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Chefs Honestly Review Kitchen Gadgets Vol. 9 | Sorted Food

[Narrator] – We are
Sorted, a group of mates from London exploring the newest and best in the world of food whilst trying to have a few laughs along the way. (laughing) We’ve got chefs we’ve got normals and a whole world of
stuff for you to explore but everything we do starts with you. (upbeat music) – It’s fridge cam time and
this is Barry and I’m Ben. – This might be our strongest lineup of gadge yet, get ready. – [Barry] It’s gonna be a good day. – We’ve got a good lineup. – I’m really excited for gadge. – [Mike] Turn around mate. – Doesn’t fit. – Okay. – Looks like something to do
with fast peeling of potatoes. – Rotato press, – [Barry] Yeah! – Ah is it for a potato? – [Mike] Well my friend this is… – [Barry] the Rotato
Express, this electric peeler peels almost all fruits
and vegetables in seconds. – [Mike] Automatic,
rotating, multi-function, stainless steel kitchen machine. (knocking) – Stainless steel? – Is it? Is it though? – It’s making claims. – And this does not
fill me with confidence. – [Mike] We wanna really
put it to the test with I mean there’s a potato
and then there’s that. – Actually quite excited for this. – Yeah, me too. – [Mike] Stud your potato in first. Very top one to skewer it,
and then the middle bits gotta make contact with the highest point of the potato in which it touches. – That was easy. – So already, before I even
see if it works or not, – [Mike] It’s ridiculous! – It looks clever. – Does dunnit? It does. (whirring noise) – [James] Oh my God it’s kind of working. – [Barry] I tell you what… – [James] It’s kind of working! – Genius. – And it automatically stops
when it gets to the end. – Can I just? (applause) – Very good. – I am actually astonished
that that worked I was expecting this to be terrible. – It doesn’t get out the blemishes that you would do if
you were doing by hand ’cause I would have gone a bit deeper on that bit to get rid of that little, but actually assuming you can go again and actually just create
shoestring potatoes you don’t have to just use it for peeling. – Dare I say it quicker
than normal peeling. – No. It wasn’t. – [Barry] Do you wanna race it? – Yeah kind of. – Okay we’re going to do a chef
peeling versus normal gadget – On your marks, get set, go! – [James] Oh I’m gonna hurt myself. – Use it now go. No it’s not working, not
working I’ve screwed up. – [Mike] Barry you’ve let everyone down. (dramatic music) Look at him shaving it, he’s
taking the mickey out of you. – Still a chef. – This would be a perfect thing to test. – So it claims to work on all manner of fruit and veg
presumably with thin peel. (whirring) – [Barry] Go on Ebbers, go on Ebbers, (chanting) chug, chug, chug,
chug, chug, chug, chug. – I’m not sure that is
any quicker than peeling it by hand if you were to peel it by hand, the point is you could just leave it to go and carry on making your crumble mix or your apple pie crust, or whatever it is you’re going to use
your peeled apples for. – [Barry] He’s lost, love it. – [Mike] This’ll be
interesting ’cause you actually do peel carrots. – But I can peel it while
I’m eating an apple. Oh no it’s not working. – [Barry] Oh no. – I need a girthier carrot. – I see this being useful
with stringy potatoes possibly people with disabilities, if you can’t hold these with two hands like, operating this is quite difficult to me it often seems
harder to use the gadget than to actually do the thing. – There is no denying that will use up more space in my kitchen
drawer than a vegetable peeler. But it’s kinda of good fun
and it definitely works. – Do you wanna hazard a guess
in how much this retails for? – I think that probably
has a value of £24. – £15. – You’re so close, it’s £15.99. – I still don’t know if
I have a place for it in my kitchen, but I do like it, it does work, it’s good fun
and have you got another potato I can play with please? (laughing) – Useless or not? (frustrated grunt) – It’s a bit useless,
but not entirely useless. – On the fence. – I’m just gonna sit on
a fence, I don’t know. – Such an Ebbers. – Useless or not? You decide. – [Mike] Turn around. – Always love a molded bit of plastic in this particular video format. – There’s not a lot to it is there? – [Mike] Nope. – If he gets this, I’m his. – Really?
