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if you saw the latest epic meal time then you know epic meal time is back baby so we got a new kitchen cause i took a year off and somehow after doing a show that involves me being a fat ass for 10 years it took not doing the show for a year for me to become a fat ass i’m currently sitting at 300 pounds and i’ve decided we are doing videos every tuesday baby excuse the mess i didn’t know we were having guests over we got a new kitchen what the meal is because we’re deep frying today because we gotta baptize this house in greece i got this new sink so amir could wash dishes bigger fridge i got this five top electric [ __ ] extra large double storage cabinet space i like it oh yeah an island big sink i don’t understand it double oven action capacity wait are you happy about that or should it be one big oven i don’t even understand why you have six knobs and you only got five burners but i’ll accept it you ever put bacon in the air fryer no have you ever asked me if i had an air fryer what kind of a 36 year old man doesn’t have an air fryer in 2021 2021 [ __ ] in stainless steel i was sick of that steel always getting stained i called up the fridge boy i was like yo yeah i want steel that doesn’t get stained he got any in he was like stainless steel i was like hold up what’s the meal i don’t know but yeah i know what you’re thinking you’re probably like yo sauce boss how you gonna get all the money to pay for the kitchen um we’re just gonna make it work here are the ingredients laid out because the plan is we want to make a cheese ball we didn’t know exactly what the cheese ball would be it’s a mozzarella cheese goat’s milk cheese honestly it smells like a goat’s tit that’s cheese ball yeah that’s you you yeah no one else is spending a thousand dollars on cheese at the grocery store even though i got this 130 percent off it did not help curb the bill at all that was the price this wasn’t a thousand bucks yeah no it wasn’t yeah with the oil why did you buy all this oil by the way that’s a lot of oil well you’re back you said you’re back i know i’m back but this is crazy what oh there’s another 10 in the garage is there yeah no there isn’t well i don’t know how much it takes to fill the pot i know write this down wait you bought ten of these yeah you’re back i bought ten bags of flour we have the deep fry four balls you said on the phone all right this is where we’re at i’m fine with it we’ll just we’ll just roll with it but now epic meal time uh is a thousand dollars in debt my goal my goal michael jordan my goal jackson my goal jordan we got daddy dongs of goat cheese or as we call them on the streets of rural quebec canada and we spent money on it because we want the goat goat cheese let that goat cheese chill a little bit shia labeouf would probably sell this to you in a parking lot you can buy a t-shirt that would be great and it’s old enough now that it’s cool again to wear a bacon strip shirt like it’s vintage bro bro it’s vintage you want a vintage bacon strip shirt bro i’ll tell you where you get a vintage bacon strip shirt you get yourself a vintage bacon strip shirt but not just that we have sold spots on epic meal time we’re going to handle the business right now and just because we’re going to be transparent with your gas we’re going to work through the business right here right now on the video you guys have to be a part of that is that a bacon strip sweater uh yeah where’d you get that at yeah um what are who uh we’re doing a video for draftkings today yeah draftkings and uh major league major league eating that sounds like you right mle baby i’m probably like uh i can’t believe i’m 300 pounds and i’m not an mle athlete and uh what’s up i saw joey chestnut on the docket what am i doing with joey chestnut i mean uh i think you guys are gonna have a bit of like a competition but frankly you’re gonna get your ass kicked all right okay we’re gonna go get back to this and the meals may not be as epic as they used to be and i don’t want to go off on the zeitgeist and ramble on about the invisible forces that are dominating the spirit of this current time in history so i won’t but i will point out that we are still cooking up bacon in this [ __ ] and someone tell bilbo we got bree bro i wrote that blaze though this too because that’s what’s up man now we’re having a good time out here what’s up because i’m not down with someone who ain’t down with someone having a good time so i got my play out here taking all this brie cheese and he’s pushing into a ball so that’s what’s cooking is we gotta eat cheese balls against joey chestnut but i thought there’s supposed to be like a healthy angle to this to epic meal time i don’t know no are you there huge shout out to draftkings by the way for putting me in contact with joey chestnut one of the greatest eaters ever ladies and gentlemen he’s here on epic meal time i swear if the world was different i would be with the glizzy god right now making another 25 pound glizzy that he and i could just demolish back to back boy look at the accolades behind you it’s rare that i am on a zoom call with the champion you know it’s usually some like weasley agent or manager but like now i’m i’m i’m i’m in front of greatness and i love it dude i got the best job there is eat and beat the heck out of people you go off and you demolish it and i’m gonna try and keep up it’s always easy it’s always better to eat with somebody thank you for eating with me i gotta give a huge shout out to the sponsor draftkings for making this episode possible that’s right ladies and gentlemen once again we partnered up with draftkings for this episode of epic meal time it’s a beautiful thing because they have a chance for you to enter their major league eating free-to-play pool with 100 000 dollars of prizes up for grabs that’s right it’s free all you need to do is click at the link in the description use the code emt when signing up head to the draftkings app navigate to pools and enter the big game smackdown free to play pool from there you enter questions ranging from who will come in first how many contestants will be able to finish the challenge the users with the most correct answers will