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Cheesy Enchiladas Recipe | Sorted Food

when first told me that we were eating chinchilla for lunch I was a bit confused but then he corrected himself and said enchilada and that made a lot more sense a real student staple because it’s kind of really cheap wholesome ingredients and it’s cooked very very simply using three methods yet frying poaching and then baking unlike a chinchilla which you just need to grill yes it starts off with a couple of onions we’re going to peel and dice those a couple of peppers we’re going to be seed and fly those a single shot of oil in a large pan and we’re going to cook the onion and peppers off for 10 to 15 minutes until they are soft and sweet peppers and onions soft and sweet now in with loads more flavor so a couple of cloves of chopped garlic if you put it in too early or burn yet before the onion and peppers are soft and then where this dish gets its name enchiladas Angela the Spanish for add pepper and with our jalapenos added now for some other stuff we should probably point out this is a very tex-mex version so got smoked paprika we’ve got some cumin this is not traditional Mexican what this is our version that’s perfect with simple ingredients you might have kicking around a tin of beans black beans you can get them from yep just drained and straight in already cooked keep cooking over a high heat to cook out the spices to the cumin the paprika get the beans all lovely and toasty oh it smells incredible and then we’re going to add in some veg stock but you know I’ve got the chicken stock sings we’re doing chicken enchiladas you could do however what we’re now going to do is move on and away from our frying and into poaching and basically going to poach the chicken breast in this liquid to a nice soft gentle cook all in one pan save you having to fry it or grill it or roast it separately nice and easy but essentially the flavor from the chicken goes into the stock and the flow from the stock goes into the chicken and it’s a win-win situation this will take about 15 minutes and a very gentle poach don’t let it boil rapidly the chicken or goat are nice and soft and gentle after 15 minutes or so your chicken should look like this and smell like this oh now it’s time to pull it yes now the best way to check just to make sure it cut is the biggest part and just check that it is cooked all the way through what we’re going for just a chop just a kind of rough chop small pieces so we can put them into our enchiladas it can all go back into our pepper and bean mix and get stirred through with some crumbled feta cheese and coriander I feel like online we always tiptoe around these kind of subjects I’m going to tiptoe again I’m going to fold this enchilada the way that I think will work for the dish I knew guys to tell me in the comments down below how it should be done finish these off more sauce over the top and then plenty of cheese so a little bit more feta and lots of cheddar now I quite like the way this isn’t too neat there’s a little bit of sauce and cheese around the outside 200 degrees Celsius 15 or 20 minutes until it’s bubbling the photographs and the photo will look great just tell me it’s fine no I like it fine video zoom in so cheesy look at that crispy around the edges warm and bubbling in the middle we got here it’s an amazing sour cream some lime wedges for people to squeeze their own some coriander al-quran’ are certain that’s going to be a bit more delicate and there we go our version of an enchilada sorted you should pick it up though Yin it’s a quite hot yep squeezed over plenty of fresh lime and enchilada everyone’s digging that’s no way to do it up in just a 60 yep make sure you get filling yeah that’s good that is white because that that’s dead it also for a few throws lovely we need a bit the sour cream and the lime and that is exactly why you should make these because there is all the flavors in there not necessarily the most authentic enchilada but delicious and if you want to give it a go or recipe or saucy food comm full link down below also on Friday on our salted Food Channel there’s another really amazing simple recipe coming your way but between now and Sunday the three of us have a change that’s one quality prepare for just just the two of us yeah and you only lost late check-out sorted food YouTube channel Sunday for the outcome click on the left if you missed our last video or click on the right video for one of our favorites you [Music]
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