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Chefs Review Kitchen Gadgets Vol.11 | Sorted Food

(upbeat music) – We are sorted, a group
of mates from London exploring the newest and
best in the world of food, whilst trying to have a
few laughs along the way. (laughter) We’ve got chefs, we’ve got normals, (beep) and a whole world of
stuff for you to explore, but everything we do starts with you. (upbeat music) – Hello! I’m Jamie, and this is Baz. – And as long as you
keep asking for videos, we’re gonna keep making them. More gadge. – Right, turn it around. – Ooh, this looks volleyball size. Open the flap, get your fingers in. Bouncy, but also insulated. Is this the hamster equivalent
of an ice cream machine? – (laughs) Ben. – Only because the
inside of this looks like the inside of an ice cream machine. – [Jamie] This is the
soft shell ice cream ball, ice cream maker. One pint, family fun
activities, play and make in raspberry color. Would you like– – I would love to. – So, basically, you put
the ingredients in the ball, and you then spend 15-20 minutes
having fun with the ball. – With the carrier, do not
drop, kick, throw or bounce. Ooh, our ice cubes are too big. – You’re so strong. – I am so strong. I haven’t even begun the
play, the ten minutes of play. Now, this ice has come out
of a freezer at probably -18, but by adding salt, it takes
the temperature down even more, so, rock salt goes in. My ball’s dripping. (ice being shaken) – How to keep an idiot
entertained for 20 minutes. You’re lucky, we’ve
palmed it off onto Nicky for the next few minutes
so we can move on. – It’s peaking out. (laughter) This looks like a
rotavator for your garden just before you put your spuds in. – I would’ve just said
back massager, personally, but then I suppose that’s
just where our brains go, isn’t it? – You put something in there,
and something happens there. ( Jamie laughing) – This is the windmill watermelon cutter. It’s easy to operate, helps you cut watermelons
into consistent sized pieces, even a novice chef can cut it beautifully to make perfect fruit
arrangements. (laughs) – Even a novice chef. Well, fantastic, do you have a melon? This is like the ice cream ball. (Jamie laughing) – Just push the watermelon
slicer into watermelon and watermelon cubes come out automatic. That is amazing. – It doesn’t not work, it
just doesn’t work great. – All you want is watermelon in your mouth when it’s hot, right? – [Jamie] Mmhm. It doesn’t matter if it’s perfectly cubed. – How much do you reckon it is? – It’s not terrible, it might be a bit sharp
in places and dangerous, but… (Jamie laughing) it’s for novice chef’s, not for normals. – (sighs) If it’s more than 9 pounds… It’s rubbish. – 11 pounds, 89 pence. – [Jamie] It’s only £9.95! – Wow, bargain, everyone buy one! It worked 99 percent better
than I thought it would. – I don’t think I have a
need for it in my life, because I think that will do better. – [Jamie] So, useless, or not? – Sure, it’s not useless. It’s the one you spin,
not a big fan of those, but, it’s not useless, it
works, it does what it says. – Quite fun, but useless I
would say, but hey, you decide. – The ice cream machine’s still going, we’ve got time for another one. You seem pretty happy
after that one, yeah? Shall we get cracking? – Yeah.
– Yeah? – Go on then.
– All right. – Go for it! – Oh. – Oh! Much like our watermelon thing, very sharp edges on the inside. – [Jamie] This is the clever tongue. Two in one silicone spatula
and tongues kitchen tool. Twelve inch food spatula and
tongues with lock in clip, stainless steel frame, dishwasher safe. Grip it, flip it, scoop it, or serve it. – And we’re back. – [Jamie] What we would like you to do is, the main photo that is on the
description of the tongues, which is fry an egg. – I mean, I’m seeing problems,
are you seeing problems? – [Jamie] All I’m seeing is opportunity. – The good news is the edges are so sharp, that you can cut into things. ( Jamie laughing) Mind your fingers. (sausages sizzling) I mean, I can’t actually… I can’t actually pick it up. (Jamie laughing) – Do you ever step
outside of your own body and take a look at your life? And realize that you’re just standing here watching one of your mates
use a (beep) pair of tongues? – Am I doing this this wrong? ‘Cause a pair of tongues
has a pincer movement. This also has the nice handy thing, that they actually meet at
the middle and say premium. And dishwasher proof. This is supposed to do
the same thing plus, but it doesn’t even do the basic thing. You put it over and doesn’t matter how– – [Mike] Try the other way. – [Jamie] Yeah, other way up – Well, then you’ve got that. Then you can’t get anywhere near it. But that way, it’s literally
not even picking up a sausage. – [Mike] Scoop it! – Why would you scoop a sausage? You want to tongue a sausage. (laughter) This is ridiculous. Hang on, this action. As long as whatever you’re picking up isn’t bigger than this, then you could gain purchase. – I don’t think they helped. I think they might have
hindered a little bit. (Jamie laughing) – I’m scared to ask
you this question, Ben. How much? – It’s rubbish, it doesn’t work. If it’s anymore than three
quid, you’re still paying, it still doesn’t work. – Probably £8.95. – 6 pounds 98. – No. Just no. – [Jamie] Any other words? – Get it out. Get it out! – So it’s 40 percent more than that, but does half as much. Not even half, it doesn’t do anything! (laughter) – [Mike] This is why I love these videos! – Do we bother asking useless or not? – You decide. (laughter) (laid back music) – [Jamie] (singing) James,
James, James, turn around. Be surprised, be happy. – It’s got a plug. That’s exciting. Is it a salad spinner? Is it an eclectic salad spinner? (laughter) – [Jamie] James! – Why am I here? – This is the electric potato
peeler and salad spinner. Peel up to one kilogram
of potatoes in minutes. With a 70 watt motor, the
six stainless steel blades, and remove excess water
