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Chefs Review Kitchen Gadgets | Vol. 5 | Sorted Food

– [Host] Hey, welcome to Sorted. We’re a bunch of mates in London looking for exceptional things in the food world that will help make our and your lives that little bit better,
between stitching each other up and all the innuendos. Now, be warned, we have two chefs but we give them limited air time, and we make sure all of our ideas start with a suggestion from you. (Hip hop music) – Hello, my name’s
Jamie, and this is Barry. – Guess what, we’ve got some more gear to give to our chef friend
and make him very, very angry. (rhythmic electric keyboard music) – [Host] Okay, mate, give us a swivel. (rhythmic electric keyboard music) (laughing) – What the (bleep)? (laughing) What is that? – What is this tacky
(bleep) in front of me? (laughing) – Is it just a plate? It’s just a plate, isn’t it? – I quite like it. (laughing) – [Host] This is the Dinner DJ Dining Set. Get your dinner spinning
with the Dinner DJ. This interactive, melamine dinner set has a tone-arm combo,
spoon-knife-fork, interactive, twistable knobs, and a recorder
style with spinning plate all to help you make
the master DJ a dinner. Crank up the fun factor with Dinner DJ. (laughing) – That’s one of the best
descriptions I’ve ever heard. – Amazing, amazing. Usually, I’m not a massive
fan of, like, kid’s plates which have, like, all the
superheroes on some of them. They look a bit, you know, tacky. (laughing) – Oh god, what am I gonna eat off there. No, no, no, no, no, no, no. – So, we’ve cooked for you what
we presume you ate as a kid. – No, what you perceive I ate as a kid. – Aw, please tell me
it’s turkey dinosaurs. So, in front of me now, I’ve
got some potato waffles. I’ve got some, looks like
Bird’s Eye Fish Fingers, and some plain… peas. That is a smashing meal. – [Host] There we go sir. – What? Why? (laughing) Why have you cooked me mussels? – [Host] Having fun? – It’s working. – [Narrator] Don’t forget about the interactive, twistable knobs. – [Host] Yeah, play with the knobs. – Waka waka waka. (laughing) – I’m gonna turn the
volume up on these mussels. (laughing) – He’s just stopped talking to
us now, and he’s just eating so he’s forgotten that
we’re filming a video, and that’s how much fun he’s having. – [Host] What do you think? – Great for kids, okay for me. Barry’s gonna love this. – We’re fully aware that
this a child’s plate to encourage them to eat. Maybe it’ll encourage ’em to
play with their food though. I always remember being told
not to play with my food. – I just love the fact
that you guys are having this discussion because
we know that if I say this is useless, people are gonna say, but it’s for children. – And how much would you fork up for this? – [Host] Don’t talk with your mouth full, and no elbows on the
table, thank you very much. – [Narrator] You need to finish that before you leave the table. – I’d pay 12 pounds and 95 pence. – I’m gonna say it’s more like seven quid. – It’s a little bit more than that. – What? – [Host] At 11.95. – What? – There’s nothing wrong with it. It does what it’s supposed to do. – As an expecting father, I’m now used to seeing prices rocket up
as soon as kids are involved. So, I’m kind of surprised
that it’s so expensive. – So, useless or not?. – If you have friends like Barry, or kids, then this is probably
really useful for you, but you guys decide, useful or not? (playful bells) – Go on there, have a look. (playful bells) (gasping) – Oh my goodness. That is horrible. (laughing) Oh dear, okay. Hope I get something to turn it on. (machine whirring) Okay, initially, I thought, that it was like a little
Hoover for your work surface. (machine whirring) – I thought it was gonna suck something like a Hoover, like get rid of crumbs, but why would it be a black sheep? – Well, Barry, this is the
Kitchen Craft Black Sheep Crumb Pet Novelty Table
Top Vacuum Cleaner. – And look at the smile on his face. Now, read the next line. – [Narrator] It’s difficult
not to smile just looking at these great little characters. Crumb Pets, the name says it all. – Crumb Pets. (laughing) – [Narrator] There’s some crumbs. – This is gonna be great. (machine whirring) – [Barry] It’s working. – I look like an idiot, don’t I? – [Host] You look like