be crowned the winners without revealing too much i feel like my guy is joey chestnut before you say sauce boss you’re only saying that because he’s in your video in front of your face shut up it’s cause he’s about to beat the sauce boss in a cheese ball eating contest i’m 300 pounds so he’s a real deal make sure you check out the dream stream on the draftkings youtube channel to see how your picks turn out thanks again to draftkings for making this video possible make sure you go to the link in the description and use the code emt when signing up all right keep on drip drop dripping joey i got to know like i’m i got to eat these as fast as i can have you ever eaten this before never done cheese balls never done any kind of chips like this before in practice or competition so uh you’re gonna see me change my technique during it three two one eat oh i’m an amateur i didn’t have water to go like how stupid am i i can’t believe i almost died eating this it would have been like sauce boss ripping meal time dies eating cheese puffs that people would have been like of course no you’re you’re competitive eating you got strategies and you’re doing fast i’m just being a fat though like i’m just eating cheetos over here you are an animal baby good joey chestnut why’d you choose such a big ball oh my god you are [ __ ] crazy bro you are crazy dude you are pushing me thank you so much i actually got to a point where i just was completely blown away by your performance to be honest i’m not trying to suck you off i’m not i’m not trying to suck you off slow it was amazing you were pushing me it’s so weird eating alone without anybody on you and uh when you feel great thank you for that demonstration all right well okay we got this no you’re not just a pizza doughboy this is the pizza dough this is the pizza dough cheese ball yeah this is the pizza dough cheese ball now my theory was oh my god that looks like my gut that’s the dredging station wow that is straight up mozzarella cheese hardened to survive so we’re dredging up a ball of mozzarella we’re dredging up a ball of breed bro and we’re drenching up a goat cheese ball the plan was to have each of these cheese balls deep fried and mad at this point i gotta be honest there isn’t really an epic meal here we’re just hanging out in the kitchen eating these crazy deep fried cheese balls that’s cool as hell but you’re far in this video bro so i think you know that already and i like you man because you like to party and i can see that now so let’s eat this cheese it’s a super cheese stick you remember you know when you’re a kid you make the cheese sticks in the oven and then they start oozing out and picking up we’ve been doing it wrong the whole time you’re supposed to deep fry it a dipping sauce yeah yeah dipping sauce of course i guess that’s all me there you go bro look at that man that’s what people cook on tick tock sorry to say that’s what it looks like oh you trying to play games [ __ ] you take the mozzarella here oh no you can’t you can’t dip it in the brie that’s insane pork rind i just know fat boy knows what fat boy knows you have to do this now do what pork this pork rind brie sauce boss may be the first meal ever i’ve ever had it’s really weird bro well i’m a weird guy you never had that before right i like it you never had something like that before eh now it’s real melty it’s like [ __ ] what is he it’s cream cheese yeah this is crazy this is the craziest cheese no the cheese is that cheese is strong oh boy you need a piece of apple with that cheese because it’s just that cheese is kicking my ass i can’t even swallow it i got a corner pocket of the cheese right here in my side pocket that’s where you go that’s where you go yeah how much hash how much hash did you smoke this one is all in the hands of science dredge this bad boy and get him in oil remember i said we didn’t make an epic meal a lie because when you thought there was three cheese balls there was another but also it failed there was uncooked dough so we didn’t want to eat it i just made a call you’re gonna say not to eat it yeah yeah i’m like yeah i don’t think we should eat this although we did have high hopes for this one over here with the marinara with the uh the bacon and it was basically like an inside out pizza uh but that’s not how we approached it we approached this is a cheese ball and we were using pizza dough as like the base of the cheese ball and as the day progressed we made other cheese balls we found a way and this one that we banked so much on didn’t turn out how we wanted to there’s uncooked pizza dough on the inside we’re not gonna eat it cause uh it’s just not that kind of channel however what we got here is an inside out pizza yo what up sauce boss in the editing bay and i’m just sitting here watching the video and now that i think about it it’s more of a reverse calzone than it is an inside out pizza you know it’s not really important but i thought i should clear that up so it’s reverse calzone the beginnings of an inside out pizza normally amir would work on something like an inside out pizza on his own off camera in the kitchen and then he would bring the research and development to us and we would implement it into an epic meal you guys are fortunate enough that we [ __ ] up live here on epic meal time and the inside out pizza which we didn’t know was an inside out pizza it was just a cheese ball uh is a little dangerous that being said however it is birthed on inside out pizza which uh that’ll be out sometime soon we don’t you know we’re gonna make up inside out pizza huge shout out to draftkings for sponsoring this episode of making it what it is we are doing new epic meals every tuesday i cannot stress that enough every single tuesday a new epic meal time just like when your life wasn’t so boy when you were happy about things and you laughed at stuff i didn’t change you got old sorry i was projecting to you in a major way that was all about me uh every single tuesday we got a new epic meal and not just that bro but get this maybe we upload more what’s your availability like tomorrow um oh and also uh next time we need a key have i ever said that before you
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