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[Music] we are a blended family from north alabama uh we’ve got our kids grown and they’re out on their own doing their own things yeah they have one daughter who will be at home but for just one more year i’m homeschooling her and she’s in her junior year now and then she’s out of there i want a house with a big screened in front porch where i can take naps and read books and drink coffee in the mornings i’ve always wanted the master suite neither one of us ever had a house with two bathrooms i moved in with three women never in the bathroom never time to get in the bathroom their budget is 200 000 which i think is totally reasonable totally reasonable let’s step over to the street so we can look at the jones house danielle and victor jones lived here about 15 years and he owned and operated jones sales and service which was a tractor store that’s awesome it’s three bedrooms two baths it’s 1800 square feet and it’s listed for 105 000. what do you think i really like the porch it’s a great port yeah the yard gives you some work it hasn’t been loved in a while okay so what if oh wow yeah that is really pretty yeah i think the idea of screening in the porch because i know how much you want to screen porch then we could add double doors so it would be more of a grand entrance because it’s such a big stairway you went with a very craftsman palette very earth inspired so the color of red clay and a deep forest green i don’t like the white really you like the water i like the white that’s no problem we can totally keep it and i can come up with some different trim options that work better with the white on a craftsman home i like that a lot yeah come on in i don’t i’m going to ring the doorbell here just to let everybody isn’t that cool look at it on this side it was so cool oh it’s not that beautiful i just love that it’s a really big room yeah oh gosh i love those bookcases i saw the bookcases and i know you’re an avid reader so you need lots of book storage right yeah the doors are all in great shape wouldn’t have to replace anything and the fireplace the brass insert we could pull out and then put a very craftsman tile in that inset area i love that i really like the floors they need a little refinish but they’re in awesome shape these super 70 curtains those add a really special touch i could probably make some pants out of these the dining room is great i think it’s just paint a light fixture and it’s good but the kitchen is um hmm it looks very white and cold and kind of creepy like a 50s asylum that’s been neglected and i want a cozy warm welcoming kitchen this room is huge yeah apparently had a friend here yeah i think a bird’s been in the house recently okay this is the bathroom go take a peek it’s not exactly what i had in mind when i think of a master bath we can’t even stand in here at the same time not that we would do that they’re asking 105 000 for the house all that you know we’ve talked about doing it would be about 85 000 so all in you’d be at 190 000 for the jones yeah because we’re not gonna paint the whole exterior just touching up the trim saving about 10 grand there love saving money yeah saving money the allred house it kind of reminds me of my granny’s house that porch is what reminds me yeah i thought you might love this house because of the porch yeah the porch is exactly what i love about it the house is four bedrooms it’s two baths 2 200 square feet and they’re only asking 79 000 for it oh okay well use a little work i don’t want you to be intimidated by the state it’s in right now because it could be so wow i love that to paint it kind of like lemon meringue pie yellow and touched up the screens made sure they’re all repaired but then added some detailing and the trim work take that metal screen off the screen door and then update all the landscaping that’d be gorgeous this would be so pretty wow you can feel the history here yeah it just feels so old to feel the history when you try to shut the door yeah it sticks a little i think in this room the real standout is that mantle yes beautiful i mean that is such craftsmanship i just wish there was a fireplace inside over here you’ve got a formal dining room it’s all pink i would probably want to paint all that but the kitchen this has been renovated since 1901 this is a lot of panelists on the doors on the wall there’s there’s some wood and then there’s some i want to be wood the layout seems funny it’s all the doors yes that’s what it is wow more pink pink pink these ceilings go on forever and those are like 14 or 15 feet i think we just turned this into a gym instead of a gymnastics room yeah put a basketball goal in here i’ve been down got a great reading light for you yeah subtle shouldn’t keep you awake if she wants to read they’ve got the house listed for 79 000. all this work would come in around 121 200 000 purchase and renovation for the already yeah [Music] so so we picked the jones house the jones house oh yeah oh man i love the big front porch i like the master suite and just being so close to downtown yeah was a huge i look forward to walking everywhere instead there you go all right let’s get started [Music] the main focus of work is in the kitchen there’s just so much tile it’s everywhere it’s on the walls on the floor and none of it is stained [Music] here’s the thing about a screened-in porch it is basically a room without air conditioning but you have to frame it up like a room so we have to build walls that then instead of putting siding we’re just going to put screens up why are you being so weird about this not being weird i’m just excited to show you okay it’s going in the shower okay look ooh looks like uh 1920s linoleum yes this house is from the 20s and i thought this would be such an appropriate tile [Music] your fishing opening yeah definitely easier and safer on the steps yeah countertops are here countertops are a glossy white quartz very neutral we want the hutch to be the star of the kitchen so the countertop shouldn’t compete with a dark heavy color [Music] the thornton’s house we reached a tipping point and it took off this house was giving us a run for the money but now we’re okay how about that i believe she a fit jason he has back problems and he has to take a bath every night thinking that you need to start taking more showers so you can have the dub it’s my domain except for when he tries to make me claustrophobic and get in the tub like on me and i’m like okay i’m smothering hell oh my gosh it’s perfect okay go ahead let it out thank you welcome the only thing that we really wanted to focus on was simplifying some of the color palette that was there yeah and adding in more white yeah because i know you wanted it to be white yeah it’s perfect it is so perfect oh that porch is absolutely everything you have a super cool ceiling fan oh i love that so it can actually be like an outdoor living room you’ve got circulating air but no bugs can get in oh my gosh i can’t wait to be sitting out there drinking a cup of coffee oh my gosh oh my gosh jason it’s perfect oh this is this is everything this is so much better than i could have ever imagined well my plan was to make all the colors in the house the brandy version of craftsman style but it still feels appropriate for this house for the architecture but most of all it feels like you it does it definitely definitely does look at that chair ben built that for you this is the best chair ever it’s a book reading chair this is the perfect book reading chair oh my gosh oh this is our kitchen like is this ours this is yours this is it this might be it’s so warm and inviting and cozy and i just love it your sterile white is totally gone and its place is a hand glazed artist that is the prettiest i think it’s just beautiful everyone’s a little bit different and i love that look at that oh my gosh oh my goodness gracious is this the entire room oh my gosh i cannot believe this is ours i just i love it i am in love with it still looks huge too the room was a little bit bigger before we started we took in just a little bit of the room and we took away a tiny closet and you lost one window but we had to do that in order to give you one huge master bath and closet oh my gosh this is amazing i love it i love it i love it this is perfect oh my gosh that is the coolest style i’ve ever seen in the 1920s people used a lot of linoleum tile that looked like this that had patterns like this and a huge closet oh my goodness gracious oh this makes me so happy yes go ahead thank you look at there are you happy now yeah it’ll work y’all all right see y’all later okay [Music] you
Video source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KUOaRPFJ4K4

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