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Can We Upload This? – Epic House Ep. 3

I’m here watch this make that louder it’s a beautiful day it already feels different it’s not a brain storm you know yeah always harder in the morning one time you really feel like I’ll gather everything there is to know about sake today from sucking a big one time Santos is a married man I don’t doubt for a second I can make him come with me not gay bro it’s the sport I’m trying to see if I’m good at it yeah I mean most of the time I normally describe what I like anyways I would love to suck my own dick but not then down uncomfortably do it I just wish I was here to and I could blow me ah Mira Tarr is the best guy we go Jurassic Park scene we have a cup of Jack Daniels and coming up about any are you lying down and he’s like right in your face yeah he was like this oh my god the transformation is complete it’s how hot is that is that too hot you want to put it down for a second did he burn his mouth really badly there he’s having pictures of his burnt finger four days per finger yeah try to you guys keep saying workman’s compensation finger yourself shut up I’m like sad I like you I like bringing back like the old footage like that there’s no one two points Phil Hartman I say sucking a dick sucking a dick I can make Mike Santos come with my mouth well you’re telling the truth yeah so I know but then I’m also like I get into a weird conversation I’m like how it’s like not it’s not gay because it’s a sport no yeah and then I say you’d love to suck yourself off Oh true I understand I guess so that’s and when it comes to squeal with that I mean we’ve been talking about so I can take a lot like your vlog here there I’m not doing wrong with that that’s cool so mad hype I guess yeah why does it sound like you’ve a problem with second manhood I remember a problem with it that’s up to it seems it seemed more tame than the last one – yeah you scaled back some of the dick-sucking good if you think so good because yeah all the other conversations are in the context of building a meal this is just me straight up in the morning like yeah I’m gonna suck your dick what are you were you swallowing pills are drinking pre-workout swallowing Ferriss Pete’s pills for at a time no liquid I was trying to be boss about it but instead I was like then he was then he went straight to sucking dick I was like no Marlon didn’t know I met him Oh Marlon oh man they made glad then you threatened to suck off Mike Santos yeah hardly a threat if you listen I don’t think this it’s just you know it was a good time I I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it either I think you’re just you’re making a joke about sucking dick I know I think we can throw it up there I like it okay we’re throwing it out yeah I would throw that up oh wait so we just released the one on Thursday which was the brainstorm of the ribs which were the Tuesday before this will be the day before the next epic meal comes out so it’s still related to the risk exactly exactly why I said it goes up now or yeah just a bit all right now it all ties it but I want everyone to see it before I put it up yeah I think you put it up now okay well one upstairs and do that right now right away all right boys yeah that was tight sesh no actually my fish I like you cutting to the old footage Tony Hawk he meant I think that’s cool and doing the last one too I think people what dummy I know did it who who is that dummy man camera all right okay what okay I’m gonna call it epic house did you see the guy that spent 20 hours making an animated giant penis I didn’t follow up yeah I like the [ __ ] off better though that’s still impressive pretty pretty impressive just to take the time yeah okay tag the video bacon epic muscles glasses love that we get to use that tag again that’s tight noob only and why are those there that bag bacon y’all rebels good one cool look videos up comments are coming in this case the first comment was fir he’s right um I like these by the way yeah they’re cool I like them too and I typed exactly what you said is that the actual muscles and glasses so curly dick covered in bacon I mean of course he’s not wrong that’s the episode suck your own dick and bacon yep whenever I see four dislikes I’m like him I know exactly what people are five and you start to wonder who is the fifth person that know he Marlon missclicked he definitely yeah I wouldn’t put it past him to miss click I like this comment make a video about marzipan please alright a Valentine Birkenfeld very specific
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