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Cardio Kickboxing Workout

hey guys I’m your trainer Rebecca Louise and today on X here and we’ll be taking through a kickboxing workout so let’s start by warming up we’re gonna do 30 seconds of jumping jacks bring those hands all the way up to the top and it’s make sure throughout this whole workout video we’re breathing and if we need to take some breaks and get some water on board let’s keep it up guys ten seconds and five four three two one okay now I want you to imagine that you have a jump rope so we’re just going to do 10 seconds of different things pretending that we have a rope with us if you have a skipping rope at home even better you can use it okay can you do ten seconds just chugging on the spot just little jumps you’re thinking about using that skipping rope and they’re going to go into big hops now let’s take it up big hops is using that skipping rope warming up those arms and those legs okay let’s take it into running just warming those hands and arms up okay let’s just take it into one jumps one hops just on your right leg to begin with we’re gonna swap over onto the left and three two one that’s it just think about jumping over that rope three two one know anything about crossing that skipping rope over and just small jumps that’s it really warm up those arms three two one okay now it’s your warm up now we’re going to go into a jab cross with a duck so legs apart just a good stance on when you turn punch forward with the leg the same arm that your leg is forward punch you forward the other side bring your feet together duck up and then again on the other side I’m going to do 30 seconds of these and all these exercises are just 30 seconds so let’s really go for it okay let’s go bring it in ducking down remember it’s that front arm front leg the punches out first do you think about you’re going to punch simply and then you’re ducking the other way to get out of the way bear punch less than 10 seconds you need two more punches okay just rotate those shoulders we’re now going to go into a bob and weave so I just want you to going up and down we’re going to do 15 seconds and then we’re going to incorporate a punch so let’s take it down you’re nice and low in those legs you an avoid that punch that’s coming to you okay you’re going to get ready to punch back in three two one okay punch back with that outside down come on get some welly guys five four three two one okay we’re going to do side to side crosses so I just want you to punch it out to the side you want this I’m going out and the same leg is going to be facing the other way and you want to pivot your feet across we’ve got 30 seconds let’s go guys sit follow your eyes to your arm get a nice squat in the middle 20 seconds come on guys punch it hard excellent job guys ten seconds to go you can slow it down if you need to you walk your own pace give me one more punch okay uppercuts same stance we’re just going to go uppercut each side 30 seconds again let’s take it away can I spend in those knees and really use the force in your arms and your shoulders 20 seconds come on really thinking about using those arm muscles you really want to punch get that frustration out guys ten seconds five four last punch okay let’s take it into a knee strike and front kick so bringing the knee in it’s a strike and again and then let’s kick it forward okay thirty Seconds let’s take it away bring that knee in and then just kick nice and high bring that knee and again 20 seconds give it a kick guys and the knees keep it breathing guys ten seconds to go Phebe time you can get it higher when you bring those knees in let’s give you two more kicks one on the leg flag and finish let’s just shake those legs out we’re going to take it into a front kick and pull down when we do thirty Seconds again we’re going to alternate each legs so it just looks like this as you kick in front you’re going to pull the arm down and step back just like that thirty Seconds again come on let’s go for it use this arm push it down this is great cardio guys it’s great as well for strengthening those muscles you’re gonna be proud of yourselves when you finish this guy’s let’s keep it going it’s just time five seconds give me one more kick okay the last exercise is going to be for a minute long and it’s going to involve punches knee strikes and kicks okay so we’ve got punch punch knee who do that for 15 seconds we’re gonna do a punch punch with a kick and then we would turn it on to the other side so it’s a minute total let’s take it away really hard with those punches and bring that knee in five seconds okay let’s take it into that cake so punch punch and then kick it out nice bending your knees is going to help with that balance and give me one more kick let’s move on to the other side okay punch punch me 15 seconds remember we’re doing this for time so if you need to slow it down or make it quicker it’s entirely up to you okay let’s take it into a kick excellent job guys you’ve just got five seconds left if you workout don’t give up now last kick and there you have it shake out those hands and those feet well that was your kickboxing workout if you think your body can take it all over again one you try and go through it all from the beginning if you want to check out a different workout then exhales got plenty for you working on your arms your legs your booty it’s all there for you my name is Rebecca Louise you can follow me on Twitter at the model pilot subscribe to our channel it’s fun it’s free and it’s easy and I hope to see you again next time
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