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[Applause] hi guys my name’s Chelsea and my name is Becky and with the scigirls we’re back doing another episode of our favorite brand new series called Zach come on back and today we’re doing anthropology there was like an overwhelming response on the last one everyone was like do you an apology do anthropology so you picked some things on the website that we’re like really expensive we were like I think that this is to get liable also this is just a really fun experiment for us to see if we can get something closed using our own DIY skills yeah but we do love anthropology and we will link the stuff below if you want to check it out you’re gonna subscribe and I’m gonna get started with the first day back okay so first time I’m going to be replicating this cake stand I think fruit stands some kind of stand cute stand 68 dollars USD on the website and when I saw that I was like mmm we can do that for a lot cheaper so I hit the thrift store to see what I could find I was looking for a gold plate I swear it’s like classic you see it every time and then the one time you go there’s like no gold plate so instead I got this plastic plate would you only a dollar fifty u.s. and this little basket there is not a cornucopia of options here unfortunately they didn’t have anything of that lighter color but this is also a dollar fifty I know Becky also was on the hunt when she found this it’s slightly more bark this is slightly more wicker so we’re gonna use my find instead by first step is painting everything the right colors so this one’s going to be a wicker Etan the same color as the pegboard back there because we have some extra paint which was free and then we’re gonna paint this plate here gold so I have my gold-painted plate here I’m gonna use it some hot glue and attach this on here and then we’re done okay this is our glue gun of choice if you guys have seen her ultimate glue gun battle where we found our favorite one this one one so if you want to watch that linked up here and below Center that was really easy to put together and our total for this cake stand right here was three dollars which is crazy and the original was 68 let’s see how it stacks up so does this look like it’s worth three dollars no maybe it looks like it’s worth a little bit more does it look like it’s worth 68 not so much but I mean we made it for cheaper it’s not exact I couldn’t find a basket anyways we tried on to the next one alright next up we found this absolutely gorgeous notebook on the Anthropology website but it was like 40 dollars $38 and that seems a little steep especially for a notebook that once you use it it’s pretty much done so we’re gonna try and attempt one for much much cheaper also another thing we noticed on the website is that the notebook we’re trying to do is real suede and we are gonna try and do a vegan option as well so first place I headed to was the dollar store because I wanted to find a notebook base that would work really well for this and there was a couple of different ones one was like the right size but had too many lines another one was blank pages but it was too small and then I actually ended up finding this one that was 325 and it’s about the right size and it’s flanked on the inside which is great and it has this Raj and like cardboard to cover that’s gonna make it really easy to cover and work really well with we went to the fabric store and we found this purpley fabric here that isn’t real suede it isn’t even really folate but it is pretty similar and it’s the exact color so can’t really argue with that okay so first step is coating this with a purple fabric that we got now the notebook we’re trying to dupe does have this like flap around the front so I’m going to make sure to leave some extra fabric and I might have to cardboard something to make it sturdy but we’ll get there well we guess to her [Music] [Applause] okay so this is looking good trimmed off all the extra fabric and left a bit to do the overhang so I used a bit of random scrap cardboard we had around the office and cut the piece that fits nicely so next step is to just glue it in place okay so we have a little purple journal that’s starting to look like the real thing it’s very cute already it has this giant bead right here that kind of keeps it closed so to do that I picked up some gold’s modeling clay that we can kind of roll into a similar shape and this clay was 325 so I rolled out a ball of clay and then chopped it in half with a ruler and made sure the sides were nice and flat and then on the back I carved out a little space for my embroidery floss to go just so it wasn’t so bumpy on the back and I’m gonna take the whole thing and pop it in the oven according to the directions on the package okay so my little half moon is out of the oven and all hard it was a gold clay but this is nowhere near the gold that needs to be it’s like a very shiny rose gold so I’m going to spray-paint it and hopefully it comes out just as shiny sue the spray tent so while that dries I’m gonna work on making the strap that holds this journal closed so we have some of this faux tan leather from previous DIY so that’s free which is a bonus so I’m gonna cut a long strip out of this and I think how it works is that on the back cover those little like slits and it kind of weaves in and out and then at the front there’s a loop it attaches to our beat so let me attempt that now [Music] so a journal is looking pretty similar we are on to basically the last step which is completing this bead and adding it to the front so I painted it a rose gold and I just need to put a little fringe ease on it so we got some of this shiny embroidery thread and this was a dollar 50 so I’m just gonna cut some fringes on glue it to the back of this and glue it on to the front of our journal okay so this is how our recreation turned out and you know what I’m actually pretty impressed and in total district only costs us $11.50 to make while the original one is $38 it looks like a slightly more organic natural version of the real one we did the back we did the front and the colors are pretty spot-on if you ask me I don’t know tell us in the comments what you thought we could have done better or if we nailed it and last up we’re going to be recreating this bowl that was $88 originally and it really is so beautiful in real wood but we wanted to see if we could do it for a little bit cheaper we didn’t know what we were gonna do to recreate this we thought we could like carve it out of a stump of wood but I mean we don’t really have the carving skills or a stump of wood so we head to the thrift store to see if we could find something that we could turn into this bowl there’s a couple smaller bowls but to get something the same size as the anthropology one I actually found this wood a nice bucket which is very interesting looking but I think it might work for what we need it to do what there was a $5.99 sticker underneath this that is so rude so I mean I got this a little bit shorter since the other one is shorter this is hard cuz it’s like already in a circle but I think I’m just gonna use a saw and like baby go right through it’ll be fine right right it’s working it just might take a while see you guys in ten years got my bull shape so I’m gonna I guess work on getting this metal band off how does one do this okay sand it now so casual splinters now that I have my whole bowl cut to the right size I’m just gonna paint the whole thing with a white paint so now I’m just gonna take a pencil and kind of lightly draw on that similar like lattice see fish-scale design and then I’m gonna come around with some sandpaper and just sand off hopefully the white paint in those areas okay after some sanding I’m all done it looks pretty cute and this only cost me 775 because we already had the paint and the sandpaper and everything and the saw just thought with but the original was eighty-eight dollars I mean how do you think of this book how do you think we did guys I mean good pretty good I yeah I mean it’s a wicker basket we have a lot of fun doing this but we need your help please let us know what store or what item or style or thing you want us to try and do next time and thank you guys for checking out this video and all of our other videos too and for subscribing and if we’re going to check out the vlog you guys are just so great yeah we love having you here and everywhere on all our social medias so we’re gonna go at a keep the iron from furnace for next video yeah for always if you liked it like it if you love its of it thanks for a little hazy today bye [Music]
Video source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AgWwoEDtaH0

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