you’re having fun, mate. – The description did say, it
will put a smile on your face, and I can’t argue with that. – How much would you pay for a Crumb Pet, bearing in mind it doesn’t
need this huge amount of maintenance like many other pets. – Seven pounds and 20 pence. – Three pounds. – 7.99. (moaning) – What’d ya think? I mean, it does its job. It sucks up crumbs. – It’s a shame it looks so bad. – It’s fun. – It does what it advertises, so, sure, it’s good. – So, useless or not? – A bit useless. – Turn around. (bouncy electronic music) (clanking) – Wow, I don’t know what it is. – Dreamfarm, the world’s best
kitchen tools and gadgets. We’ll see. – When was the last time you
found something that works so well, it made you think,
where have you been all my life? Okay, okay. – This makes me so happy. – Meet Su-, Supoo-, Supoond, Supoon? Supoon? Supoo-, Su-, Supoon. Ah, wow. – So, it’s to help scrape
the last bits out of a jar, and, you know what, they don’t look awful. – [Host] So, this claims to do six things. You can scrape along
the side like a spatula. It’s got measurements on
the inside of the cup. – [Narrator] It is silicon
so it’s scratch-resistant on all of your pans, and heat
proof to 230 degrees Celsius. It’s dishwasher proof. – [Host] And it’s spill-proof because, if you put it down… – [Narrator] It keeps you’re
messy bit off the work counter. – So, I’ve got no doubt
that this will work, but is it enough of a bugbear of mine to warrant buying one. – This is pretty good. – What are your thoughts? – I’m not sure about these and I kind of, I like them. I like there’s a design thing. I think they’re kind of smart. The spoon, as a design, is
already pretty damn good, and if you’re out to create a
better version of the spoon, and spatula, and measuring cups, and everything else combined,
that does a really smart job. – This is where the
price is super important because you can get a
spatula for, what, like two, three quid, like a really
decent, heat-proof spatula, and so, this does exactly the same thing. It may be a little bit more well formed for getting stuff out of jars. – With price being so vital, how much do you think that retails for? – A single spoon of that size? – [Host] Yes. – I would say it probably
costs about 12 pounds. – A tenner. Ten pounds, ten great British pounds. – Eight pounds, 78. – The problem I have with it is it’s good but it seems to have
been a bit overthought, like, I don’t think measuring
tablespoons and teaspoons in that is gonna be very useful. I’m kind of being on
the fence a little bit, but I think, overall, it’s good, just maybe a little over-engineered. – I’m really struggling with this one. Usually, I go, that’s a laugh. That’s a gimmick, a bit
pointless but I like it. Other ones, I go, really flippin’ useful. I need that in my life. That one, I won’t know
until I use it every day and see how much time and
money and effort it saves me. So, I’m gonna leave it
completely up to you and give you no answer at all. Useful or not, you decide. – You know the score by now. Comment down below. Let us know. Put them in order. Useless or not? You decide. – The gadget, not me and James. If you’re new around here, we do this every single
Wednesday or Sunday, so make sure you subscribe, and if you are subscribed,
then, well, click that bell. – And if you have liked the video, and you have commented down
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the bell notification, but you still can’t get enough of Sorted, (laughing) then click the link down below, and find out about our super secret club. – There’s a lot to do there.
– I know, there’s a lot to do. – You can get it all done
before the next video. – [Jamie] Yeah.
– See you later, bye. – [Narrator] As we mentioned, Sorted is just run by a group of friends, so if you like what we’re
doing, then there are loads of ways that you can support
us and get more involved. Everything you need to
know is linked below. Thanks, and see you in a few days. (upbeat electronic music) (human-made record sounds)
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