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ready to jump start your workout the fish sugar team is here to show you a 10 minute workout it’s going to get your heart pumping let’s do it alright I’m here with the fit sugar team we’ve got Anna and Suzy so let’s get started with a nice warm-up we’re just gonna do some arm circles nice and easy get that upper back warmed up moving the shoulder blades around starting to get the blood flowing to your upper body I love this chest stretch too when you really open up those shoulders actly I go the other way ooh I hear some crunch nice and red jam on you guys me too really warms up the joint let’s move your neck to going all right some heiny moves marching marching place your arms moving – nice and fluid just getting our hip flexors activated flowing heart rates get it up there put the legs moving city z.z getting us back in shape we are rollin okay not just an easy job let’s run in place so you getting your blood flowing now your heart rate moving a little bit faster preparing for the workout ahead would be okay go in I like these dynamic moves that you had was a workout exactly it’s really important to do we don’t want static stretching an injury do and this is great if you can’t go for a run you can do this totally mentally you can even do some butt kickers let’s move on into that okay and I mean kick your butt haha all right you actually want to get on up there get in your quads your hamstrings your glutes oh yeah I feel in that it’s going I’m going a little faster you go stretch mm-hmm anymore oh sorry feel your heart rate going up oh yeah good looking good so we want okay now let’s move into some jumping jacks okay so just nice and easy down the balls your feet your arms stretched up high this is a nice static plyo move and if this is too much for you you can modify one side this is great get the lower legs really warmed up bouncing off the balls of the feet exactly that’s really important to do I’m gonna get the whole body moving keep it going love it it’s a smile on your face my favorite all right now we need some little fake jump roping now have fun with this I like to kind of move my body side to side just want to get yourself moving get your blood flowing you more getting those can go I’m feeling the cast due today if you got a ponytail it’s got to move it’s gotta move gotta move that pony move that one girls the chicks a ball alright awesome feeling warmed up now Anna is gonna take us through the side shuffle alright let’s keep this cardio workout go and you guys ready yeah so I’m gonna start with a little side shuffle and low touch so we’re gonna take two little shuffles to the side touchdown shuffle shuffle touchdown so we’re getting low you want to keep your chest high so that you keep your low back protecting that chest stays high and you’re working those quads side to side now trying to stay low on the shuffle is an extra challenge you guys feel Quadra fired up I love it back and forth one more down and then coming back up good work let’s go right into a March you’re going to bring that knee to elbow so you’re marching but you’re going to give it a little extra lift on that knee really get those abs engaged ah right here the twitch shoot I like nice to get them exactly remember to breathe moist it out keeping that cardio going right and we’re still working it add a little bit more of that advanced move to our warmup awesome job all right you guys ready so we’re going to add a skip so from here all you’re really going to do is add a little pie oh so now you’re popping off the balls of the feet driving that knee up drive that toe up and we’re getting that whole lower body cardio’s up I got my girls here did you know it can’t be happy being funded really I know right Suzie’s good oh you guys got that cardio working remember you can always modify this you don’t have to jump you can drive off the ball of the foot still going back and forth now I’m going to add a variation to our skip or jump we’re gonna do with a twist so you’re just gonna try to twist those hips pop off the balls of the feet but now you’re going to twist those hips landing those feet left right back and forth you’re gonna try to get that whole torso any leaks going yeah Hannah for whoa I love this one guys good awesome do the tree – and we got Suzie gonna finish us off so we’re going to start with some kicks so you’re gonna kick your right leg up bring it to your left hand and down so just keep on kick and go as high as you can go you’re stretching out the hamstring I feel that I love you know right up just a little bit bits slowing it down a hair to the ABS really work here – yeah really kicking that leg high so think about stabilizing in your core while you do this – we’re gonna do one more each side all right now we’re going to lunge back so you take your right leg back you’re going to stretch over to the left then coming up to standing switch inside left leg goes back stretch it out reach stretch that hip flexor yeah if you’re the whole side getting nice and open go ahead and breathe into your ribs as you stretch so you feel this opening up love it yeah and you’re also using your balancing muscles – yeah starting to guys that warmed up to a little proprioception boy and you love that all right my quads are working man is my legs are huge nice and sore here okay we’re going to do one more on each side step out and right stretch here’s your last one that’s right okay we’re going to move to the back of our mat so we’re going to do some walkout so you’re going to bend in half walk all the way out into a plank and then walk that coming up with a straight back feeling your glutes fire do that again walking out coming into your plank coming up you’re getting two more you’re getting more stretch for your the back of your legs as you come up oh yeah so really feel that to the hamstrings lengthy and I need that too especially when I run I get really tight in my hamstrings yeah or just even sitting all day absolutely yeah here we go coming out feel your core fire up here in your plank coming back let’s do one more working your upper body – here ya feel that hamstrings ready to end okay now you’re going to walk back out all the way to your plank you’re going to crease in the middle and come into a downward facing dog so we want to stretch out the cash you can walk here a little bit increasing the stretch for the calves you can go ahead and hold it press with the right hand on the left heel to increase the stretch and then reverse good all right now you’re gonna come back into your plank you’re going to bring your right foot forward and you’re gonna lunge down bring that foot back switch sides lunge down I leave at our table yeah so really these opening up the hip flexor even more whoo-hoo you’re still keeping the upper body engaged too and I want you to think about what’s your core doing you know that adds helping you oh yeah when that foot comes back not letting the hips drop right we’re so flexible Suzy feels good that do one more on each side okay coming down and switch all right now you’re gonna come to city I’m gonna put your legs out in front of you you’re gonna want to set up really straight and tall feel that ABS pulling it we’re gonna rotate through the ribcage and you’re gonna bring your hands to the right rotate to the left and right and left keep the spine nice and long you feel that through my whole torso good looks like you’re wringing out a towel here all right yeah imagine trying to grow taller every time you twist – we’re just gonna do a few more because I really like this one good one more time to the right and one more time to the left good now we’re to come up to standing we want to end on our feet here and we’re going to do some flip fire so you’re going to come into your athletic stance nice bending your knees and your start to move your feet you’re moving as fast as you can now let’s keep it exciting we’re going to switch direction so when I point you got to switch your body to that direction to the right I love these back to this and those plottable at work yeah stay the squat here yeah to the front keep it nice and low okay we’re getting the heart rate back up whoa whoa right now my calves are fired yeah almost done you’re doing great to the left to the center and great work
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