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Can’t Relax? Can’t Sleep? Try This ♥ Guided Meditation & Breathing Exercises For Anxiety, Stress

[Music] this video is made possible by our loyal patreon supporters visit slash psyche truth hi it’s Elyse so today I’m guiding you through a visualization meditation that’ll help you relax unwind and get ready for bed and as you listen through the narrative of this little story just think like you’re getting read a bedtime story Elyse Fitness is fitness for everybody every age at every level if you’re looking to get into shape Elyse fitness is for you join me for my Elyse fitness classes you can find some on Amazon Prime video and the yoga Plus app for this exercise in focus ease and relaxation I recommend reclining on to your back perhaps with the pillow supporting your head find a comfortable resting position if you are laying with your legs extended and notice some discomfort in your lower back you may place a pillow or bolster under your knees and widen your legs in a v-shape position [Music] shrug your shoulders up back and down and rotate your forearms and palms up in a sign of exchange of energy take a moment to notice how your body feels in space how the temperature in the room feels on the toes and the fingers notice those points of contact that your body is making with the bed the ground the mat or whatever you’re resting on scan your body make sure the back of your neck is long the back of both shoulders are touching down your upper back middle back and lower back are all touching down adjust as you need to unhinge the jaw and move it around a little bit keeping the jaw unhinged let your lips press together and start to breathe in and out through your nose deliberately as you inhale drag the breath through the nose through the back of the throat pulling it down to the lungs feel your ribs expand as you exhale actively press the air out through the back of the throat and out through your nose feel your abdomen contracts actively cultivating a rhythm with your breath that will come back too often throughout this meditation as you’re ready empty your lungs completely let all the air out and inhale for one two three retained the breath at the top exhale four three two one inhale four one two three retain the breath at the top exhale four three two one one more time inhale four one two three four exhale four four three two one feeling more relaxed with each breath you take letting everything else slip away [Music] today we will be taking a stroll in the forest focus on taking in all the sounds smells sensations and sights the forest has to offer as you take your first step into the forest take a moment to notice how the soil feels under your feet the texture of the ground is rough and is covered with leaves twigs and pebbles [Music] the air is brisk and smells clean and earthy as you continue to move forward you notice the wind moving the leaves high up in the trees and you hear lots of birds singing and communicating with each other a sign that you are not alone life is everywhere cohabitating in time and space with you this feels comforting as you look up you see the trees leaning into each other looking for sunlight you see beams of light shine through the branches in every direction this creates pockets of shadows and brightness throughout the forest as you keep walking the ground crunches under you with every step you crouch down and move a leaf and notice all the little bugs hard at work they work in unison with everything above it unbothered by your presence focused on existing as you stand back up and continue on your journey feel a sense of calm connection peace in the distance a family of deer walked together you make eye contact with the DOE you both stop and stare at each other as if to say hello you all carry on you find a large tree trunk and decide to sit and take it all in inhale four one two three four exhale four four three two one inhale four one two three four five exhale four five four three two one [Music] an army of butterflies are fluttering around a bush with purple flowers one of them lands on your thigh you hold still and observe it its colors are so vibrant orange yellow and black you wish it well and it flies away you are not alone life is everywhere cohabitating in space and time with you you stand up and start heading back you feel a sense of comfort and ease as you shared some deep breaths with the earth trees plants deer and butterflies you feel grateful and connected as you lay here resting in your meditative state know that you are loved that you already have everything you need and this relaxed peaceful person that you are at this moment is your true self it’s always in you and you can always find your way back to this space start to bring awareness to your body notice your toes and feet ankles calves and thighs notice how your hips are heavy notice how your ribs expand and collapse as you breathe notice your arms hands and fingers and start to gently rub your fingertips together notice the nape of your head and the tips of your nose notice how the temperature in the room feels on those points of contact that your body’s making with the bed the ground mat or anything it’s touching as you’re ready gently blink your eyes open and notice how relaxed and peaceful you feel [Music] thank you for allowing me to guide you through this meditation today until we meet again namaste [Music] if you’re still awake I would love to hear from you so if you have any comments or questions please feel free to leave them below and also let me know if you want me to create a specific meditation for you it could be about anything at all I can’t wait to see you in the very next video I hope you have a wonderful rest of your day many of our subscribers don’t see our videos make sure that you click the notification bell and if you haven’t already follow us on social media for tips tutorials giveaways and daily inspiration donate for my Elise fitness classes you can find some on Amazon Prime video and the yoga Plaza introducing yoga plus offering a free series every month with over 300 different videos take control of your health workout anytime anywhere yoga plus download now for free [Music]
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