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Can You Hydro Dip Cake (And Eat It Too)?

in today’s video we’re trying out something inspired by rosanna pansino to see if we can hydro dip a cake [Music] all right nate what are we doing uh not long ago i saw a video by rosanna pansino and she is fantastic and makes lots of very cool stuff i think we still have some poop emoji molds that she sent to us and she had a video where she hydra dipped a cake and i was interested because we’ve done lots of hydro dipping stuff but we haven’t done it with anything edible because all of our hydro dipping stuff has been with spray paint and we don’t want to eat that here’s the basic idea we’ve done several hydro dipping videos in the past but never with anything edible so today we wanted to see if we could hydro dip a cake using mirror glaze icing i was hoping to do more of an opaque coloring because when we use spray paint like it usually goes on and just covers whatever is beneath it and so i wanted to try using a different kind of coloring instead of the oil-based dyes that she used which float on water i wanted to try using the mirror glaze frost i don’t know if you can call it frosting it’s more of a gel really gel icing icing yeah icing is a good word for it i guess but the problem is that mirror glaze icing does not float on water even a little bit it sinks right down through it immediately so we needed something a little higher density and what we ended up with corn syrup corn syrup is more dense than a mirror glaze icing so here is the general plan we’re going to make our mirror glaze icing in a few different colors and we’ll make a batch of it and then divide it up and add some different colors to it and then we’ll do it i think we’ll try some small scale tests with it but the idea is to pour the icing on top of corn syrup maybe draw some fun patterns in it and then see if we can hydro d i don’t know if it’s hydro dip corn syrup dip fructose dip so if you’re not familiar with what a mirror glaze icing is that you might see on cake sometimes it is this very very thin layer of heated chocolate sweetened condensed milk candy melts just kind of depending on what sort of colors you’re trying to get and then this is usually poured over the top of a very smooth surface cake i’ve seen this done on round cakes i’ve seen it done on bubble cakes it looks beautiful and some people will actually take multiple colors and sort of drizzle them together and you get these beautiful marbling patterns we’re kind of doing it the opposite way now we’re flipping instead of pouring it on we’re going to be dipping stuff into it this is going to be amazing basically jello with white chocolate mixed into it and it just goes on really shiny when you pour it onto a smooth surface we’re not going to be pouring it on we’re going to be dipping stuff into it so i don’t know exactly how the finish is going to turn out but we’re going to try it the first step is to make the mirror glaze base i mean you’re on the right track good it’s not quite hi all right we need nine gelatin envelopes make sure that you have the correct size gelatin envelopes do come in different sizes so when i was doing this i actually had larger packets the packets are about double this size they do come in larger yeah it says three envelopes but three quarters of an ounce each so we are going to be using nine of them to give us the equivalent volume so what we’re going to do is we’re going to be using the coldest water possible and then we’re going to be pouring the gelatin into it that’s called blooming your gelatin and that is going to be how we get this going so you don’t end up with chunks of white gelatin in your soupy chocolate mess and nothing works and you want to cry because you just wasted a lot of gelatin i feel confident in both of us that with our powers combined we can probably make this work [Music] behold the sort of bloomed gelatin slurry the problem is that you have to make sure that you’ve got all those white chunks disappeared because that’s going to be what will cause problem during the heating process [Music] now this is the sugar water and some corn syrup we heat this up just until it’s boiling and at that point we turn off the heat and add all of our bloomed gelatin into it and stir it until it’s completely dissolved once it’s dissolved we’re going to pour that into our white chocolate and sweetened condensed milk mixture so a lot of transferring from one thing to the next here [Music] we’re just transferring everything here so when we pour the hot mixture in there’s no risk of it doing anything to the bowl i don’t think it’s hot enough that it would damage the bowl here’s the fun part this is when we have to start being very careful not to get bubbles into anything or try and get them out so i’m going to pour them a little higher than usual now the reason that we’re not just going to stir it is again we don’t want bubbles to get into this the bubbles are what’s going to cause little tiny bumps in the surface of our mirror glaze so you let it sit you let all the bubbles rise to the surface you sort of skim them off the top and then you use an immersion blender which goes down underneath the surface of the mixture and just blends from the bottom up that way no air can get into it so if you’ve never seen one this is an immersion blender so the blades are on the bottom this piece can be switched out there’s a whisk that goes with it but you put it underneath and you don’t want to catch any bubble here so you kind of lower it in sideways the goal here is just to be patient if you lift it up if you move too fast you can still end up with bubbles because it’ll break the surface this pretty pretty clean white is starting to rise to the surface and that’s what i wanted be patient take your time and it’ll say that pretty clean color well i want to try sort of a very small scale test i just have some corn syrup okay in this little cup here and there’s no color added to this yet i’m literally just pouring our mirror glaze onto this try making a little chocolate pop yeah i’m just going to try passing it all the way down through the glaze into the corn syrup and see if any of it sticks to it you know when you’re hydro dipping it’s super easy to wash away all of the extra paint on the surface a little slower with corn syrup but look at this wow so as a super basic proof of concept i’m fairly happy with that in theory pouring it through a strainer like this is going to help get rid of more bubbles so now i’m just going to scoop some off and make it different [Music] colors [Music] we want to have pretty much as much corn syrup as we can fit in here while still having room for the cake itself to go in without causing it to spill over too much so the white is mostly going to be behind the color and not nearly as visible at least that’s the idea i’m just trying to add a little bit more coverage i’m going to try and dip this down in and then i’ll need you to just clear everything off from the sides here goes nice i would say just focus on the side next to me oh all right well it didn’t go the direction i wanted it to but look at that huh yes [Music] go go go it kind of floats that’s nice yeah my time all right scrape away i’m just gonna pull it out and see how it looks it’s gorgeous it’s not the pattern you want to nate but it’s gorgeous i mean it’s neat it is really neat okay it did lose some of a fair amount of the definition we’d probably have to experiment with this for weeks before we got i also cleared the results of the best way we’re working with with cakes that are a little too large because the thing is is it’s so much easier when you can pull the item down and then scoop up out in a clear spot yeah i have pieces that are about the size of ice cube ready to go and we also have some i have six flower shades about this big so we have i like i brought enough so that we could do lots of fun stuff to keep the colored gelatins from cooling down too much i’ve been microwaving them anytime it seems like they’re getting too thick and that might be cooking something inside so that it’s not going to pour quite the same but so far it seems to be working well enough [Music] yes okay so tiny ones those are gonna be the winners here okay some success we know that these are terrible if you want to see the most brilliantly beautifully hydro dipped cake that might be the first hydra dip cake ever go check out her channel this was hydro dipping soft mousse that was frozen into corn syrup with a mirror glaze this is a little different but as a concept like i kind of like these results like this looks really cool let’s talk about your chocolate lollipop here huh okay it’s like a chocolate with some jelly on the outside but i want to see it’s actually a very smooth coating i was wondering if it was going to be lumpy or anything nope that’s pretty uniform so the chocolate everything’s melting now because i used a recipe for this sort of cake mousse that i’ve done in the past and i think last time i must have just doubled or tripled the gelatin in it didn’t do that this time in fact i didn’t even add any i added extra chocolate to try and make it a little bit denser that was my mistake so there’s a lot of things that we could do to improve this but for a proof of concept in an hour and a half i’m pretty happy with that i’m curious how thick our gelatin layer is it’s thicker than we’d want but it’s not as bad as i thought it was that may not have set correctly but it’s delicious guys that’s it for today if you like watching stuff like this go ahead and hit that circle to subscribe and we’ll see you in the next one talk to you then [Music] you
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