from salads in seconds for a delicious, crisp result. – Interesting. Kilo of potato in minutes,
is that what it says? ‘Cause it also says here,
“Do not use the appliance for longer than three minutes at a time”, so let’s hope it does a kilo
in three minutes, otherwise, you have to stop and let it
cool down before you go again. – [Jamie] Oh, It’s so wet, James. – Oh no. – [Jamie] Approximately 400 mil of water, add your spuds, place lock
the lid, switch it on. (Blades spinning) – Fall off, fall off! Wow, it’s so dry. – I feel like in that time you could have peeled them by hand. – It’s just so over engineered, and it doesn’t even work very well. There’s a lot of salad left in the bottom that’s been mushed. – Even this pretty perfect one, I’m gonna have to go back in with a peeler and take out the other bits if I’m bothered about that kind of detail. There’s a lot of starchy water
in the bottom of here now. A big chunk of the work has been done while you are potentially
off doing something else. However, couple of minutes
you’ve saved by not peeling them, you’re now gonna spend at
least that washing the machine. – And how much you think it is? – Twenty pounds and one pence. – I reckon that is probably 25 pounds. – [Jamie] So you’re saying
that you wouldn’t pay £34.99 for it? – No. – [Jamie] No. – I would not. I would buy maybe eight of these (Jamie laughing) and have peelers for life. – Guys, it’s horrible. (Jamie laughing) It’s horrible. – It’s been pointed out
to us and number of times, and we’ve mentioned it before, if you have dexterity issues
and you can’t grip things, you can’t use a peeler,
this is a hands-free option. But, if you can use one of these, why would you ever buy one of these? – The moment we’ve all
been waiting for, come on. – Something has solidified in there. Ice cream I would hope. Which means that you can
no longer use it as a ball that goes in a straight line, ’cause if we– (laughs) – You play balls with
it though, don’t you? You all sit there, with
your legs wide open, and you have to try to
aim it at someone’s balls. – I’ve never played balls. – [Jamie] That’s a great game. Let me know if you need a hand. How you doin’? – Dad’s can do everything. Ah, got it. It almost frozen shut
– Such a dad. – It’s true. I can confidently show
you the inside of that without it dripping. It’s no longer cream, it
has completely solidified. It still looks soft, and the great thing
about a good ice cream, it has the continue
churning the whole while, which keeps it soft. – It’s a lot more frozen on the outside, still a little bit in the
middle that’s not as frozen. – That is ice cream. – I’m actually shocked that that’s worked. – I’m not shocked, ’cause
I think that’s physics. If it’s cold enough and churning
enough, it will freeze it, and because of the small shape, it’s got a relatively large surface area, to a point of I get it. You could put any flavor
you want in there, so you could make any ice cream. It is fun and engaging,
because you can give somebody, the kids, the ball to
play with for ten minutes, and then they could scoop. I wouldn’t say it’s easy to get the ice cream out afterwards, because the outside is very frozen. It says use a plastic spatula, but that’s not gonna do much good, you kind of need to go in with that and be careful not to scratch it. But you do get ice cream. – And it’s quite cold. – [Jamie] That’s a good
thing for ice cream, right? – The sugar hasn’t dissolved fully. – [Jamie] Okay. – The cream’s a bit clumpy. But it is quick ice cream. – How much do you reckon it is? – I think that’s a fun little kitchen, probably not in the kitchen,
probably outdoor gadget, that I’d pay 30 quid for. – Seventeen pounds, 99 pence. – [Jamie] It’s £25.99. So useless or not? – I don’t know, it’s just not that fun, and it doesn’t make great ice cream. But maybe I’m just not fun, maybe I’m the one that’s not fun, right? You’re all looking at me like, yeah. (laughter) – Not, I would say that’s
quite a lot of fun, once. – You should probably
send us a few more ideas and suggestions of gadgets that we should get our chefs to review. – [Mike] Because these are
the best videos to make ever! (cheering) – Smashed it. Talk to us! List the gadgets down below, one to four, useful, or more than likely, useless. – Yeah. Our latest book Hero Veg is shipping at the end of this month, so make sure you’re part of
the club so you don’t miss out. – The whole book is vegetarian-based, and each recipe celebrates a
brand new fruit or vegetable, and shows you how to
make it taste incredible. And if you’re buying a physical copy and you’re a member of the club, you will get the book and some
extra surprises in the box. If you like these gadget videos, make sure you’re smashing the
like button so that we know, and we’ll keep on making them. – Yeah, you may notice this
isn’t our first gadget video, there’s a whole playlist downstairs which you can go check out, and binge yourself on gadge. – Ooh.
– Is that a phrase? – That is a horrible phrase.
– I’ve said it. – Binge yourself on gadge, wow! (laughter) We see you every Wednesday
and every Sunday at 4pm, don’t miss out. – We’ll miss you. – Bye bye! – As we’ve mentioned, we don’t just make top quality YouTube videos. – Lol! – We’ve built the sorted club, where we use the best things
we’ve learned to create stuff that’s hopefully interesting and useful to other food lovers. Check it out if you’re interested,
thank you for watching, and we’ll see you in a few days. – I’m the kind of idiot
that would buy this, and then outsource this job to the kids, because they love this
kind of thing, don’t they? – [Jamie] We’ve not talked about Tyrone on this channel for quite a while, he’s got to of started
big school now, hasn’t he? – What he does is physics at school, so he really likes it when we cook, and I tell him all about
the physics of cooking. – There we go.
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