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Can You Replace Your Broken Drill Bit With A STICK?

in today’s video we’re going to try to drill through rocks using wooden sticks [Music] guys today we are joined by kevin who wanted to try out an experiment with us and so we’ve got him on and we’ve got some supplies but first kevin tell us all a little bit about yourself all right well what’s up everybody so my name is kevin i’m a former nasa rocket scientist so i spent a few years designing those spaceships that are traveling to other planets and then i fell in love with educating people about space and science so now that’s what i do and when i found out about the king of random i’m like all right if there was a caveman building a mars rover because we got one going there right now how would we build the drill we got sticks we got some powders i think that’s the number one problem that a caveman would face in trying to get to to build a mars rover here’s the basic idea we want to see if it’s possible to drill through a rock using a stick and maybe some sand as an abrasive is it going to be possible to get through and how long is it going to take us so a little bit of advanced technology with the least advanced technology is what we’ve got going on here we’ve played around some of this before cali showed us how to make a bow drill to make fire and that was difficult but we did get it to work it did it took a while a lot of trial and error with that one i think there’s a good chance we’re gonna run into some of that same feeling of trial and error and some of the same difficulties here but the idea is if we want to drill into a rock can we do that using the most primitive tools that exist namely a stick and abrasive dirt yeah we’ve got four different types of sand here we have regular playground sand colored playground pants this is still i think just sand but it’s filtered a little more so it’s more uniform in size it doesn’t have anything on it about what type of sand it is uh so it’s probably a silica base then we’ve got two others that are a little more fancy we went and stopped by the water jet channel and grabbed some of their garnet abrasive this is what gets shot out with the water at crazy high speeds to cut through metal and rock and kind of whatever else you want to cut through this right here is a synthetic diamond abrasive and my hope is that this will be very very hard and cut through the rock better i haven’t tried it yet now it might be a little hard for our mars aspiring caveman to find some synthetic diamond abrasive but we’ll just say he got really lucky and happened to be next to a diamond mine and broke up some of the diamonds basically we can just start trying this we’ve got these river rocks which are obviously sedimentary and then we’ve got probably granite granite or similar it’s a piece of countertop and we’re gonna see if we can drill through these things so i went outside and i grabbed a couple of these rocks so if i’m like a true caveman i’m not gonna have clamps or vices i’m not so i got some bricks so i am just gonna wedge my rock between these bricks and drill it that way i am going to wedge my rock between this clamp and the edge of the workbench because i am a more civilized skate man i’m just going straight up i’ve got the bench vise i’ve been at this for almost 20 seconds and there’s no visible divot in the rock i’m i’m very disappointed in how long it’s taking so i’ve gone ahead and sharpened mine to a point i don’t know if it’s gonna help but we’re gonna see all right i give up with the tiny stick already oh really yeah no that was not working i’m taking the the last part of yours yes all right so i’m going to carve a little point but it’s not going to be like a super point i just want to create a little bit of a taper so it’s not truly blunt so i’ve basically ground my sand down to a powder i’ve lost all the big pieces here we’re just pulverizing sand basically on rocks something that the mars rover drill does it’s a percussion drill so it hammers it goes 30 times a second to pulverize the rock before coming up now it’s made out of steel this is a wood dowel so i don’t think i can pulverize but maybe we’ll just see what happens all right upgrade yeah that’s great scratch the surface [Applause] oh i moved my rock i’d say start with this much stick because you don’t need to like the big step the space for it i just didn’t want to cut my stick anymore i needed it for when i was doing what you were doing [Music] i’m the most advanced caveman [Music] see if this has done anything different it is or is not i was seeing if it is and no on mine i’m not noticing a difference but then again i’ve been trying different types of methods i was trying to grind it down and then smooth i think i’ve polished my rock a little let’s try the next sands because yeah i think i have a slightly shiny spot move up you got the green sand i’m trying the green i don’t actually think the green is any harder but i you know we have it so let’s try it and it might be a harder sand finder all right we may upgrade i don’t have like a good divot but i do have a divot like there is a noticeable spot so right there is where i’ve been drilling oh that’s the circuit i see sort of the curved edge on that side it’s not a lot but there is something now i’ve been using the drill so to get the same effect i think you’d need like three people like pushing on and turning the stick at once or one person taking many many hours i want to try yeah seeing what kind of mark i can make on this thing [Music] that’s definitely a mark on the surface it’s not a great mark it’s not a drilled hole but we can see that i am affecting the rock