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Can You Tattoo Meat With Flavor?

looks delicious doesn’t it in today’s video we are going to try and tattoo marinade into meat guys i have been left alone in the studio today and i have a new toy i have a tattooing gun so i’m not going to give myself a tattoo but we do have something really really fun that we want to try with it today not exactly the purpose it’s meant for most people understand the basic idea of how a tattoo works you take a needle with some ink on it and it is more or less pushed underneath the surface of your skin to allow the coloring of a tattoo we’re not going to use it necessarily for only coloring today i want to try it on some meat this is going to be kind of strange you guys but i want to see if you can marinade meat by tattooing it here’s the basic idea we have a new tattoo gun in the studio and we want to try and use it for some ill-advised purposes we’re going to try and see if we can tattoo marinade and flavoring into chicken pork and steak this is actually something that is done sometimes with thanksgiving turkeys and other things like that they have turkey basters that are syringes and you can actually inject flavoring into meat well this isn’t nearly as big as that we have these much much smaller little needles but i thought it might be interesting to see if you could design your meat before cooking it or just use it for adding flavor so these are tattooing inks it’s very very high pigment that is safe to be injected into your body it’s not food grade however so this isn’t what we’re necessarily going to be using for our meat today we are going to be using food dye it’ll be a little bit different now one of the things i’m actually curious about not just flavoring i want to know if we can make meat look more presentable i want to try and actually use some red dye and see if we can make our steak look even brighter along with coloring we also have flavoring now that’s going to be the whole point of this to see if we can inject three different flavors into three different kinds of meat and then nate actually suggested this we have some liquid smoke here and that’s actually going to be delicious so we’ll probably try injecting that into some chicken as well this is a tattoo gun it is frankly terrifying it has a foot pedal and it has a dial that allows you to choose just how fast your needle is going to be going and i’m controlling that with a little foot pedal down here all right let’s take a look at these needles now um everything is clean sanitized food safe i’m not necessarily worrying about keeping everything sterile because we are prepping food it should be clean but it’s not the same as injecting ink into my own skin so i’m not as concerned with that with putting the gloves on yet should be okay this particular type of tattooing gun is kind of interesting i have seen a lot of these where there’s ink that filters down through the cartridge this one you actually dip into the little ink pot and when you turn this on i have this turned way up high you can actually choose the depth of your needle so that you don’t the idea is so that you don’t hurt the skin of your patient customer so i can have this needle go very very very low so it would hardly press into the skin so let’s go ahead and try this with the ink first just to kind of give you an idea of the way it’s supposed to work and i’ve actually found that using chicken breasts works as a pretty great analog for skin so before we start with flavoring let’s just try tattooing it’s not going to be quite the same because we obviously don’t have a dermis or the skin itself but it’s still going to puncture the flesh and that’s kind of what i want to see happen and you can use some sort of vaseline for this i didn’t have it so i’m improvising with my vaseline chapstick cocoa butter it’s gonna be great and let’s go black and yellow and we’re gonna do something called riding the tube which is where you basically you let the tube rest on the flesh or the skin and you let that sort of be your anchor as you go along to get a straighter line obviously this isn’t how you would do this at a tattoo parlor but hey it works no part of this should be happening in the tattoo parlor and there we go our very own tattooed piece of chicken very much not edible anymore all right guys this is very very entertaining but i am actually really excited i want to try to see if we can put marinade in our tattoo gun and tattoo some flavor to me let’s try it out so this steak looks pretty okay nate is the connoisseur of steaks here in the studio i just went ahead and grabbed one that looked right on the shelf but i think we can make it look a little bit better i want to see if we can make it look a little bit more red so it looks a little bit more appealing is that cheating probably let’s try it with some liquid smoke i really like that idea that nade had i was going to try it with a1 sauce but i feel like this is going to be a better flavor overall see how it’s still transparent tattoo ink is not transparent so we’re going to kind of make it as thick as we possibly can that’s interesting so it is possible to still see the logo but i think with a brand new george foreman you’re getting a little bit more of a crust than you would so it’s a little bit more smeared than we would have liked let’s see if this works [Music] [Music] okay i did that that’s the thing i’ve done [Music] now let’s see what the lines look like first off okay that’s gonna be all right i want to try and make a piece of meat look truly revolting like it’s gone bad but it’s actually delicious when you bite into it so we’re going to try that with our pork i’ve got some lovely green and yellow ink i regret this already first off yup this is going to be delicious that color is called juniper green so it sounds beautiful but it’s not looking beautiful guys it looks like the red started to uh smear a little bit so let’s take that [Music] out alrighty looks nasty good let’s go okay yeah this is holding up much better already than the steak so first off our chicken now the chicken might remember was actual tattooing so it’s not edible i just want to see how far in the color goes kind of shows you how far it goes into your skin all right that’s not very deep that’s not that color is very much still on the surface well i guess that’s the whole point it doesn’t need to go very deep for a lot of color to show through let’s take a look at our mom steak it’s not cooked all the way through yet but it does look like the color actually bled through deeper again because this isn’t skin i am going to be throwing this one back on the grill because i do want to actually cook it so it’s edible and see if the flavoring came through just like our pork chop that looks vile which is the whole point it’s supposed to look vile but on the inside it’s still really really good see if the flavor came through it’s very hot but that is a smoked pork cutlet that is so good that’s hilarious guys it worked you can make flavored tattoos on your meat we’ve got our second chicken breast tattooed now let’s just see if boiling it will actually keep the color on it better than grilling over the top of it all right so it looks like the color is already starting to leach off you can kind of see that happening well guys baking and uh boiling while boiling might not be the most flavorful way to cook chicken baking if you were to put a nice sauce on it or something works really well you can in fact tattoo your dinner if you wanted to i don’t know why you would but it was pretty fun to find out if there’s anything else you want to see me do with the tattoo gun not giving myself a tattoo let me know in the comments below i mean the ink took beautifully is that it did no this is food that’s food coloring food can i talk to you my salad guys if you like this kind of content remember we’ve always got more for you to see make sure to hit that box up at the top see our most recent video and we’ll see in the next one talk to you then
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