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Hey, welcome to Sorted. We’re a bunch of mates
in London looking for the exceptional things
in food that’ll help make our and your lives a
little bit better, in amongst closely
ribbing each other. Some of us are chefs. The rest of us,
well, we’ll normal. About every video we make
always start with a suggestion from you guys. [MUSIC – JADED, “PANCAKE”] (SINGING) –but I take the cake. I’m gooey the middle
baby let me bake. Hello I’m Jamie. And this is Mike. Today, we get a chefs to review
something that might actually make a difference to our lives. But then again, it might not. [MUSIC – JADED, “PANCAKE”] (SINGING) –take
a bite right now. Ain’t no time like
a time like now. Put it in my mouth and I’m– In principle, I think Ben
is going to love this one In practice– He might struggle because there
is an element of technology involved. Exactly, yeah. Once you’re [INAUDIBLE]. Spin it around. He’s impressed already. [GASP] It’s a present. [GASP] Oh. Bet you didn’t see that coming. (LAUGHING) Yeah. You guys got me an
immersion circulator! That’s great! Are you actually
impressed already then? Yeah, of course. Look at that. Who wouldn’t be
impressed by that? [LAUGHING] We have ourselves
is what I presume to be an immersion heater
thermostat for sous vide. This is the Anova
Precision Cooker, the world’s top selling
sous vide machine. It’s amazingly easy to set
up with outstanding results. The precision cooker
links directly to their app via Bluetooth with
over 1,000 recipes and cooking preferences for a whole
host of ingredients. Just press a button,
and the cooker will take care of everything. But before all of that,
what is sous vide? Sous vide is French
for “under vacuum” and is a method of
cooking designed to give restaurant-quality
results. You put whatever you want
to cook in a Ziploc bag– hence vacuum– and cook
it in a pan of water that remains at a constant
temperature for a set amount of time. This temperature ensures
the proteins and ingredients don’t denatured too much, thus
leaving the inside perfectly cooked without
overcooking the outside and retaining all that moisture. You tend to cook at a lower
temperature for a longer time in order to get
very good results. But keeping that temperature
consistent without a water bath or sous vide machine can
be hard to change for a home cook– until now, maybe. I like to read all
the instructions before we progress. Just open it up! Rip it open! Turn it on! Yeah. [LAUGHING] Are you going to give
me anything else? Are you going to give me like
butter, or herbs, or spices, or something. We just want to know if it
cooks chicken well, James. Can I have some like
herbs or butter– and butter? I need some salt as well. You thought I’d put a plain
chicken breast in a bag, you silly monkey. Yeah, perfect. Yeah, it’s really cool. It’s loaded with a few
recipes, and more importantly, the guides, which means you
can kind of jazz and improvise yourself. So if you go Into the
guides, I’ve got salmon. Depending on how you
like it, it ranges from sashimi, to soft
and buttery, translucent and it’s starting to flake,
very moist, tender and flaky, to firm, moist, and
flaky, all of with them without overcooking. But they do vary in
degrees by a little bit. Let’s go for translucent
and it’s starting to flake. It’s 115 degrees
Fahrenheit for 45 minutes. Start cooking. This is hooked up to the device. So the temperature is preset. The time is preset. It’s going to get
up to temperature. And then when the temperature is
preheated, it starts the timer. OK, so back to our salmon. It’s had its time. So this has been going
for about an hour. I say about an hour
because the app froze. Aah! Ooh! But that’s OK because, you
know, you should probably just keep a time check anyway. It’s been held at exactly the
right temperature, 46 degrees Celsius for 45 minutes. It smells good. Smell it. Can you smell it? Well, when I smell
it, it just smells and taste of butter and– Butter and rosemary. It looks QC. Completely different
than a normal chicken. Oh, it’s so moist. Let’s see, we’re
aiming for translucent and starting to flake. Beautifully cooked,
succulent fish. It is beautifully soft, almost
buttery and all the same all the way through. That is a very, very
good bit of salmon cooked very, very simply. And again, this was
my choice, translucent and starting to flake. We could have gone
more soft and buttery. We could have got slightly more
firm, but still very moist. But it just melts because
none of those proteins have been overcooked. That’s beautiful. It’s just perfect. You couldn’t get that
any other way, could you? No. In terms of texture, like
it’s not that different to if you cook it in the oven. But to get this,
you need to cook it in the oven
absolutely perfectly, like to the minute perfection. Whereas with this, you can
leave it an hour or two, and it’s not going to change. It’s so juicy. Mine is like really
juicy breast. It’s juicy. It’s a pretty good gadget. Now do we need to do– It doesn’t take that much space. Do you need to do
something up here, or do we need to go back there? Let’s go back there. It feels weird. Yeah it does feel weird. We’re going to go talk to
you from behind the bench. Do I make you feel weird? Yeah. It’s just too close to you. It’s just not comfortable. You knew I’d like
this one because it’s chefy and unnecessary almost. Yeah, it’s good. It’s good. You can use it for a
lot more than you think. So if you buy it,
you might think that you would only ever
use it if you’re cooking steaks sous vide or whatever. But you can use it for
all sorts of stuff. And how much would
you pay for it? What this has got
built-in is the app, which is super easy to use. It’s got all the presets. It’s got the Bluetooth. What would I pay for this? 76 pounds. 140 quid or something? So if I said to you
that this is 120 pounds, your reaction would be? I will buy it when it is
reduced during what’s the big– Black Friday. I will get to it
on Black Friday. It’s a whole new
cooking technique, I suppose that it would
open up to something like us that we would never ever
find a way of doing it. If you’re hosting dinner
parties and that kind of thing, I can see. I think this is really cool. It’s quite extravagant. I feel like a home cook
or even someone like me who is a keen home cook. But useless or not, you decide. So you know what
our chefs think. Now is over to you. Would that gadget actually
make a difference to your life? Comment down below. I know what’s going to make
a difference to your life. It’s a “Dad Joke of the Week!” And it’s neither positive
or negative [INAUDIBLE].. So I’ve been doing a
little bit of research. Mm-hmm. Do how you make holy water? I don’t. You boil the hell out of it. [MUSIC PLAYING] (WHISPERING) Wednesdays and
Sundays at four o’clock, we’ll be here. Come back, please. As we mentioned, Sorted is
just run by a group of friends. So if you like what
we’re doing, then there are loads of ways that
you can support us and get more involved. Everything you need to
know is linked below. Welcome. Today I’m Jamie– I’m always Jamie.
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