– For a day. – Really your his for a day? – You can do what you wants with me for a day if you get this. – I really wanna get it now. – I made a promise to James,
I’ll do the same to you, if you can work out what this
is, I’m yours for the day. – Brilliant. – Mine for the day? – That’s how confident I am. – To do whatever you wish. – You will never guess what that is. – It’s very plastic, it’s low quality finish. – So it’s all plastic
which suggests it might be something suitable for a microwave. It’s kind of got holes in the bottom which would suggest either something will drip through or steam up. – [Barry] Any guess? – Not a clue. – This is the Xinlie Nuts Snack Tray. (laughing) For pistachios and your phone, use as a snacks food
storage box put the phone and snacks in the storage box above so you can watch TV and eat
snacks at the same time. – [Mike] I know. – (laughing) how are
you still finding these? – I chose my favorite entertainment app? (kissing noises) – Queer Eye on Netflix? QI? – No it’s not QI it’s the first
ever picture of a black hole – [James] It’s pretty good isn’t it? (laughing) – There is nothing worse
than cracking into pistachios and not having somewhere for the debris, it’s up there with olives, – Oh yeah, yeah, yeah. – Once you’ve chewed round
the pip, you just spit in. – This is the kind of thing that y’know, you definitely pack in your backpack to go on the train with or something. – You’d be prepared to sit
in a public place doing that? – When else are you gonna use it? – On the sofa, lying there on the sofa with it on your chest. – It’s fantastic, it does
exactly what it promises. – I love the fact that
somebody has thought this was necessary. (laughing) – Yeah, high quality product. – What has happened? – I know. – I wouldn’t spend much more
than a couple of quid on it. – How much for a set of two? – £14. – If it’s any more than, six quid for two bits of
molded plastic, I’m upset. – 9.99. – Wow. – [Mike] For two. – Do they come in different colors? – ’cause this isn’t really, this isn’t gonna suit my aesthetic. – Well useless or not? – I can’t decide. – Not. Fantastic that’s
so useful brilliant. – [Barry] Do it. – It’s a knife sharpener. – It’s a knife sharpener. – What gave it away? – I’ve got one at home. – [Barry] Well this is the
AnySharp Knife Sharpener with power grip, you can do chefs knives and serrated knives. – Very safe one handed
use power grip suction attaches securely to any flat surface. (hums) – [Mike] Nope. Okay so wood doesn’t
work, I think first off it’s fair to say that this
was probably manufactured to work on a kitchen
worktop. And it sucks. – Oh I see what’s happened there. – [Barry] Hey you’re lifting
up our marble work surface. – That’s why you put this down
oh great okay, interesting. (scraping noise) – So satisfying. – [Barry] I Hate that noise. (scraping noise) (pained grunting) – Seems pretty good. – Would you like to chop something? – [James] Yeah. – Ah, ah, what an absolute joy. – I feel like something
like this comes into its own with people who are less
confident with using a traditional steel, and I
feel like you could stick that to your work surface near where you keep your knives, little and often every time you’ve washed up and dried your knives, give it one or two drags through there before putting it back in a draw, or a knife block or whatever. – He’s got a point. – I would do that. – [Mike] I’d do that – Would encourage you
to do little and often. – And you’ve got one at home? – Yeah. – Same one? – Yeah, if I’m gonna be honest I got it when I was young and stupid
and couldn’t sharpen knives. – Why do you still have it then? – I use it for my cheaper serrated knife and it does keep it sharp. – Take a guess at what that retails at. – A tenner maybe? – £14.37. – £8. – It’s a very easy way to sharpen knives. – I actually would have
something like that on a work surface to encourage you to sharpen little and often. – Is that useless or not? – It is useful. – Useless or not? You decide. – All right mate spin
around let’s finish strong. – You’re smiling. – It’s because I get to brand you. – No. – He’s got it. – I think this is a branding tool. – [Barry] This is the IGGI
BBQ Steak Branding Iron, with interchangeable
letters make an impact and customize your cooking
with a BBQ branding iron the brilliant BBQ
utensil that lets you add some slogan based sizzle to your steak. – I like that, it’s like if your food doesn’t make an impact anyway; brand it. So what we’d like you to
do is select a phrase, or something that you’d like to brand this lovely steak with. – I need your help. – [Barry] Why?
– [Mike] Why? – ’cause I can’t work
out which way the letters have to go to make sense on the steak. – Hang on they’re facing you and then you’re like, they need to. – Right I’ve got an idea. – Wait, wait, wait, wait,
wait I’m not finished. – Is that gonna work or not? – No it all looks horribly wrong. – Cook a steak. – [James] Oil, salt and
pepper on the steak. – Really hot pan sear it
minute or so on both sides then finish it with aromats;
garlic, thyme, butter. – So when do you throw
all of that stuff in? – You turn it and then
you throw everything in ’cause otherwise it’ll all burn. Transfer it to a plate, let it
rest for about half the time of cooking, so maybe like three minutes, and then brand it. – I really want this to work. – And I imagine, I reckon
it would work really nicely on a piece of roasted celeriac
in today’s day and age. – [Mike] Oh Ebbers no! – I think vegans could
play with this game too. – Don’t be ridiculous! – Vegans could do this too. – So nervous, okay I’m gonna
do it, I’m gonna do it. – Here we go, here we go, here we go. (sizzling) – [Barry] Oh that looks satisfying. – Whoa. Oh dear lord. – See? – [Mike] Yeah. What’ve we got? What’ve we got? – It worked! (cheering) – Oh yeah Well done. – I went with put it in my… – Mouth! – Yes. – [Barry] But you couldn’t
be bothered to say put it in my? – No, well when you asked
me if I was confident whether I’d put them in the right way I just used letters that
are the same way both ways. – [Mike] Oh you’re such an Ebbers. – So I tried to come up with a word that only uses letters that
look the same both ways, hence mouth. – That’s the type of thing that I expect Jamie to have at home. But have tried using
once and it never worked but he still kept hold of it. – It worked, it did what
it said It was gonna do. It was a little bit
fiddly to get going but. – I wanted that to work better, it was a lovely cooked
steak not very clear maybe it would be better on celeriac. – It really cuts really nicely. – How much do you think that retails for? – 24.99. – I’d pay a good twenty quid for that. Because of the entertainment it brings not the results it delivers. – 13.74. – Bargain. – It’s probably a bit of a one
off novelty thing isn’t it? – Useless or not? – Useful. – Two in one video. – [James] I think it’s useful. – [Barry] Oh yes. – Ultimate question;
useless or not? You decide what did you think of all of those? I think I’m becoming soft in my old age. – I know, if you’re liking these videos then make sure you like
this video it really helps. – Our resident dad
isn’t here at the moment and I’m well I’m rubbish at ’em so Ebbers? – Do you want another
Dad joke of the week? I’ll tell one, I’ve got
a new Viagra tea bag. – Whoa oh no. – Does nothing to improve my sex life, but it does stop the biscuits going soft. – Jamie come back! (laughter) – [Narrator] As we’ve
mentioned we don’t just make top quality YouTube videos, we’ve built the Sorted Club where we use the best things we’ve learnt to create stuff that’s hopefully interesting and useful to other food lovers. Check it out if you’re interested thank you for watching and we’ll see you in a few days.
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