doesn’t taste
like a beef burger, but it has a meaty flavor. From a chef’s point
of view, we know that you’ll be looking at things
like mouth feel, obviously smell and taste, and
those kind of things that you would
expect from a burger. It’s really close. The texture is really good. It’s not like
seitan or something. It just doesn’t feel like
meat at all in any way for me. It tastes more like cardboard. Whereas this– it
feels like meat. I feel like you don’t
get the same taste from like all the fat
and stuff that you would do with a burger. How do you reckon it compares
to the seitan and the jackfruit and the stuff that
we’ve tried before. Oh, I don’t think they are ever
a replacement, whereas this is a direct replacement. Usually, you’d take
a meat substitute and just throw it on
the floor, wouldn’t you? Well, like seitan, yes. Yeah. 100%, yeah. Jackfruit? If it’s being used
as pulled pork, yes, I’d throw it on the floor. But this is great. Have you tried this? No, not yet. Not yet. But we’re going to. You’re going to. We’re going to try it as well. You’re going to try
some of this one. Yeah. But I’m just going
straight for the burger. [MUSIC PLAYING] So I went vegan for
a month in January. And therefore, I tried lots of
different vegetarian sausages, burgers, that kind of thing. That whips all of them. That tastes almost fatty. Vegetarian sausages–
they’re quite dry. There’s no satisfaction
you get from them. If you think about
it, the pool is not quite the same as real beef. But it is ridiculously close. There’s elements that remind
you of a normal burger. But the flavor
profile is different. But it’s not a bad thing. So obviously, this
isn’t just meant for vegetarians and vegans
as a meat substitute. But it’s more looking to
convert meat eaters who are looking to reduce
the amount of meat that they eat for health reasons
or for environmental reasons. What do you reckon? Well, there’s no doubt we
need to be eating less meat or finding more sustainable ways
of feeding the world, not even just us here in London. So this is out to achieve
that, and it does. For health reasons,
absolutely, or if you’re going to a vegetarian restaurant
people, 100% would eat this. It’s delicious. My thing about reducing
meat is I always say, “Buy super high
quality meat less often.” But if I was given this in
a restaurant or something, I’d be really happy. So what do you think of that? Is it something
we actually need? Should we be creating
meat imitations? Or should we be celebrating
high quality fruit and veg? Let us know what you think
in the comments down below. It’s an important topic. Yep. We will see you in a
few days every Wednesday and every Sunday at 4:00 PM. Goodbye. Goodbye.
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