to some level so i want to try just having a lot more sand all around it so as sand moves out of the way more sand just moves into the way and i’m traveling this is what i was concerned about with the smooth surface so there’s like nothing here like this is the divot i’ve been working towards and nothing so i’m actually going to switch over to the brick let’s see how that works and just squeeze the sand together and try and just keep it in one spot i think i was actually starting a fire on my yep you start burning it sure enough ooh brick is a lot softer so i do have a divot right there you can see where i was getting it in there i don’t think that the diameter of the stick is really going to do anything for us well i have a divot it’s not a good divot but it’s something so i want to try moving up from the green play sand to the garnet powder and see if that makes a difference it should be a harder abrasive and able to cut through the rock more let’s find out my bit device is stuck so i will upgrade i want to find 5 8 inch all right so 5 8 inch this is the size of the drill on the mars rover just give you some perspective this is how big it is drilling into the rocks there it’s still not going quickly but i do think that the garnet abrasive is making a difference it’s smoothed out there was some stuff like embedded in the rock that didn’t want to be worn away with the the play sands but it’s just worn smoother with the garnet so certainly not a quick process oh there’s nothing noticeable here so the brick’s not showing any progress i think i need the power tool i think that’s the only thing that’s going to work i bet if you spent all day on it you’d find something you can get something so i’ve started boring into it and i can tell because both on my drill right here and on the rock i’ve got this gray it’s not from the garnet so it’s actually starting to wear it away which is good smoke giving a divot and that’s a warm brick now that works so much better there you go i have a real carved out dip into my rock but it’s slow [Music] i’m just gonna push yeah push it in yep so obviously i’m going to need to create a substantial hole to make known that it’s actually working you’re taking the wood away i am come get a look at this right here this is a good example of the the slow progress but you can see sort of a color difference this is just the garnet powder by itself and all around the rock where i’ve been drilling there’s a lot more gray and that’s the rock dust itself being introduced you can see how much of that there is so this rock is definitely being worn down let me get all the extra around and blow the dust out of the little divot that’s our divot so far real progress happening slow progression though so i’ve created something like a little volcano mound okay around it so that my color stays within the circle and it kind of just keeps recirculating itself so there is substantial progress so what i’m learning with the brick is that obviously it’s made of a bunch of little tiny rocks with stuff to hold it together so i’ve exposed the little rocks the easy stuff to come out is what’s holding it together the clay comes out but the rocks are hard to get through real but still snails pace progress in fact the snail be leaving me in the dust it took a long long time this is not a quick and easy process and i was using a stick in a drill how many days ago did we start this i don’t know it’s been a while but we took a break for a while and then i came back and spent another little while getting through like the last 10 of the rock and like opening the hole up enough that a stick can actually fit through but this was 100 drilled through with wooden stick and our garnet powder sand my gosh kelly and i collaborated on this one that’s as far as we got and then we didn’t have the tenacity as nate so we’re like we also had a third rock we got angry so i would say yes this is possible a few things one i think is actually a pretty hard rock even as rocks go it’s not like as hard as some crystals obviously but there are much softer types of rock that maybe we should have focused on first two i was using the garnet powder which maybe is a harder sand than some that’s available i think we’re having about the same amount of progress with every kind of sand and then yeah maybe the diamond was going a little faster we just didn’t have as much of that tiny little packaging oh yeah nate’s the only one who used that so no diamond sandwich that’s amazing maybe that’s the only reason i was able to get through that is a rock drilled through with a stick it is possible not sure why you would do it but you can i do think it also lends some believability to the idea that if you wanted a palm rock for starting a fire especially if you found a rock that already kind of had a divot you could make it bigger and better although it probably makes more sense to just do that with another rock instead of a stick so unless you’re trying to get like all the way through in a fairly narrow hole this is a lot of work thanks again to the waterjet channel for getting us some of this lovely highly abrasive sand it worked pretty well i was very glad to have it and it did work this is like 95 percent of what got us through this stone we’d love to do a collaboration with waterjet channel if you guys have any good ideas of things you’d like to see just do together with them please let us know guys that’s not all we’ve always got more cool stuff for you to see go ahead and hit that button down there to subscribe to the channel so you never miss out on a good video and we’ll see the next one talk to you then [Music] you
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