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i would imagine that there are countless amounts of cheese out in the world thousands if not tens of thousands so as a cheese monger it’s really hard to answer that question of what is your favorite cheese [Music] hi i am leah and i am a cheese monker i own milk farm which is an artisan cheese shop in los angeles california a cheesebonger is a person who dedicates their life and their career to selling cheese to the public we know everything about cheese we can tell you all the stories about who the cheese makers are how the cheeses are made our job is to educate the basic clientele on what cheese is and how to enjoy it properly to become a cheese monger you just really really have to love cheese and once you get in it’s all about learning and eating a lot along the way i feel like everybody needs to try to go to a cheese shop it’s such a different experience because you have a cheese monger working one-on-one with you with all of your needs and all of your specifications it’s very intimidating for some people but that’s the whole point of our job is to be there to guide you through the case if you were to come in and just say something as simple as i love really creamy soft spreadable cheeses that opens a conversation for us to be able to talk about easily 30 40 cheeses right then and there and maybe you would only know maybe one in the case we do recommend looking around and seeing what we have and kind of assessing the case but what i don’t recommend is to look in the case to look for cheeses that you already know what is better would be for you to open the lines of communication with the cheese monger and just say hey i really enjoy this type of cheese what do you have that similar a cheese monger can walk you through a dozen other cheeses and open your dictionary and encyclopedia on cheese knowledge for yourself so which cheeses should you get at the grocery store versus our place and vice versa you know if you just wanted like a standard run-of-the-mill cheddar if you’re just snacking with it or maybe cooking with something like that i would say grocery store cheese is perfectly fine but as far as cheeses that are very specialty like from small producers farmstead producers or cheeses that are highly seasonal those would be cheeses that you would have to reach out to cheese monger for and we’re able to get because we’re a specialty store if you’re buying cheese from a cheese monger and a cheese counter most of the times it’s cut to order meaning we have the full wheel we ask you how much do you want you want this amount and we cut exactly what you want wrap it up and you take it home it’s always recommended that you only get what you’re going to enjoy from today up until max about two weeks if you buy a small quantity of cheese it gives you the opportunity to try a particular type of cheese lots of different stages wheel to wheel to wheel because they’ll all be slightly different we do a lot of pairings at milk farm it’s kind of what we really really love to do and i think the rule of thumb is choose what you really love and then start from there i like to say that when you are finding a pairing both items need to be enhanced one can’t overtake the other a good pairing should be able to transport you to make a good cheese board we are mixing and matching the whole point is actually to get a huge range of cheeses pay particular attention to different types of milk cow goat sheep buffalo or blends and then we focus on texture soft medium and hard and then on top of that we focus on color whether it be from the wax of the rind to the actual paste of the cheese and then all of those things together we end up cutting it into different shapes so that you don’t have a super bowl tray of cubed cheeses i really think an underrated cheese is string cheese string cheese is super accessible to everyone it’s inexpensive it has calcium it’s portable it has its own little wrapper like a banana and kids love it too because it’s so mild if i’m talking about an underrated cheese that we have at the shop parmesan or reggiano is my cheese that is an underrated cheese because a lot of people have the misconception that parmigiano-reggiano is just parmesan which is a lot of times the green shaky stuff or the little tiny free packets that they give you with a to go order pizza but the reality is it’s a cheese that’s been made for centuries and there’s a lot more uses to it than just grating on top of pasta that is my go-to cheese for using the rinds for soups and stocks or just sprinkling on top of different foods or if i’m just having a glass of red wine i just want to eat a chunk of cheese that’s kind of my go-to cheese processed cheese is it really cheese processed cheese to me is not really cheese because if you think about how cheese is made you really only need about three ingredients milk an enzyme or an acid which many times is rennet and salt and in processed cheese there are about 15 ingredients which include gelling agents and food coloring and preservatives so i wouldn’t consider processed cheese cheese my most favorite common misconception is that if you have a lactose intolerance you can’t enjoy cheese it is actually false you can enjoy cheeses as long as they are aged for a prolonged period of time some of the aged cheeses that you can have that are really well known that if you have lactose intolerance you can still eat would probably be something like manchego gruyere parmigiano-reggiano and really aged cheddars as a cheese monger i don’t like to say that i have a favorite cheese contrary to what i just said i do have three cheeses that i always have at home string cheese as we had discussed cheddar because i quite often cube it up and eat it with a plethora of different food items and parmigiano-reggiano whatever type of cheese is delicious to you and brings you happiness is what you should be eating ultimately different cheeses mean different things to different people maybe you have an idea of what your favorite cheese is but it’s our job to introduce you to the world of cheese and maybe we can turn you on to something new [Music] you
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